12 Incredible Gift Ideas for Those Who Are Into Caffeine

If you want to make someone happy who loves coffee, this article is for you. We will share twelve incredible gift ideas which will make a coffeeholic’s latte, expresso, or Americano experience better.

Even though many people are into caffeine, they mostly don’t get the optimum aroma, roasting, scale, and taste of the coffee they drink daily. However, having a few essential tools and ingredients can make a difference here.

If you’re eager to buy a brilliant gift that will enhance someone’s love and experience for coffee, read our article.

Consider These Things Before Buying a Coffee-lover a Gift

If you want to make a coffee lover elated, there are some things you must consider before buying that gift. Whether you love coffee yourself or not, gifting a coffee addict an inappropriate gift could be embarrassing.

So any gift ideas you come up with should be aimed at making someone’s coffee journey more enjoyable. Consider the following points while looking for a nice coffee-centric gift:

  • Is the coffeeholic person your family member, friend, relative, or colleague?
  • How old are they?
  • Is this coffee-nerd a male or female?
  • Consider his or her school or business. Find out work hours, setup, kitchen, etc.
  • Is the person lazy or highly active? Is he or she a traveler or a sports person?
  • Does this coffee-nerd demand that their coffee is perfectly roasted and brewed, or do they just have it for the sake of having it?
  • When you’re buying a coffee-centric gift, make sure the person has other necessary tools and ingredients. You may need to buy those essentials for them too.
  • Is the person trendy and style-oriented or a simple person? Does he or she love vibrant and gaudy or conventional stuff?

Considering the above points will take you a step further in choosing the best coffee-centric gift for the person you want to make happy. It’ll further help you in sorting out the possible gift items according to features, trends, and prices.

12 Incredible Gifts You Can Buy for Your Coffeeholic Friend or Family

After pondering the considerable facts before buying your coffeeholic friend a perfect gift, you can now jump on to the list of twelve best gifts. The list includes all types of coffee-oriented tools.

Your beloved coffee-addict person will find any one or more of these items useful in turning your regular coffee drinking into a barista-like experience.

So check through the items below to come up with the best coffee-centric gift:

#1 Pour-over Kettle

COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle with 5 Variable Presets, Pour Over Kettle & Coffee Kettle, 100% Stainless Steel Inner Lid & Bottom, 1200 Watt Quick Heating, 0.8L, Matte Black

To start with, we bring you the idea of a pour-over kettle, which is a necessary tool for making and pouring steamy and delicious coffee. Pour-over kettles are available in electric and non-electric designs.

Your coffee enthusiast will love an electric kettle’s temperature control setting. Besides, the kettle’s narrow and serpentine spout is also a brilliant feature to pour the brewed coffee evenly into the cup.

For a more affordable choice, you can go with a stainless non-electric coffee kettle as well.

#2 Coffee Bean Roaster


Coffee Bean Roaster Machine for Home Use, Coffee Roaster Machine with Timing, 110V 1200W If the coffee addict loves his or her beans nicely roasted, a roaster must be on the cards. You will never fail if you buy an at-home roaster for a coffee nerd.

Such a thoughtful gift will put a bright smile on your friend’s face as he or she is roasting their beans. A roaster indeed goes a long way to make a delicious cup of coffee every morning.

#3 Coffee Bean Grinder

Electric Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel Blade Grinder for Coffee Espresso Latte Mochas, Noiseless Operation.GECGI140-U-1 Roasting and grinding are the two inseparable parts of making a cup of sharp and wholesome coffee every day. If your coffeeholic buddy already has a roaster, buy him or her a grinder. Grinding their own coffee beans is something most coffee addicts crave.

Roasting is meaningless unless you can grind the whole beans before brewing. So explore the electric grinders in the shop to find the best one for your coffee lover friend or colleague.

#4 Weighing Scale

Greater Goods Gray Food Scale - Digital Display Shows Weight in Grams, Ounces, Milliliters, and Pounds | Perfect for Meal Prep, Cooking, and Baking | A Kitchen Necessity Designed in St. Louis Those who are serious about drinking coffee want to have a weighing scale for themselves. A scale helps a passionate coffee lover achieve consistent brewing on every occasion. By this, they can measure the number of coffee beans they’re using to make each cup.

There are wonderful coffee weighing scales in the shops with a variety of designs, colors, and functions. Look for machines that are durable while water and heat-proof at the same time. By spending a bit more, you’ll find Bluetooth scales as well.

#5 Milk Frother

Frother for Coffee, Milk Frother, 4 IN 1 Automatic Warm and Cold Milk Foamer, BIZEWO Stainless Steel Milk Steamer for Latte, Cappuccinos, Macchiato, Hot Chocolate Milk with LED Touch Screen Panel Is your coffee addict friend or family member using a wand or stick to froth the milk before pouring it into coffee? Then surprise them with a smart and efficient milk frother. No more quick stirring away.

A smart milk frother can whip the milk into a hot or cold foam. Besides, it will heat the milk to an optimum temperature. Get a frother for your buddy if they are into a milky and creamy coffee experience.

#6 Vacuum Jug or Pitcher

RTIC Jug with Handle, One Gallon, Black Matte, Large Double Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle, Stainless Steel Thermos for Hot & Cold Drinks, Sweat Proof, Great for Travel, Hiking & Camping A vacuum coffee jug or pitcher has been the coffee lovers’ favorite tool for decades. A vacuum jug will keep the coffee hot or cold for hours. If your coffeeholic is kind of sluggish or tends to be busy at work, a vacuum could be the best gift.

Another good thing about a pitcher or jug is that they come in a decent size, mostly carrying about a liter of coffee. This can inspire a cheerful coffee time in a family chit-chat or a meeting in the office.

#7 Coffee Mug 

Mora Ceramic Large Latte Mug Set of 4, 16oz - Microwavable, Porcelain Coffee Cups With Big Handle - Modern, Boho, Unique Style For Any Kitchen. Microwave Safe Stoneware - Assorted Neutrals Generally, a coffeeholic doesn’t mind whether they are drinking their joe from a mug, cup, or sometimes a pot (whatever’s available). But hey, you’re trying to make the experience joyful and authentic, right?

Then buy a lovely coffee mug for your java lover as a meaningful gift. And when it’s about choosing a nice coffee mug or cup, the choice is endless.

However, to make things easier, you can look for straight or shapely tumblers, designed and colored ceramic or titanium mugs, etc. You may also look for a cup or mug where you can custom print or write a saying or their name to make it look more personalized.

#8 Travel Coffee Brewer

CHULUX Single Cup Coffee Maker Travel Coffee Brewer,Red If your coffee lover friend is always on the go, it’s best to buy him or her a portable coffee maker or brewer. Long travels, camping, hiking, etc., can become easy and fascinating with a travel-friendly coffee brewer.

Many portable coffee makers are in the market nowadays with taste-customized functions. The joe-nerd can experiment with coffee beans, water, milk, sugar, and pressure to see which brew suits his taste the most.

#9 Travel Tumbler

SUNWILL 20oz Tumbler with Lid, Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Travel Tumbler, Durable Insulated Coffee Mug, Rose Gold, Thermal Cup with Splash Proof Sliding Lid Apart from a travel brewer or coffee maker, a travel tumbler must be what he or she will need the most. The different custom travel tumblers or mugs are available in the shop with thermal control features. Hence, the drinker can have warm coffee with uncompromised taste and texture.

You can buy a glass travel cup with a cork ring for easy holding. Also, titanium-made double wall cups are a good choice due to their indestructible quality—a perfect choice for long roads and rough handling.

#10 Coffee Dripper

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper Pour Over Cone Coffee Maker Size 02, White If you want your coffee lover friend to taste and experience something more aesthetic, then buy him or her a coffee dripper. A coffee dripper is a pour-in cup or pot in which hot water is poured down through the fresh coffee grounds. Then the hot black liquid drips into the mug or cup attached below the dripper. It’s a more natural and holistic way to make and drink coffee.

You can buy either an electric or manual coffee dripper depending on what your joe-lover might like. There might not be a stark difference in the poured coffee liquid, but it always comes down to personal preference.

#11 Espresso Maker

Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel If you can afford it, you might think about buying an espresso maker for your coffee nerd. Your buddy might love espresso, you never know. If you’re unsure, trick him or her into answering whether a nice-looking espresso maker would be a good idea or not.

If yes, go for it. Buy an espresso maker and surprise your friend or family member, whoever it is. Check the best espresso machines for an exciting caffeine gift.

#12 Sampler Coffee

Bones Coffee World Tour Sample Pack | Ground Coffee Beans Sampler Gift Box Set | Pack of 5 Assorted Single-Origin Coffee Grounds | Medium Roast Coffee Beverages (Ground) Coming to the very last item on the list, we suggest you buy your java lover a coffee sampler set. Wouldn’t he or she be delighted?

A set of 50 to 100 grams of coffee beans of various tastes, textures, and origins can make a fantastic set. You’ll find assortments of handmade coffee beans, including fresh coffee, filter coffee, espresso coffee, ground coffee, etc.

These sample boxes of coffee come at reasonable prices. You can buy them online or go to a store to find the best one for your coffeeholic.

Final Thoughts

Drinking coffee becomes more exciting and refreshing if one has the right beans and tools to make it. And you’ll be helping your friend in achieving just the thing by buying a perfect joe-making gift.

If you’ve liked our list of incredible coffee-oriented gifts, go for one or two that you loved the most. If you’re sure of what they like about drinking coffee and how they like to make it, buying the proper gift will be easier for you.

You may also consider buying an upgraded version of a coffee item that they already had.

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