Jura E6 Review

Article summary Not every coffee machine has a classy design, but the E6 by Jura definitely does. Sleek and classy, this coffee maker is here to make you delicious coffee whenever you feel like it. In the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening – make up your mind, program your drink, and enjoy … Read more

Best Coffee Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2022

Moccamaster Valentine's Day Coffee Gift

There are many kinds of love,  and all of them make the world a better place in their own way. When it comes to romantic love, there is a special day to celebrate it and that is Valentine’s Day. Now, when your loved one is big on coffee, there is no better way to show … Read more

The 2022 Gourmet Coffee Gift Ideas Guide

Gourmet Coffee Gifts

Nothing excites a true coffee lover like the smell of fresh coffee. This is true even for Christmas—the Holiday when we give gifts to each other. Trust us—that dear person of yours who really likes drinking coffee will be waiting for some gourmet coffee, and we hope that you will be the one to surprise … Read more

2022 Coffee Mug Gift Basket Ideas

Coffee lovers want their kitchen cupboard to be full of different coffee mugs in different sizes and designs. They will often check the mug shelf at the store for new mugs and buy a mug, unable to resist it. Mugs also start to wear off after some time of being used, and they might also … Read more

9 Coffee Lover Gift Basket Ideas – 2022 Guide

Coffee Lover's Gift Box Idea - Bean Box

Sometimes all that coffee lovers miss underneath their Christmas trees is a good coffee gift basket. To help you make someone’s Christmas merrier, we made a list of the nine best coffee gift baskets. Different coffee blends, different kinds of sweet and salty treats, different decorations—every coffee gift basket is a story of its own. … Read more

The Coffee Machine Gift Ideas Guide for 2022

Espresso Machine Present Wrapped

Coffee lovers like having their houses smell like their favorite coffee blend for Christmas. For this Christmas, you have a chance to make this happen for at least one coffee lover in your life by giving him/her a coffee machine as a Christmas present. However, there are too many coffee machines available on the market … Read more

Espresso Machine Under $2000: Black Friday Deals 2021

If you are a coffee purist, you know that there’s no other way to a perfect espresso and other coffee drinks than a great high-end espresso machine. Only machines like these have the necessary features and technologies that can make your coffee taste as if it was made by a professional barista. Buying a high-end … Read more