Ratio Eight Coffee Maker Review

The ratio eight coffee maker is certainly not your average coffee maker. Unlike other coffee makers, this particular product delivers the ultimate luxurious experience. Firstly, it has an impressive design. Secondly, it makes really delicious coffee. Therefore, coffee lovers regard the highly-priced coffee maker as a must-have. However, to others, it is another highly-priced kitchen item. Nonetheless, the coffee maker features luxury materials, including glass, wood, ceramic, and metal. All packed into one product. 

We rate the ratio eight coffee maker as the ultimate kitchen item because it delivers tasty coffee simply and pleasingly. Moreover, the coffee maker improves its surroundings by spreading an enticing aroma all around. Therefore, when talking of smart machines, the ratio eight coffee maker fits the description.  It is installed with a robotic feature that uses an intelligent algorithm to brew your coffee.  It also has an automatic pour-over feature. These two primary Ratio Eight features will have you drinking what we describe as your best cup of coffee anytime. 

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Ratio Eight Coffee MakerKey Product Specifications

  • Dimensions – 14.25” H x 9.75″ W x 9″ D
  • Weighs 14 lbs.
  • It has a brewing capacity of up to 40 ounces 
  • The coffee maker has a customization option comprising three colors and hardwood options
  • Supply lines and carafe made of hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • The water tank is made of BPA-free polymer
  • Highly designed precision die-cast aluminum body
  • Stainless steel shower head
  • It uses either the Chemex conical like a paper filter or the Kone stainless steel filter.

Ratio Eight Unique Highlights

  • An automated system that starts off the brewing cycle.
  • Water tank markings indicating half and or full level
  • Stainless steel shower stead
  • One-button operation
  • Rubber and magnetic base
  • An automatic coffee machine that stimulates a pour-over
  • Optimized heating element
  • High-grade borosilicate carafe and water lines 
  • BPA-free polymer water tank
  • A powerful 1600-watt heating element
  • Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon
  • 5-year warranty


  • Beautiful and simple design
  • User – friendly
  • High-quality coffee
  • Premium quality materials
  • Auto-adjusting brewing cycles


  • Bulky size 
  • Quite expensive
  • Comparable products

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Features of the Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

Ratio Eight Coffee MakerThis outstandingly highly-priced beast currently sits in many kitchens. Here are the primary reasons why you should buy it.

The ratio eight coffee maker is a visual delight. But, unfortunately, it makes your average coffee machine look plastic and dull. As it stands, the ratio eight coffee maker is indeed a necessity for a coffee lover’s kitchen countertop. Its breathtaking design is evidence of the pure genius used to create this product.

  • Design

The ratio eight coffee maker stands out because of its design. When unboxing the coffee maker, expect to see a well-wrapped item.  Firstly, its design will throw you off balance and justify your money’s worth. Secondly, its majestic frame of aluminum with wooden side pieces brings out its beauty. Indeed, the coffee maker is beautifully handcrafted. 

The coffee maker has a base of about 24 by 28 by 35.5 cm. Therefore, it has a steady balance on different surfaces.

Additionally, the coffee maker stands at 14 inches and has a width of 11 inches. Safe to say, it’s monstrous. Anyone walking into your kitchen can not miss it. To top it off, it is pretty handy. The coffee maker weighs only 12.5 pounds. When fully fitted with its filter and carafe, it weighs about 14 pounds.

  • High-Quality Materials

The marketplace is full of all types of coffee machines. Some with attractive physical features, and some make sweet-tasting coffee. Wouldn’t you like to have a coffee maker with both features?

The Ratio Eight coffee maker satisfies both needs. Firstly, its heft and beauty are a testimonial of its design and finest materials. Secondly, it is carefully engineered and with high precision. As a result, it is aesthetically appealing and makes delicious coffee. Finally, its make combines four materials, including wood and natural finish. We observed that the manufacturers took specific caution to use only a small quantity of medical grade and BPA-free plastic. 

Unlike your average coffee machine, ratio eight is meticulously handmade. It will last you a lifetime.

Here are the top highlights that reveal its high-end materials and sophisticated design;

  1. An automated carafe system. The coffee maker is fitted with a magnet at the carafe’s base—the magnet delays brewing until the carafe is correctly positioned.
  2. There is a rubber base beneath the carafe to protect the coffee maker from hard counter surfaces.
  3. The coffee maker also features a die-cast aluminum component that allows water to reach the desired temperature. 
  4. You have a dependable machine with unique showerhead technology. The technology enables even water distribution on the coffee grounds and maximizes extraction
  • Precisely Engineered Coffee Maker

Ratio Eight Coffee MakerThe coffee maker is programmed with automated, precise brewing functions. It also features an extraordinary heating element. Unlike the average coffee maker, the Ratio Eight maintains its optimum temperature at nearly 200 degrees.

The coffee maker also brews using the bloom cycle function. This is why you will get smoother coffee grounds. 

  • User-Friendly

Imagine brewing your coffee with a single tap on a button. The Ratio Eight Coffee Maker single-button operation is user-friendly. After installation, the coffee maker is set for you to bloom, brew, and pour.

To get that quick, easy, and perfect mug of coffee, here are a few steps to follow;

  1. Like any other coffee-making process, you will have to measure and add your freshly ground coffee.
  2. Next, fill the coffee maker water tank to the marked line. The water level depends on whether you are going for a full or half pot. 
  3. Complete brewing by dropping either the Kone filter or a standard Chemex filter into the carafe. The intelligent brewing process allows the machine to start immediately after the carafe is set in place.
  • Durability

Here is a guarantee that comes with owning the ratio eight coffee maker. They have built this machine to serve you. Therefore, its design embodies high-quality materials and high-tech engineer design. Additionally, with its broad base, it is well balanced. However, because it is partly made of glass, you should handle it with care.

  • Flexibility

We all love enjoying our coffee conveniently. The Ratio Eight coffee maker offers maximum flexibility.  First, you have the choice to decide on the coffee to water ratio. That way, you can make a delicious cup of coffee according to your preferences. Second, you also have the choice to make up to eight cups at any given interval. As a result, there is a consistent source of refreshing coffee any time you want.

  • Beautiful Design

The Ratio Eight coffee maker has a uniquely elegant look that cannot be ignored. We concluded that the coffee machine is simply breathtaking. Every part of the coffee machine has matching features, from the open coffee maker tank to the wooden side pieces that give it a natural look. The coffee maker tank will have you staring and admiring the brewing process. The coffee maker has a transparent design. This allows you to see how your coffee beans transform into delicious coffee.

  • Value for Money

Ratio Eight Coffee MakerTop-quality comes at a cost. For the ratio eight coffee maker, the price tag is reasonable considering the different luxury features. On average, we will rate the Ratio Eight coffee maker as a super-premium product. Furthermore, it is currently one of the most highly-priced coffee pour-over kitchen items. Here’s more exciting information; you want to know why this coffee maker is worth your money, read below;

  1. It has a fantastic design that stands out on your kitchen countertop. 
  2. The manufacturers installed an automatic program to brew and dispense quality and delicious coffee.
  3. The machine features a handcrafted design, and it is one of the rare coffee machines made from minimal plastic. 
  4.  The design features only medical-grade quality and BPA-free materials.
  • High Brewing Speed

Imagine brewing your own coffee in minutes. And ideally, not just any coffee, a brew with the most refreshing taste. Many testimonials online confirm that people who own this coffee maker commend the speed of its operation. Therefore, we recommended it to everyone who wants to waste no time brewing the best coffee. Depending on the amount of coffee you are brewing, expect it to be ready within three to six minutes.

How to Brew Your Coffee With the Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

You can brew and enjoy a fantastic mug of coffee by following these simple steps;

  1. Carefully fill the water tank up to the marked water level. The coffee maker uses all the water in the tank per coffee brewing session.
  2. Measure and crush your coffee beans. Ratio recommends using 70grams or 35 grams of ground coffee for full and half batches, respectively.
  3. Position your filter and pour your freshly ground coffee into the carafe.
  4. Push the start button and watch your coffee get ready in minutes.
  5. Finally, the “Ready” light comes on when the coffee is ready.


1. Are there any plastic parts on the coffee maker that can potentially harm the environment?

The manufacturers have included some plastic parts in the design. However, the plastic material is BPA-free and FDA-grade silicone. In addition, the section with plastic parts comprises medical-grade made with polysulfone, which is a premium food-grade material that is NSF compliant, and FDA certified.

2. What is the general return policy for buyers who are planning to get this product?

The ratio eight coffee maker comes with a satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee allows you to have a 30-day window to try the coffee maker and return it if you do not like it.

3. Is the ratio glass carafe dishwasher friendly?

No. The ratio carafe’s design features a pressurized borosilicate glass; therefore, we advise against putting it in your dishwasher to clean it. However, we recommend using a little dishwashing liquid and some warm water to rinse the carafe. Also, the cork base can easily chip or peel when exposed to detergent or water.

4. Where are the manufacturers of this coffee maker located?

The concept and design of the Ratio Eight coffee maker happen in Portland, Oregon. The company assembles the final product using customized parts shipped sourced directly from China and Taiwan. 

5. How long does the Ratio Eight coffee maker keep the coffee hot?

The ratio eight coffee maker retains the coffee temperature for about 15 minutes before it starts cooling down, because it is a glass carafe without proper insulation.

6. Is it possible to buy the filters for this coffee maker from Amazon?

Yes, this is one of the outstanding coffee makers that gives you two options. That is to say, you can get either the permanent ratio cone stainless filter or a conical filter like the Chemex paper filter.

7. What materials can I use to clean the Ratio Eight coffee maker?

We recommend that you clean your coffee maker regularly. To ensure the Ratio Eight coffee maker performs at its best and looks meticulous, use Ratio Machine Wash. The Ratio Machine Wash is a purely natural descaler and detergent. Using it ensures the machine’s carafe, supply lines, and water tank are clean. Moreover, regular cleaning also prevents mineral build-up in the machine.

8. What is the ratio eight coffee maker’s warranty policy?

The Ratio Eight coffee maker has a warranty policy of 5 years. This timeline begins from the original date of purchase and is viable for issues related to defects in craft or materials. Ratio LLC will either replace or repair the coffee maker within five years, but at their sole discretion.

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Is it possible to love a coffee machine? Absolutely! What is there not to love about Ratio Eight with its sophisticated design, innovative technology, and personalized features. Ratio Eight simply has a remarkable profile. Moreover, it is a top-rated machine in general appearance and performance that makes delicious coffee while sitting pretty on your kitchen countertop. Even with a high price tag, it’s crystal clear Ratio Eight is a must-have.

Overall, this is one of those fantastic coffee makers that you can use to brew different brands of coffee. All you need to do is ensure the coffee beans you have bought are among the top brands in the market. The reviews written by many people who own this coffee maker confirm that they do not have issues with this product.

What’s more, the lengthy warranty period has encouraged many people to feel confident about buying this coffee maker. However, the company has presented reports that indicate they have not received any notifications about faulty products. In addition, except for a few cases of damages during transit, for which they compensated the buyers. Finally, we rate this machine highly and recommend it to you.

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