Best Mokona Bialetti Capsules: Choose the Right Capsules For the Best Coffee

We truly understand why people love the Bialetti Mokona espresso machine. It’s a machine that’s simple to use, lets you use espresso pods, capsules, or ground coffee, and it even comes with a milk frother. On top of that, it has a nice design, it’s very compact, and it’s an Italian product.

Now, the Mokona being Italian, you won’t be wrong if you expect some nice Italian-style coffee capsules that are compatible with the machine. Of course, you wouldn’t be wrong because this is exactly the case. The best Mokona Bialetti capsules are filled with coffee that is made by Bialetti, and there’s nothing American about them when it comes to the taste of the coffee. Taste adventurers, these are the best Mokona Bialetti capsules that we think you should consider:

Best capsules for a mild coffee drink

If you prefer your coffee on the lightest end of the coffee spectrum, the capsules you’re looking for are the Milano Mokespresso Bialetti or the Venezia Mokespresso Bialetti ones.

Milano Mokespresso Bialetti capsules – these capsules will be your favourites if you really like Arabica. In fact, if you prefer your espresso or cappuccino to be made by a coffee that’s 100% Arabica, these capsules will not disappoint you. This is a blend that nicely combines the bitterness of the coffee with its mild intensity.

Venezia Mokespresso Bialetti capsules – contrary to the Milano, the Venezia capsules have a sweeter flavor thanks to its tender vanilla undertones. Like the Milano capsules, the Venezia ones are also of a lower intensity and all the flavor nuances of the coffee are well-blended.

Best capsules for balanced coffee

For coffees that are not too mild, but not too strong either, you should consider the following capsules:

Roma Mokespresso Bialetti – these are the capsules that you want if you like undertones of dried fruits and a strong and persistent aroma. It is a blend of Arabica and Robusta, and like you can notice, it is a blend that really likes to blend things.

Torino Mokespresso Bialetti – perfect for people who like the taste of chocolate. Makes a great ‘base’ for a cappuccino, and it also smells delicious with its delicate, but rich hazelnut aroma. Sweet, balanced, and velvety – does this sound like a good combination for you?

Best capsules for strong coffee

Napoli Mokespresso Bialetti – there is only one way to go ‘strong’ when it comes to Mokona Bialetti capsules and that is by choosing the Napoli capsules. The capsules are bold and they will give you a highly aromatic coffee.

Best for people who like decaffeinated coffee

Italian Decaf Mokespresso Bialetti – caffeine is not on everyone’s daily ‘to do’ list and with the Italian Decaf it doesn’t even have to be on it. This is a decaf blend rich in flavor and made from both Arabica and Robusta, with, of course, an aroma worth every capsule.

Best flavored coffee capsules

Bialetti Mokespresso hazelnut-flavored capsules – a nice blend that tastes like hazelnuts, and hazelnuts taste like the best thing ever for many people. If you are one of them, this could be your favorite type of flavored coffee.

Bialetti Mokespresso chocolate-flavored capsules – the other best flavored coffee blend for your Bialetti Mokona is the coffee in the chocolate-flavored capsules by Bialetti. They taste sweet and make for a delicious espresso, balancing its bitterness with a noticeable sweet undertones.

Best unique coffee capsule

Bialetti Mokespresso caffé ginseng capsules – great for people who like drinking creamy coffee and take antioxidants along the way. The ginseng is a plant that has many health benefits, but it also goes a long way of giving the coffee a specific flavor. Coffee adventurers and those who like to go healthy any way they can – this can be the perfect coffee in your next cup of coffee.

Why should you choose a Bialetti Mokespresso capsule for your Mokona or other coffee maker compatible with Bialetti?

As you can see, all the capsules that we thought were the best for your Mokona are capsules sold by Bialetti. If you have a Mokona or are intending to buy one, the answer to why you should choose these capsules is simple: they come from the company that made the Mokona and are, therefore, very suitable to this espresso machine.

However, this is not the only reason for choosing coffee capsules by Bialetti. As we tried to show you, these capsules contain complex and well-thought-out coffee blends within them. There is good balance between the overall flavor of the coffee and the underlying undertones in the blend. And yet, certain blends don’t allow this kind of balance to hide the genuine taste of the coffee. Furthermore, the choice between different coffee flavors is decent, and, of course, the coffee tastes nice.

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We hope you’ve found your favorite Mokona Bialetti capsules among the ones we listed, and we’ll be more than happy if you’ve found more of them that you like. Also, don’t forget the milk frother on your Mokona and do steam some to make some nice cappuccinos. In case you have some other Bialetti-compatible coffee maker, though, we suggest you try these capsules and see if you enjoy the taste of your coffee.

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