Comprehensive Guidance on Different Types of Coffee and Coffee Drinks

In the 21st century, we have come a long way from cream milk and cans of Folgers. Now, people enjoy oat milk lattes, Frappuccino, and cold brews, but some of us are still quite particular about drinks. The first most popular beverage, coffee, attracts many people with its tempting flavors and refreshing smell. The warm and comforting taste offers a social ritual aspect while giving an energy boost and improving mood. After all, it has a more indulgent aroma and consistency than any beverage, mainly tea.

Although people are skeptical about caffeine consumption, moderate coffee drinking is a part of a healthy diet. It shrinks the chances of cardiovascular disease and premature death from all causes. And once you step into a chic café or a famous coffee shop, you will notice how coffee has evolved. It is far beyond your essential black drip with a spoon of sugar and splash of milk. From new brewing techniques to blends – the coffee world is becoming more gratifying by every passing day.

Instead of thinking about the difference between cold brew and classic coffee, it is time to familiarize yourself with the coffee world. Let us give a deeper understanding of what is going inside your cup. Here we are diving into different types of coffee and coffee drinks.

Types of Coffee Beans

Walking through the coffee aisle, you must have come across various coffee beans in different jars and containers. Let us help you discover the three different types of roasting beans.

I. Robusta: These coffee beans are famous in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa due to its harsh and robust flavor profile. It has high levels of caffeine, making it more resilient than the Arabica species.

Besides, some best Robusta beans also have hints of chocolate and rum within their coffee profile. Thus, if you enjoy a daily dose of caffeine, Robusta is a perfect choice.

II. Arabica: It is the most commonly available bean since Arabica accounts for 60% of the entire world’s coffee production. These beans can easily be grown in areas above the sea level where rain is plentiful. It has a sweeter and milder flavor, which you can blend it with milk or cream.

III. Liberica: Amongst all, Liberica beans are a rare treat. They grow in specific climates, which means the production is scarce to satisfy the global marketplace. The flavor has a woody taste, but it is not readily available in the markets.

Types of Coffee Drinks

Surprisingly, there is a lot one can do with small coffee beans. Whether you are a newbie or consider yourself a coffee savant – there are many coffee drinks to discover. Here we are unwinding the coffee lover’s favorite drinks.


Do you think espresso and black coffee are the same? Despite both are made by steeping beans with hot water, they taste poles apart. Espresso uses finely-ground, extra dark beans that run through a machine, producing one, high-concentrated shot at a time. In contrast, black coffee is relatively straightforward. You have to drip hot water over the beans to get medium-concentration of coffee and caffeine. If you want to sound fancy, call black coffee by its name – café noir.


A shot of espresso with hot water is all you need to make Americano. It has intense, deep coffee notes with nutty flavors as hot water removes the floral and light coffee flavor. If you are not fond of high caffeine, consider adding milk to Americano to tone down the bitterness. Similarly, you can also enjoy an icy Americano by plopping a few ice cubes or cold water. Besides, Americano’s flavor profile lends itself to manual brewing methods, meaning you don’t need an expensive coffee machine to freshen up your mornings.


Coming straight from Café Alu Lait in France, a latte is the most popular coffee drink. It comprises a shot of espresso and steamed milk with a slight touch of foam. Unlike standard coffees, lattes are open to flavors. You can add a shot of vanilla, chocolate, almond, buttered rum, or raspberry. In addition to this, you can also create combinations – strawberry-raspberry latte or marshmallow-coconut latte. However, if you are brewing one at home, use syrups to add taste to your coffee drink.


At times, our standard coffee habits keep us away from exploring new options like mocha. Have you ever had chocolate with coffee? Mocha offers an incredible combination of coffee, chocolate, and milk. Contrary to what you might expect, it tastes stronger than espresso and latté. The unique flavor can boost your energy levels, while its aroma holds the power to wake your senses. If you make it with dark chocolate, you can call it dark mocha, but keep an eye on caffeine intake to keep the flavor intact.


Many people think cappuccino and latte are the same, but it is not true. The ingredients are quite similar and put into varying proportions, which changes the taste. Cappuccino uses one shot of espresso with steamed milk and 1/3 frothed milk. It is topped with cocoa powder or chocolate to add zest to the drink. There are two variations in cappuccino, including,

Wet Cappuccino: It is a traditional coffee drink consisting of espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk. The high amount of steamed milk gives it a liquid texture.

Dry Cappuccino: It has more frothed milk than steamed milk to maintain a thick consistency.


People usually label macchiato as a separate drink, but it is another variation of espresso. Thus, if you add some steamed milk and foam to espresso, it becomes macchiato. It is explicitly for people who don’t like the bitter taste of espresso. Milk doesn’t sweeten the drink but reduces the harsh taste. In case you want sugary drinks, add caramel or vanilla syrup to it. Although macchiatos serve hot, you can also enjoy it with some ice cubes. After all, this is what big coffee chains like Starbucks do to bring more variations in drinks.


Do you like coffee or dessert? Indeed, it is challenging to pick one, but thanks to coffee’s versatility. Many people think espresso Con Panna is a regular espresso with a biscotti shot, but it has more to it. Espresso Con Panna offers whipped cream with espresso. This synergistic combination of ingredients gives a perfect balance to coffee and full flavor that leaves a tingle on your palate. Besides, you can also experiment with different coffee beans to see how the flavor turns out.

Wrap Up

These days, people obsess over coffee, and it is the first thing they reach for every morning. Some people have it to freshen up, while others love the caffeine content since it makes them feel energized. With new inventions in the coffee world, people are eager to try new drinks with different beans. Before you step into the kitchen to brew latte or cappuccino, delve into the coffee world and explore it from every corner.

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