Does the Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso?

You might not know, but we and Sofía Vergara have one very neat thing in common: the love for the Ninja. Well, at least we believed her when she showed her love for the coffee maker in her Ninja commercial. Nevertheless, we do think that the Ninja is an excellent drip coffee maker, and, trust us, this opinion is based on valid reasons.

If you are someone who, like us, wants to have it all when it comes to coffee, you could seek for a ‘salvation’ in the Ninja Coffee Bar. This literally is the coffee maker that won’t make you choose between a single-serve coffee maker, a cappuccino maker, or a drip brewer that can ‘equip’ you with a full carafe of coffee in times of coffee thirst.

Why are we not saying anything about the Ninja Coffee Bar making espresso, though? Well, it’s because we’ll need a few more lines to answer on the espresso question, and we’re about to end the intro of the article.

A few important lines about the coffee maker

We’ll get to whether the Ninja Coffee Bar can make an espresso in a second, but if you let us, we’d like to try and put you under the Ninja Coffee Bar spell. We promise that this has nothing to do with us, but with the nice qualities of the coffee maker, so please allow us to tell you more about it.

Are you still reading? We’ll take that as a yes. Alright, time to be serious now.

We already said that we really liked the Ninja Coffee Bar. Our love for this coffee maker has everything to do with its beverage versatility and the many accessories it comes with. All the Ninja Coffee Bar models will come to you ready to make you a lot of different coffee drinks, a frother of some kind, a thermal or glass carafe, a measuring scoop, and a book with coffee recipes.

Every Ninja model also has a pretty fancy control panel that will take you from 0 to 60 in 3.5 when it comes to coffee. Regular cup, extra large cup, travel mug, extra large travel mug, multi serve, half carafe, full carafe – all the brew sizes are there for you. Now, some of them might be absent depending on the coffee maker’s model, but most of them will definitely be present.

Anything else in the ‘feature box?’ Well, yes! The Ninja Coffee Bar proudly uses the programmable Auto-IQ technology, pre-infuses the coffee, comes with the option for delay brew, and, if it has a warmer plate, the plate adjusts its temperature depending on the size of your coffee. Finally, a short P.S. for you: the Auto-IQ technology adjusts the water volume so that it ‘fits’ the type of coffee you’re making. How does all of this sound to you?

Espresso, are you around?

We see you, espresso, we see you! However, objectively, you are not on the list of coffee drinks that the Ninja Coffee Bar can make. But, this is not as unfortunate as it sounds because the coffee maker makes an espresso-like drink. The feature that helps the Ninja with this is called the Specialty Brew.

As you might know, drip coffee makers cannot make espresso because they lack the ‘putting enough pressure on the coffee’ factor. A shot of espresso requires from espresso machines to expose the coffee grounds to water at at least 9 bars of pressure. However, drip brewers only let the water run through the coffee and cannot create a pressure of 9 bars.

Still, the Ninja Coffee Bar makes an espresso-like coffee for all the milk-based drinks that you can later make with the frother included. This coffee is very, very concentrated, and it will be a great basis for the coffee drinks you’ll find in the recipe book that comes with the Ninja.

Good coffee on the horizon with the Ninja

Yes, that is true. The coffee that the Ninja Coffee Bar makes tastes very, very nice, and with the recipe book available to you, you’ll get to try many coffee drinks that are fun and delicious! Also, remember the multiple brew sizes on Ninja’s control panel? Well, imagine all the coffee drinks that you’ll find in the book and those that you know of in different sizes! Sounds like a good deal to us.

The Ninja Coffee Bar also has buttons for classic, rich, iced, and specialty coffee, and for cafe forte and cold brew as well. If you like mixing the coffee things up a lot, you will probably be pleased with this coffee maker.

In case the Ninja is a ‘no-no’…

If you think that the Ninja Coffee Bar won’t do, we can understand. A good shot of espresso is probably irreplaceable for you, and you cannot accept concentrated coffee in your milk-based drinks or in a clean shot of espresso. We recommend you check out the following espresso machines in case you are looking for real espresso:

Key features:

  • Breville the Barista Express
  • Gaggia Classic Pro
  • De’Longhi EC155
  • Mr. Coffee
  • De’Longhi EC702

It’s time to wrap it up

Our final thoughts on the Ninja Coffee Bar are that it is a great coffee maker. Affordable and very versatile, it literally brings a lot to the table, and in a good way. It is a beautiful machine that, in our modest opinion, gives you its everything. We hope that this will be the coffee maker you’ll be telling about to your friends. Have a nice day!

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