Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cup Review: a Delicious Coffee Blend to Try!

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Wolfgang Puck Jamaican Me Crazy 24 Single Serve Cups (Pack of 4), Compatible with All Keurig K-Cup Brewers, including Keurig 2.0, 24 Count (Pack of 4) What’s your favorite K-Cup? Many people have the Jamaica Me Crazy as their favorite one!

The Jamaica Me Crazy coffee is what many coffee lovers have been waking up to in recent years. Originally coconut-flavored and medium roasted, and nowadays medium roasted, but vanilla, caramel, and coffee liqueur-flavored, the coffee sparkles joy amongst people.

Unfortunately for many, however, Keurig discontinued these K-Cups, and it is now other coffee companies that help the Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups live on. Let’s learn more about these K-Cups.

Key Features:

  • Originally made by Keurig
  • Go under the name ‘Jamaica Me Crazy’ or ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’
  • Medium roasted coffee
  • Flavored coffee
  • Originally coconut-flavored/li>
  • Most of the K-Cups are vanilla, caramel, and coffee liqueur-flavored nowadays
  • For Keurig coffee makers and other K-Cup compatible coffee makers


A flavor that many people fall in love with

Produced by many different coffee companies

Most of these K-Cups are compatible with most Keurig coffee maker, including the coffee makers from Keurig’s 2.0 line

Sold by different online retailers, including Amazon


These K-Cups are currently discontinued by Keurig; however, they are being produced by other coffee companies

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A Pleasure for Your Coffee Senses

Many of us prefer a milder, medium roasted coffee to fill up our coffee cups. Dark roasted coffee is too strong for a lot of people and lighter roasts just won’t do. This, my friends, is why the roast golden middle is so precious.

For a lot of coffee lovers, the Jamaica Me Crazy coffee and its few blend varieties are irreplaceable. We are talking here about a flavored— and that to say, very well-flavored— coffee sold by so many companies, it’s impossible not to have heard about it at least once.

The coffee is very tasty and it comes in both coffee bags and K-Cups. The Jamaica Me Crazy coffee is not only about the taste, however; as you’re about to find out, its aroma is also very compelling.

Wolfgang Puck Jamaican Me Crazy K-Cup Coffee, 96 Count Case, Compatible with All Keurig K-Cup Brewers, including Keurig 2.0, 24 Count (Pack of 4) Jamaica Me Crazy or Jamaican Me Crazy?

Since Keurig is the company behind Keurig K-Cup coffee makers and we’re reviewing a K-Cup, its role in the production of the Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cup deserves to be remembered.

Keurig used to sell the Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups with coconut-flavored and medium roasted coffee. As we mentioned earlier, the company decided to discontinue the pods, and so, it no longer sells them. Many other companies do sell them, however, and some of them sell the K-Cups under the name ‘Jamaican Me Crazy.’

With the change of name came the change in flavor. If you read about the flavoring of these K-Cups, you’ll notice that they are vanilla, caramel, and coffee liqueur-flavored. Obviously, this is a bit (or a lot) different from the coconut-flavored pods sold by Keurig. However, we do have good news for those of you who prefer the coconut-flavored K-Cups: they are still sold by Wolfgang Puck Coffee, but under the name ‘Jamaican Me Crazy’.

Against all odds, we did actually find a company that names their K-Cups ‘Jamaica Me Crazy’; the company is called Twisted Pine Coffee Roasters and you can find them on Amazon. Ironically enough though, the coffee in these pods is has a twist of vanilla, caramel, and Cafe Maria liqueur flavors; you won’t find it coconut-enhanced.

Other coffee companies that sell Jamaica(n) Me Crazy K-Cups are Bright and Early, the Blackout Coffee Company, the Door County Coffee and Tea Company, the Main Street Roasters, and Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company. All these sellers allow you to buy the K-Cups online

Compatibility With Keurig Coffee Makers

The Jamaica(n) Me Crazy K-Cups are Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 compatible, regardless of the seller behind them. We do recommend you contact the seller you’re intending to get the K-Cups from, however, to confirm the compatibility of the pods with the Keurig you have or want to buy. If you happen to have a K-Cup compatible coffee maker by a different brand, though, it will probably work with these K-Cups as well.

FAQ About the Jamaica(n) Me Crazy K-Cup

1. Which settings should I adjust to get my coffee brewed in a particular manner and get the best out of the Jamaica(n) Me Crazy K-Cup?

Unless you prefer your coffee made in a certain way, you don’t need to brew the Jamaica(n) Me Crazy K-Cups under some strictly-defined parameters. Just insert the K-Cup inside your Keurig, wait for the coffee maker to finish brewing, and enjoy your cup of coffee!

What Is an Alternative to the Jamaica(n) Me Crazy K-Cups?

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Island Coconut, Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pod, Flavored Light Roast Coffee, 24 Count The Island Coconut K-Cups by the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

These flavored K-Cups are a serious competition of the original Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups, with their light roasted blend being a delicious second choice. The pods come from a reliable coffee company as well that has a long tradition as a K-Cup seller.


Coconut-flavored or not, the Jamaica(n) Me Crazy K-Cups are the right way to go Jamaican. We won’t go into the entire ‘they will make you feel like you are resting your soul on a coast on the Caribbean Sea,’ but, seriously, we love strong, flavored coffee that has a tropical background!

With subtle coconut notes or a more complex blend of vanilla, caramel, and coffee liqueur, these K-Cups are a great way to try out flavored coffee. Have a happy day!

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