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Jura never fails to produce elegant coffee makers, not even when it comes to their lower-priced ones. The Jura A1 coffee center will bring sophistication to your kitchen at an affordable price and make you some delicious coffee shots.

This coffee machine features many of Jura’s technologies that improve the brewing of the coffee and its flavor. Besides the coffee quality, the device also works fast and is pretty easy to use and clean. Therefore, there’s nothing that coffee enthusiasts don’t love about the Jura.

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Easy to Use

Jura A1Not only does the Jura A1 have a great design, but it’s also a very easy-to-use coffee maker. Since the A1 is an overall simple machine, there are not too many touch buttons on its control panel, but only a few. With the help of these buttons, you can pick the strength of your coffee and your cup size.

The A1 will not let you have a hard time once you need to empty its drip tray, refill the water reservoir, or add beans to the bean hopper. Every one of these components is very accessible on this coffee machine, and it’s also straightforward to get the parts back in place.

The machine also makes it easier to brew whole bean coffee or ground coffee. It is nice to choose between the two things when you want to make decaffeinated coffee or when you don’t have whole beans at home. Furthermore, being fully automatic, you’ll get one of the three available coffee drinks with the touch of a button, which, again, makes things easier for you.

Key Features

  • Three different coffee drinks
  • Two coffee strengths
  • Three coffee sizes
  • Programmable amount of water
  • Makes one cup of coffee at a time
  • AromaG3 grinder
  • Bypass chute
  • Adjustable coffee spout
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • Pulse Extraction Process
  • One thermoblock heating system
  • CLARIS Blue filter
  • Rinsing, cleaning, and descaling program
  • Energy save mode


  • Automatic
  • Simple and compact
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to use
  • Pretty quiet grinder


  • It doesn’t offer much programmability
  • It doesn’t come with a milk frother

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About the Brand – Jura

Jura A1
Jura là thương hiệu lâu đời của Thụy Sĩ.

Jura is one of the top-grade coffee machine brands in the world. The brand has been ruling the European automatic coffee machine industry for years. It is the pioneer of one-touch automatic coffee machines for homes and workplaces.

The Jura coffee machines offer the most authentic and best bean-to-cup experience from freshly ground coffee. What makes the Jura coffee machines different from others is that they allow you to choose from different flavoring strengths and coffee volumes. In addition, these machines are fast to operate and produce excellent high-pressure brewed coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and more!

Elegant and Compact

With the Jura A1, not only do you save some money, but you get an elegant, state-of-the-art coffee maker. The A1 comes in piano-black or piano-white, and the gloss of its chassis will hit you with Cupid’s arrow.

This machine highly resembles the ENA Micro 1 by Jura in the features and the design. The housing of the device is straightforward, and there are no obnoxious buttons that could hurt the beauty of its simplicity. Instead, there’s a simple touch control panel on top of the A1 that you can use to make your coffee.

Aside from the touch panel, the Jura A1 comes with a sleek single coffee spot that is adjustable for coffee cups of different sizes. The machine also has an air-tight 5 oz bean hopper to keep your coffee beans fresh and ready to brew at any time. Next to the hopper, there’s a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee and a small chamber with a switch that adjusts the grind size levels of the grinder.

The Jura A1 is not only elegant but highly compact. This coffee maker is very small and measures 9.4 x 17.5 x 12.7 inches, and can fit not only on your kitchen counter but anywhere in your house. Therefore, if your goal was to get a single-brew coffee machine that looks elegant and compact, you’ll make no mistake by buying the Jura A1.

Setting up the Jura A1

One of the main reasons people choose super-automatic coffee machines with no milk frother or steamer is that they offer a straightforward setup. You can smoothly set up even the most advanced and expensive coffee machine of this category. 

The only time you’ll need to read the instructions is when you have to insert the water filter cartridge. There is a grinder dial next to the bean hopper, and you can set the grinder while it’s running. For example, the grinder can process the coffee beans at the finest level or lower than that. With the Jura A1, you can easily brew a cup of coffee even if you’re a novice.

Water Reservoir Capacity

The water reservoir capacity of a coffee machine is a metric that gives you an idea of how many times you have to refill it. The more the water reservoir’s capacity, the less frequently you have to refill. For example, the Jura A1 coffee has a capacity of 37 fl. Oz., which allows you to make around four and a half cups of coffee with one refill.

Looking at the water reservoir capacity, we can say that the coffee maker is suitable for home use. The reservoir capacity is not a lot, but it is enough for a family of two to three people.

Extra Features and Tips

Jura A1The Jura A1 features easy programmability, aroma preservation steel, an energy-saving mode, and fully adjustable spouts. The A1 also informs you about the status of the reservoir or when you need to clean the machine.

In addition, there is transparent dosage information and settings option that helps with inadequate measurement of coffee. This feature is convenient for those who don’t use an espresso cup and prefer a scale for measuring coffee.

The pre-programmed regular coffee can brew up to 3 ounces, which is too strong for most coffee beans. If you choose ristretto on the default setting, you will get less than an ounce of coffee in the cup.

Converting from fluid ounces to ounces can be challenging because coffee’s density and texture are different from water. Also, the brewing method and extraction play an essential role in determining the amount of coffee you’ll get at the end. A simple tip is to consider the numerical value of coffee in ounces as ten percent less than the total volume.

Brewing Process and the Taste of the Coffee

To brew your coffee, either add fresh coffee beans in the bean hopper or pre-grinded coffee in the bypass doser. Then, pick one of the coffee strengths and cup sizes, and let the machine do the rest.

If you decide to use whole beans, the Jura A1 will grind them down with the help of the multi-level AromaG3 grinder. This grinder works fast and is specially designed to help the fresh aroma of your beans get to your cup.

The two coffee strengths available on the A1 indicate 7 grams of coffee (one-bean touch button) and 10 grams of coffee (three-bean touch button). By combining the coffee strengths with the cup sizes, you can actually program the machine to make you one of the three coffee drinks available: espresso, ristretto, and coffee.

The Jura A1 doesn’t have a milk frother and only makes coffee-based drinks. If you like milk in your coffee, it will be best for you to check out the Jura ENA Micro 9— a machine similar to the A1, but with an option for milk drinks. You can also read about the Jura J80, the E6, and the E8 to see if they go along with your milky coffee appetite.

The drinks made by this machine taste very good and rich, however. They are not soupy at all but have great consistency and flavor. This is because of the many brewing technologies which Jura has its machines using.

https://www.amazon.com/Jura-Compact-Coffee-Center-15148/dp/B06Y5T9HLPJura A1 Ultra Compact Coffee Center with P.E.P. (White) Includes Jura Cleaning Tablets, Jura CLEARYL Blue Water Filter Cartridge, Handheld Milk Frother, and Set of Two Cups and SaucersFirst of all, the Jura A1 uses the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System to wet the coffee before it gets brewed. This process improves the flavor of the drink by letting the P.E.P. process evenly forces hot water through the coffee when it gets brewed. Yes, the Jura A1 brews your coffee with the Pulse Extraction Process, which is where the secret of good espressi and ristretti lies.

Besides having an excellent brewing process, the Jura A1 also takes care of the water that you use for your filter. Hard water can make your coffee taste sour or bitter, and you don’t want that to happen. This is why the Jura A1 comes with the CLARIS Blue filter cartridge that reduces the minerals in the water that can negatively impact the quality of your coffee.

The Jura A1 is a single-brew coffee maker. This means that it makes one shot of coffee at a time. The shot will have a very nice taste, no matter which one of the three coffee drinks you decide to have.

Value for Money

As said earlier, the Jura A1 doesn’t come with a milk frother. Though the coffee is very creamy, you cannot experiment with your latte art skills with this machine. So, the only thing missing in this coffee machine is the milk steamer or frother. Overall, it delivers excellent value for money.

The coffee maker features an advanced brewing and grinding experience in a single machine and comes at a reasonable price. It is one of the most budget-friendly coffee machines because super-automatic espresso machines aren’t safe. Though there are no milk-steaming or frothing options, adding a multi-aroma grinder adds further value to the A1.

The machine is manufactured and designed in Switzerland and is a high-end durable coffee machine. The Swiss manufacturer is also known for pumping up the coffee flavor using PEP technology. This technology forces the water through the bottom in numerous short bursts. The system consists of a stepless grinder that helps grind within a defined range. Though it is super-automatic, it allows you to make a detectable brew.

The Jura coffee machines are reliable, and they are designed to last with you for many years. The coffee machines also come with a warranty of 2 years or a brew warranty of 6000.

Cleaning the Jura A1

Jura A1Having your coffee made by an automatic coffee machine means that you’ll also need to clean the machine. However, don’t worry about this because cleaning the Jura A1 is a very easy process.

The machine will notify you when your tray or container needs to be cleaned or when you need to descale your machine.

As we mentioned before, the Jura A1 has very accessible parts, so cleaning them won’t be an issue. As for the descaling, you can use one of the descaling products that Jura recommends for their machines.

The chassis of the A1 can be cleaned with a clean, mildly dampened towel.

Who Should Buy the Jura A1?

Consider buying the Jura A1 coffee maker if:

1. You don’t often drink milk-based beverages: 

Since the coffee maker doesn’t come with a milk steamer or frother, it is suitable for those who dislike drinking milk-based drinks.

2. You are a frequent coffee consumer: 

The coffee maker is the cheapest one for Jura automatic machines. But if we compare it to other coffee machines, it is a bit on the expensive side. So, you must invest in it only if you’re a regular coffee consumer.

3. You want a fully automatic machine: 

Jura A1 is fully automated! An entry-level coffee maker offers one-touch brewing for ristretto, long coffee, and espresso, and the device also features programmable brew volumes for these three types of beverages. In addition, the touch display is intuitive and easy to use.

4. You have a small space available: 

The Jura A1 coffee maker is compact. If you have a small space open at your place, you can consider this one. It has a minimalistic design; it measures 20.5 X 12.7 X 18.6 inches. However, despite being small, it is pretty heavy; it weighs around 20 pounds. 

5. You want a durable coffee machine: 

Though the device is mainly made of plastic, it is still pretty sturdy. The boiler is made up of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Overall, the coffee maker is durable and is a good choice if you want to invest in something that lasts long.

Who Shouldn’t Get the Jura A1?

You shouldn’t buy the Jura A1 coffee maker for these reasons:

  • You want to try latte art: 

If you want more features such as automatic frothing in your coffee machine, the Jura A1 is not the one for you. The coffee maker doesn’t feature any milk frother, and you can’t produce dozens of frothy coffee at your fingertips. Other coffee machines will help you make an Americano or a latte, as this one doesn’t have that feature.

  • You have a big family: 

If you have a big family with several coffee lovers, then Jura A1 might not be the best choice for you. The coffee machine can serve around four people in one go. So, if you have more than four people or even four people who drink a lot of coffee, you’ll have to refill the reservoir too frequently.

  • You want a more affordable option: 

A1 is the cheapest among the Jura coffee machines. However, if you want a coffee machine with a smaller budget, you can look for other options. For example, numerous other coffee machines will include a grinder, milk frother, and a sound brewing system at a more affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Product

1. Which cup sizes can I use on the Jura A1?

You can use cups with sizes from 2.5 to 5.5 inches.

2. What is the capacity of the coffee grounds container on the Jura A1?

The capacity of the container is 9 servings.

3. How much does this coffee maker weigh?

It weighs about 20 pounds.

4. Can I keep coffee beans in the bean hopper for some time?

The bean hopper is made up of aroma preservation steel which keeps the coffee beans fresh for an extended period. So, you can keep the coffee beans in the hopper for some days. Once you’re done making coffee, you don’t have to remove the leftover beans, as you can utilize them next time.

5. How to descale Jura A1?

The Jura A1 notifies you when you need to descale it. Mainly the machine tells you about descaling after 180 coffee preparations or 80 switches on rinsing. However, you can descale the device whenever you want to. To do this, you have to press the two coffee strength buttons simultaneously and press the two strength level symbols.

When you do so, the descaling sign will light up. Now carry on the prompt till the end. To descale correctly, you must go through the instructions. A descaling tablet is helpful as it will remove the scales from the coffee machine and improve its performance.

6. What is PEP?

PEP is short for the Pulse Extraction Process, and this technology is exclusively used by Jura. This technology allows the coffee maker to involve pulse pressure in the brewing process. The process makes sure that the brewing process extracts more aroma and brings a consistent flavor to the coffee.

7. What are the coffee strengths settings on Jura A1?

Jura A1 has two coffee strength settings: one bean and three beans. Jura says that the one bean setting uses 7 grams of ground coffee while the three-bean setting uses 10 grams. You can experiment with the water volume for creating ristretto, doppio, espresso, or coffee.

8. What is the coffee quality of Jura A1?

The Jura A1 focuses on two things, and it does them well: it makes quick and mouth-watering shots of coffee. The coffee quality is perfect as the PEP and pre-brew aroma systems extract full aromas and flavors from the coffee beans. The result is a super creamy and delicious espresso shot with a beautiful layer of crema on top.

What Are Some Alternatives to the Jura A1 Coffee Maker?

Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum Includes Jura Milk Container, Care Cartridge, Decalcifying Tablets and Set of Ceramic Cups and SaucersJura 15106 ENA Micro 5 Automatic Coffee Machine, SilverJura 15106 ENA Micro 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

If you dislike the fact that the Jura A1 makes only one shot at a time, you could go for the Jura Ena Micro 5 instead. This coffee maker can make two drinks at the same time, has a 4oz bean hopper, and has a very sleek design.

If you want to go a few numbers up in the Micro line in search of an A1 alternative, you can pay a visit to our Jura ENA Micro 9 in-depth review.

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The Jura A1 looks great and performs great. If you are someone who values the looks of their kitchen devices as much as you value their performance, the Jura A1 might be the coffee maker for you. With this coffee machine, you’ll get a great espresso, ristretto, or coffee in a fast and easy way.

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