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If you’re looking for a compact espresso machine that offers basic programmability to your coffee drinks and serves them at a touch of a button, the Jura C65 could be the right machine for you. This nice-looking machine makes both milk and coffee-based drinks and it has an automatic milk frother.

The size of the bean hopper and the water tank on the C65 are suitable for about 8 shots of coffee a day. This espresso machine can make single and double espresso shots, and its adjustable coffee spouts let you accomodate larger cups for larger coffee specialties.

Key features:

  • Multiple coffee drinks
  • Rotary switch
  • 7-ounce bean hopper
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Adjustable coffee spouts
  • Milk frother
  • 64-ounce water tank
  • CLEARYL water filter
  • Plain text display
  • Integrated rinsing and cleaning programs
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • Fine Foam technology


Relatively easy to use

Programmable options

Makes single or double espresso shots

Easy to clean




Rotary switch can be a bit confusing for some

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Beautiful design and simple controls

The Jura C65 looks very nice and comes in black only or in black with silver accents. The machine’s housing is mainly made of plastic, but you can spot some stainless steel parts on it as well.

Aside from the power button that’s located on the top back side of the machine, there are two dials on the Jura C65. One of these dials gives you access to the plain text menu, while the other one lets the steam come out of the frother.

Even though this espresso machine has simple control dials, the plain text display and the menu on it can be confusing for some people. This is because you can’t really see the menu with all of its options, but only one option at a time. However, it won’t take you long before you get completely used to this way of operating the Jura C65.

Nice capacity of the bean hopper and water tank

Both the bean hopper and the water tank on the Jura C65 are big enough to let you drink many cups of coffee in peace before you need to refill the hopper or the tank. The bean hopper has enough space for up to 7 ounces of coffee beans, while the water tank holds 64 ounces of water without an issue.

Height-adjustable coffee spouts

You can lift the coffee spouts on the Jura C65 up and bring them back down to have your coffee cup fit underneath them. As long as the cup is from 2.6 to 4.4 inches tall, there will be no problem with it being the right cup for your favorite coffee drink.

Note, however, that the milk frother is not adjustable. Even though the frother is positioned at the same height as the coffee spouts, you will need to choose a cup with the right height when making milk-based drinks or you’ll otherwise spill your drink. Either do that, or use a smaller-sized cup as a container for the milk and pour the milk in the cup with your coffee drink afterwards.

Coffee drinks at the touch of a button

The Jura C65 makes your drinks at the touch of a button. This means that you won’t have to press multiple buttons until your drinks finally reache your cup. However, you’ll have to put in a little bit of effort into programming the coffee drinks to enjoy them even more.

Yes, this espresso machine lets you program certain settings that have to do with your drinks. One thing it lets you program is the volume of the coffee in your cup. Furthermore, the Jura C65 also lets you program the coffee strength. Finally, this machine gives you a certain control over the temperature of the water that is part of your beverage.

To program your drinks, you’ll need to put the machine in the programming mode by pressing on the ‘P’ touch button right next to the display dial. To some other things on the machine, just keep turning the dial until you get to the setting that you want to program. Then, press the button in the center of the dial to enter the particular sub-menu.

Pretty simple to clean

The integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling programs on the Jura C65 help in the maintenance of the machine. The machine comes with a CLEARYL water filter that takes care of the hardness in your water and of the chlorine, and it decreases the need for frequent descaling of the brewing system.

For the times you’ll need to descale, you can put a descaling tablet in the bypass doser and run the machine. Also, make sure you purge the automatic frother to clean it from any traces of milk and water.

FAQ about the Jura C65

How tall is the Jura C65?

The Jura C65 is 13.6 inches tall. In case you’re asking how much clearance you’ll need for the espresso machine, know that the hatch of the bean hopper is about 3.21 inches long. Therefore, you’ll need about 16.3 inches of clearance between your machine and any objects above it.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need to turn on the Jura C65 by pressing the power button on the top of its back side. Therefore, you’ll need to have enough clearance for you to be able to reach the back of the machine with your hand.

Can I plumb in my Jura C65 to the water line?

No, you can’t plumb this espresso machine to a water line. The machine uses a water reservoir only.

Why is my Jura C65 telling me to refill the bean hopper when there are enough beans in it?

This is probably because the beans are jammed up. You should unplug the espresso machine and try to move the beans that are on the bottom of the hopper around with some chopsticks. This should help.

Does the Jura C65 come with a stainless steel milk container?

No, this machine doesn’t come with a milk container. You’ll need to buy a container separately if you want one.

There’s always water on the bottom tray on my Jura C65. The water is there even when I use a cup to collect the water while the machine is rinsing the brewing system. Is this normal for this machine?

Yes, finding water on the bottom of the drip tray on the Jura C65 is perfectly normal. This is how the machine works.


The Jura C65 is an espresso machine that is worth buying. It won’t take a lot of space on your counter, will perform well, and will make you good shots of coffee. At the same time, you’ll find maintaining it relatively easy. Therefore, if these are the things you would like your future espresso machine to have, you should consider buying the Jura C65.

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