Jura E8 Espresso Machine Review

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Our rating: 4 stars

The Jura E8 espresso machine has been a hot topic when it comes to coffeemakers and there are several reasons why. Starting from the technologies it uses and finishing with the quality of the coffee, the E8 doesn’t cease to amaze us.

Even though it is super automatic, the E8 lets you program various things with which you can personalize your drinks. This way, you can customize your coffee and enjoy it the way you prefer. Add to this that the Jura E8 is very easy to use and you’ll realize yourself what a great bang for the buck this coffeemaker brings.

Key features:

  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.)
  • Intelligent Water System
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew system
  • Six-level AromaG3 grinder
  • Pickup tube milk system
  • Froth adjustability dial
  • Automatic and manual rinsing of the coffee and milk systems
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • 12 different drinks



Great quality of all available coffee drinks

Large dosing

Programmable drinks

Easy to use and clean

Great value for the money


Oily beans can get jammed in the grinder

The grinder is a bit loud

Design and aesthetics

Looking classy and modern, the 13.5 inches high Jura E8 will be a great addition to your kitchen counter. The machine is available in black and chrome and it’s mainly made of plastics, but it does have some metal structures which improve its looks and make it convenient. All the parts on the E8 are placed in such a way that accents the aesthetics of the coffeemaker, but also makes it easy to use.

The machine has a TFT color display with control buttons on its front. Underneath the display is the double coffee spouts system, and the sleek-looking froth dial with the milk spout is on the right side of the Jura E8. The 64oz water reservoir is on the left side of the machine, and the electronically monitored drip tray with the coffee disposal is on the bottom of the Jura E8.

Technologies, features, and specifications

The Jura E8 espresso machine uses a lot of features and technologies that can be found in more expensive coffeemakers.

One such technology is the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.). This technology has to do with how fast the coffee is extracted out of the machine, which, furthermore, improves the aroma and taste of the drink. By quickly forcing water through the grinded coffee beans under pressure multiple times, the E8 extracts your coffee in 24 seconds. These 24 seconds translate into a richer, better flavored, and more aromatic coffee.

Another technology that the Jura E8 uses is the Intelligent Water System. This espresso machine has a smart filter. The coffeemaker detects the filter  when it’s in it and knows when it’s out of it. The E8 also has a descaling program for cleaning of the filter, so you won’t need to do that manually.

The smart filter will filter out the minerals in the water that can make your coffee drink taste bad.  Furthermore, you can also regulate how much of the hardness in the water you want to get filtered. This way, you can optimize the taste of your coffee and get the flavor you desire.

The Jura E8 coffeemaker also wets the coffee beans before they get brewed. This process is known as the Intelligent Pre-brew System, and it improves the flavor of the coffee by having the coffee release more chemicals that make for a better taste and aroma.

With this coffee maker, you can grind your coffee beans in 6 different grinding sizes. This allows you to customize the flavor of your coffee and adequately grind the beans for a particular coffee drink. However, if you like the flavor of some pre-grinded coffee, you can also make your coffee drink with it. To do that, put some pre-grinded coffee in the chamber for pre-grinded coffee which is right next to the chamber with the grinding size switch.

Making the coffee drinks

This coffeemaker has a 10oz bean chamber in which you can grind your beans and a chamber for pre-grinded coffee. The bean chamber has a rubber-isolated lid which keeps the coffee fresh and its flavor great.

The Jura E8 lets you make both coffee and milk drinks. You can easily choose 12 different coffee drinks from the drink menu on the display and wait for the machine to make them. However, you can customize your drinks and choose the temperature of the water, the amount of coffee or milk in the drink, and the coffee strength.

To help you prepare milk coffee drinks, the Jura E8 uses a great pickup tube milk system. Just place the tube in your cup filled with milk and select the milk coffee drink that you want from the drink menu. Place a cup underneath the milk spout and wait for the milk to extract.

You can also choose how much milk you want the machine to extract during a certain time period and regulate when the milk gets extracted. This way, you can make your coffee drink with as much milk as you want and create layers within your drink.

When it comes to milk, the E8 is also a great milk frothing machine. The coffeemaker froths milk based on your froth preferences with the help of a froth adjustability dial. More dense or less dense, your milk cream will always be the way you want it.

The E8 is a large dosing coffeemaker. It can dose from 5 to 16 grams of coffee per grinding based on your preferences. This means that you can make your coffee drinks fast, without having to wait.

Most cups will fit underneath the milk and coffee spouts since the position of the spouts can be adjusted to the height of your cup.

What do you need to clean your Jura E8?

The Jura E8 has automatic rinse programs for both the coffee and milk systems. The machine will run a rinse of the milk system after the preparation of a milk drink. However, you can rinse the coffee and milk systems whenever you want by choosing one of the rinsing options from the menu on the machine.

If you want to clean the milk system more thoroughly, you can do so with a special cleaning solution. For this, you’ll need to place a container filled with water and solution underneath the milk pickup tube and another empty dish underneath the milk spout. The milk system will be cleaned in no time.

Will you like the taste of the coffee?

The Jura E8 was designed to prepare many standard drinks with a high-quality taste. Also, by allowing you to customize your drinks, the machine lets you personalize your coffee.

Furthermore, all of the technologies that this coffeemaker uses make sure that your coffee tastes great. The P.E.P., the Intelligent Water System, the 6-level grinder, and the cleaning and descaling programs all optimize the flavor and aroma of your drink. Therefore, you can be sure that you will like the taste of the coffee prepared in your Jura E8.

FQA about the Jura E8

Do I need to use coffee pods on this machine?

No. The Jura E8 uses coffee beans and grounded coffee.

Can I use my travel mug on the Jura E8?

You can, if your travel mug fits under the coffee and milk spouts. Most travel mugs won’t fit underneath the spouts since they have an adjustability of up to 6 inches. However, Jura has customized coffee travel mugs which you can buy, or you can make your coffee in a cup and then pour it in your mug.

Some alternatives to the Jura E8 espresso machine

Jura 15075 Automatic Coffee Machine J90

The Jura 15075 automatic coffee machine is a great alternative to the Jura E8. This coffeemaker looks beautiful, it has a froth dial like the E8, two adjustable spouts for coffee and one for cappuccino. The machine also has a great cleaning program, uses Jura’s unique fine foam technology, and its Aroma + grinder brings the smell of fresh coffee to you.



Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine

The Breville BES980XL is another automatic coffee machine which you could get instead of the Jura E8. The two boilers of this machine have a PID controller with which you can control the brewing temperature. This coffeemaker, furthermore, uses an over pressure valve so that your coffee doesn’t get sour, pre-infusion for better flavor, an automatic steam wand, and it lets you control the coffee doses.




The Jura E8 espresso machine brings great value for the money, and you will enjoy every single sip of coffee that was made in this machine. If you would like to taste great-quality coffee from a machine that’s not as expensive, but has many of the technologies used in some of the more expensive models, the E8 is the coffeemaker that deserves your attention. Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy this espresso machine and experience a next-level coffee taste.

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