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Jura 13626 ENA 1 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Micro Black Suitable for coffee lovers that don’t have much space on their kitchen counters, the Jura Ena Micro 1 espresso machine doesn’t stop to impress many people with its simplicity and performance. This is the perfect coffee maker for you if you don’t like adding milk to your coffee. However, judging by the quality of the coffee that it makes, the machine can serve you well if you have a separate milk frother.

Easy to operate and clean, this compact and sleek espresso machine will give you nothing but joy. Its great design will, furthermore, bring the vibes of sleekness into your kitchen or office space. Now that you have a gist about what the Jura Ena Micro 1 is about, let us spice it up for you with some details on its performance.

Did you know?

The Jura Ena Micro 1 coffee maker is all about energy efficiency and protection of the environment. This coffee machine is even rated A for its energy efficiency properties.

Key features:

  • Makes drinks with one touch of a button
  • Uses beans or ground coffee
  • Multi-level grinder
  • Three cup sizes available
  • Two aroma levels available
  • Single serve
  • Water reservoir capacity: 37oz
  • Bean container capacity: 7oz
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Water filtration


Beautiful design

Easy to operate

Easy to clean




Doesn’t have a milk frother

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Jura 13626 ENA 1 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Micro Black Simple, yet beautiful

This espresso machine has such a simple design, and yet its all-black chassis with the silver accents is very beautiful. At the first glance, you might wonder how does the Jura Ena Micro 1 even make coffee drinks. There are no visible buttons on its front panel and no buttons on its sides, but there’s the sleek-looking coffee spout and the drip tray, which means that the machine definitely makes espresso. So, where are the control buttons on the Jura Ena Micro 1?

All the control buttons on this coffee maker are located on the top of the machine. On its top, you can see the touch buttons for the cup size and the coffee strength and the machine’s power button. This a very simple control panel that is easy to use and won’t confuse you.

Right next to the control panel of the Jura Ena Micro 1, you can see the bean hopper. You can fill the hopper with different kinds of coffee beans as long as their amount is no greater than 7oz. However, you can use ground coffee on this machine as well, and the coffee taste will be just as great.

This machine has a water reservoir with a capacity of 37oz and uses the CLARIS water filter.

Be the coffee wizard you’ve always dreamed to be

With the Jura Ena Micro 1 espresso machine, you’ll be able to customize your drinks and optimize their taste. The greatest feature on this machine is that you can make your espresso with one touch of a button. There’s no need to move the cup – just press the button and take your coffee.

This coffee maker uses a multi-level grinder and lets you pick the coffee grind size. There are also three cup size options on the machine and two aroma levels. Therefore, you’ll be able to make your coffee with the level of intensity and amount of ingredients that you want.

Jura 13626 ENA 1 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Micro Black This is a single serve coffee machine, but it works fast and your friends or family won’t have to wait for too long to get their cup of coffee.

The Jura Ena Micro 1 doesn’t come with a milk steam wand. This means that it can only make coffee-only drinks. Therefore, this is not the machine for you if you’re looking to make milk foam for your coffee. However, if you have a separate frother, you can use it on the coffee drinks made by the Jura Ena Micro 1 to adjust them to your taste.

Cleaning the Jura Ena Micro 1

It is not hard to clean the Jura Ena Micro 1. For starters, both the tray and the water reservoir are easily accessible, so you can empty and rinse them with ease.

This machine, furthermore, has multiple programs for rinsing, cleaning, and descaling, and it will alert you when its brewing system needs to be cleaned. In order to clean the brewing system, you will need to use a cleaning tablet on your Jura Ena Micro 1. On the other hand, the CLARIS water filter decreases the need for the machine to be decalcified. By regularly changing the filter, you will experience no problem with your machine being dirty and the flavor of your coffee will remain great.

FAQ about the Jura Ena Micro 1

How can you make specialties other than espresso on the Jura Ena Micro 1?

The Jura Ena Micro 1 coffee maker will definitely let you be very creative with your coffee drinks since it’s programmable. You can program the coffee grind size, the water volume, and the coffee strength. Yes, you can make many different specialties with this machine. However, you’ll need to know a little bit about the recipes for each one of them if you want to get a good flavor.

A quick tip for you – use more water and less coffee to make regular coffee and very little water and more coffee to make a ristretto.

Will the Jura Ena Micro 1 dispense coffee grinds or sediment inside my cup?

No. The coffee that the Jura Ena Micro 1 makes is free from coffee grinds or sediment.

Can the taste of the espresso the the Jura Ena Micro 1 makes be compared to Italian espresso?

The Jura Ena Micro 1 makes great coffee for its price range, but if you want premium-quality espresso, you’ll need an espresso machine that costs thousands of dollars.

What are some alternatives to the Jura Ena Micro 1?

Jura A1 Ultra Compact Coffee Center 15148 with P.E.P. Jura A1 Ultra Compact Coffee Center

The Jura A1 is a great alternative to the Jura Ena Micro 1 espresso machine. Both of the machines are very similar, but the A1 uses the Pulse Extraction Process technology and has a programmable switch-off time.

Jura 15106 ENA Micro 5 Automatic Coffee Machine, Silver Jura 15106 ENA Micro 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

You could also go for the Jura Ena Micro 5 coffee machine instead of the Jura Ena Micro 1. With the Micro 5, you’ll be able to make two drinks at the same time, its coffee spouts have an adjustable height, and you might also prefer the design of this machine better than that of the Micro 1.


The Jura Ena Micro 1 coffee machine makes great coffee, works well, and looks beautiful. Of course, we couldn’t even expect less from a coffee machine that was made by Jura. This coffee maker is also very compact, and it is great for home use. If you think that this espresso machine brings good value for the money, you should consider buying it.

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