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Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Machine Manufacturers often tend to make their coffee machines compact and simple to make them more convenient for their customers. However, Jura went one step further and made the Jura ENA Micro 9. This machine is smaller than many other coffee machines, and it’s very simple to use.

But are these two things enough to get many to fall for this coffee machine? Well, this machine has a few more things to offer, such as a few coffee drinks, a separate milk spout for foam, and some programmable settings. This doesn’t make it ideal for people who want more control over their coffee, but it makes it a nice choice for those who like getting good coffee by pressing a button.

Did you know?

The Jura ENA Micro 9 is one of the smallest coffee machines out there.

Key features:

  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • Intelligent preheating
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Rotary switch
  • Six products
  • Coffee spouts are separate from the milk spout
  • Adjustable coffee spouts
  • 37-ounce water reservoir
  • 4.5-ounce bean hopper
  • Bypass doser


Milk-based and coffee-based drinks

One-touch cappuccino option

Intuitive buttons

Numbered machine parts for easier reassembling

Very small


Doesn’t offer many programmable options

Small bean hopper and water reservoir

No cup warmer

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Very small in size

Jura made sure that the first thing you’d notice about the ENA Micro 9 would be its very small size. The machine was designed to measures 9.06 x 12.72 x 17.52 inches. Therefore, the ENA Micro 9 could be perfect for you if you have many things piled up on your counter, but would still like an espresso machine on it.

However, it’s not only the housing of the machine that is small in size, but its water reservoir and its bean hopper as well. The water tank can take as much as 37 ounces of water, while the hopper has the space for 4.5 ounces of coffee beans. Therefore, you should consider buying another coffee machine if you’re a heavy coffee drinker, unless you don’t mind refilling the two containers more often.

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Machine Not a complicated machine at all

The Jura ENA Micro 9 is simple to operate due to its intuitive control panel and one-touch drink system. This means that you’ll have no problem understanding what every button does, and you’ll have your coffee drink at a touch of a button. This, furthermore, means that you’ll be able to choose and get the drink in your cup fast and almost effortlessly.

This espresso machine also has an easy-to-use rotary switch and a traffic light display. The rotary switch will let you program some settings to a certain extent for a more personalized coffee drink.
When it comes to the traffic light display, it will turn red when the machine is about to take an action and yellow when it’s in the programming mode. Furthermore, a green display means that the machine is ready to follow your commands

Which coffee drinks does it make?

The Jura ENA Micro 9 makes both milk-based coffee drinks and espresso. On this machine, you can make latte macchiato, espresso, café crème, and cappuccino. The machine has a separate coffee and milk system, which means that coffee and milk don’t come through the same spouts.

On this espresso machine, you can also get a serving of hot water which you can use to make some tea or hot chocolate. Furthermore, the hot water serving lets you make Americano as well.

How much control over your drinks does it let you have?

Not only can you make different coffee drinks on the Jura ENA Micro 9, but the machine also lets you program them. The machine has a variable brewing unit which allows you to adjust the amount of coffee in your shot, and you can also program the temperature and the amount of water in the drink.

In case you want to have a cup of decaf coffee, the machine has a bypass filter to make this possible for you. You can, furthermore, use larger cups on the ENA Micro 9 since the coffee spouts on this machine are adjustable

Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Machine Is cleaning the ENA Micro 9 as easy as operating it?

Cleaning this machine is really not that hard, considering all the things that Jura did to make cleaning the ENA Micro 9 easier for you. This coffee maker has integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling programs and uses a CLEARYL filter cartridge. You can also adjust the water hardness so that the machine knows when it’s time to descale the brewing system.

The parts of the Jura ENA Micro 9 are numbered, and you’ll be able to easily readjust them once you’re done with the cleaning.

FAQ about the Jura ENA Micro 9

Does the Jura ENA Micro 9 come with a milk container?

No, you’ll need to purchase the milk carafe separately. However, you can use a container that you have at home to froth your milk in it.

Can I clean the filter on this machine?

No, you can’t clean the filter on the Jura ENA micro 9, but you’ll need to replace it with a new one when it’s time. The machine will alert you about this.

How can I program the pause time between the extraction of the coffee and the extraction of the milk?

To do this, press and hold the center button on the rotary switch until the machine goes into programming mode. Then, find the ‘milk’ option and press the center button again. You’ll be able to program the pause time then.

What are some alternatives to the Jura ENA Micro 9?

Jura 15116 ENA Micro 90 Espresso Machine, Micro Silver Jura 15116 ENA Micro 90 Espresso Machine

The Jura ENA Micro 90 is a newer version of the ENA Micro 9. The ENA Micro 90 has an AromaG3 grinder, uses the Pulse Extraction Process, has an improved water spout for Americanos, and an improved coffee spout.

Jura 15070 E6 Automatic Coffee Center, Platinum Jura 15070 E6 Automatic Coffee Center

In case you want your machine to make two coffees at a time, you could do some research on the Jura E6. This machine makes 5 coffee drinks, offers eight coffee strength levels, and uses the AromaG3 grinder and the Pulse Extraction Process.


You should consider buying the Jura ENA Micro 9 if you need a compact, easy-to-operate automatic machine that works fast. However, don’t forget to think about some of the downsides of this coffee maker before you make your final decision. After all, you don’t want a coffee maker that will be stressing you out, but one that will make the times of the day when you drink coffee more enjoyable.

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