Jura Impressa F7 review: a Top-Quality Jura Machine or Not?

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Jura IMPRESSA F7 Automatic Coffee Machine Are you a big fan of stronger coffee drinks like ristretto and espresso, but like to also combine coffee with steamed milk? If this is you, the Jura Impressa F7 might be all you’ve been looking for.

The machine offers a handful of programmable options for the drinks, with the water temperature, the coffee volume, and even the milk volume being adjustable. You also get a good cappuccino system that works once you hook up the included milk hose to the cappuccino spout. Overall, this is a fine bean-to-cup Jura machine that can make a few popular coffee drinks and teas with the help of an intuitive control panel and a Rotary Switch for the menu. If you want to see an ultra modern touch screen and a larger choice of drinks, however, it might be better for you to check one of the two alternative coffee machines that we mention in our Jura Impressa F7 review.

Key features:

  • Makes ristretto, espresso, caffé crema, and cappuccino
  • Programmable coffee volume, strength, and temperature
  • Programmable milk volume
  • 6-level Aroma Plus grinder
  • 10.9-ounce bean hopper
  • Height-adjustable spouts
  • Hot water spout
  • Bypass doser
  • Integrated frother
  • Standby mode
  • Auto off
  • Auto rinse


Both the coffee-based and the milk-based drinks are largely customizable

Makes one or two coffee drinks at the same time

It fits both shorter and taller cups with its height-adjustable spouts

Energy efficient


The milk froth is not adjustable

No TFT display

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A machine that brings the Jura touch to simpler coffee drinks

The Impressa F7 by Jura lets you make an easy choice between your favorite coffees. This is a machine designed for people who know exactly what they want when it comes to coffee drinks and are especially dedicated to ristretto, espresso, cappuccino, café crema, and occasional tea delights. With its build-in frother and the height adjustable spouts, the Impressa F7 lets you follow your coffee instincts and pick the drink that you like in its full size. If coffee is a social ritual for you, you’ll be pleased to know that the machine also serves two drinks at the same time when you want that. While the two-drink option applies to the coffee-only drinks, it does not apply to the milk-based ones— it’s just the way the Impressa F7 was built.

Jura IMPRESSA F7 Automatic Coffee Machine Programmable settings with a nice choice of levels

The Jura Impressa F7 might be simple when it comes to drink options, but when it comes to its programmable settings, there’s definitely a plot twist. This coffee machine lets you find the favorite milk and coffee volume for your loved coffees and program them. It is also very generous when it comes to the settings for the coffee strength, bringing you four strength levels: mild, normal, strong, and extra. Going down the path of programmability on the F7, the adjustable settings become a little bit limited. That said, you can choose between two temperature settings and you cannot adjust the milk foam. Since the Jura Impressa F7 offers simplicity to its users, you might find the normal and high temperature settings to be just enough, however.

On-the-fly adjustments

The on-the-fly strength adjustments on the Jura Impressa F7 was something that we had to particularly stress. This is such a useful feature that shows that the F7 can follow you and your coffee appetites even when you have the coffee strength settings already programmed. A feature of this kind is useful when you have a guest over or when you just need a stronger or a milder coffee, but you know that deep down in your heart you like your coffee normal, for example. As you choose between one of the four coffee drinks on the F7, the strength settings will be there if you by any chance want to choose one of them on the fly as well.

An Aroma Plus grinder

As a bean-to-cup coffee machine, the Jura Impressa F7 has an integrated Aroma Plus grinder with six adjustable grind settings. With this grinder, you can definitely fine-tune the coffee grind on your Jura and enjoy in the flavor of each drink. Jura grinders are known for their high quality and smart designs that help the grinding process go smoothly with the natural aroma and flavor of the coffees being preserved.

Two-in-one: a hopper and a bypass doser

One of the he bean-to-cup Jura Impressa F7’s vital components is the 11-ounce bean hopper that keeps your fresh beans ready to be ground in a second. The machine doesn’t really confine its users to using whole-bean coffee only if they’ve taken an interest into some deeply-flavored pre-ground coffee, however. That’s exactly why the Impressa F7 has a pre-ground coffee compartment also known as a bypass doser, where you can pour your favorite pre-ground coffee and enjoy your coffee drink. Perfect for decaf as well, the bypass doser is a convenient extra that the F7 spoils its users with.

Jura IMPRESSA F7 Automatic Coffee Machine Filtered water for your coffees with the filter-compatible water tank

Not only does the 63-ounce water tank on the Impressa F7 prolong the time between refills, but it also has you using fresh and clean water for your coffees by being compatible with the Clearyl Blue water filter. While saving the good taste and aroma of your drinks brew after brew, this water filter also has you descaling your Jura less because, in its presence, limestone and other minerals don’t build up in the coffee system of the F7. The better coffee flavor and the better functionality of the machine, minus the effort for frequent descales, will keep you a satisfied F7 user for years.

A separate hot water spout with its own storage compartment

Teas, hot chocolates, oatmeals, and soups are also options when you have the Jura Impressa F7. With a separate hot water spout that has its own separate storing compartment on the machine, you can say goodbye to tea makers if you don’t mind having to install the hot water spout every time you need it.

Even though the installation of the spout is easy, we understand if this is not what you want at 5 a.m. in the morning. If that’s the case, you could check the Jura E6 which dispenses hot water with no spout installments necessary.

Energy efficiency taken into consideration as well

With a standby and an auto off function, the Jura Impressa F7 is clearly an energy efficient coffee maker. After only 5 minutes of inactivity, the machine will go in standby mode to not be an extra factor in your electricity bills and to also not work at full capacity if you don’t need it. If you do need it, however, it will re-activate itself at your command.

In case you need the F7 to not go into standby mode, but turn off after a certain time instead, you can program the machine to shut down 15 minutes or 15 hours after the last brew. Energy efficient, but able to work for hours as well, the Jura Impressa F7 is the machine that will easily adjust to your coffee plans.

FAQ about the Jura Impressa F7

Does the F7 work with 110V?

Yes, it does.

What is caffé crema?

Caffé crema is a longer espresso, but it’s a different drink from the lungo because you don’t just add more water to the espresso after the espresso extraction to make it longer. Instead, the entire coffee drink is processed like an espresso shot, but with more water in it.

What are some alternatives to the Jura Impressa F7?

Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum Jura C65

The Jura C65 is simple, intuitive, and a lot more trusted by the customers in comparison with the Jura Impressa F7. This machine lets you adjust the strength of the coffee, the temperature of the brewing water, and the coffee volume. It makes great coffee-based and milk-based drinks and it has a fresher design than the Impressa F7. Check the full review of this machine here.

Jura 15215 D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black with Glass Milk Container Bundle (2 Items)  Jura D6

The Jura Impressa F7 can also be substituted with the Jura D6, a coffee machine that can make 7 specialties and offers adjustments to the coffee strength and volume. The D6 makes great use of Jura’s P.E.P. and Fine Foam technologies to bring you great coffees and delicious milk foam. More than that, it is much more affordable that the Impressa F7.

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machines 15271, Chrome Jura E8

The Jura E8 is the bestselling coffee machine by Jura and with good reasons. You can read our full review on this machine here and find out more about the 12 specialties it offers and which advanced Jura technologies it uses to make those specialties. It is a more affordable option than the Impressa F7, but it is a modernized coffee machine perfect for short and long coffees.


Simple Jura machines are a nice choice, but the Jura Impressa F7 is not only simple— it is also one of the older Jura models. This is why we suggested two alternatives that we thought would give you an easier time when preparing coffee. In the case of the Jura Impressa F7, the machine is not retro-looking only— it is truly retro and, for some, that might mean cutting on the easiness of use and on modern aesthetics. In the end of ends, what truly matters is how you’d feel with the overall design of the Impressa F7. We just thought that sharing our knowledge about this Jura might help you make an easier decision of whether this is the machine you’re looking for or not.

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