Jura WE8 Review: a Beautiful Coffee Machine for Beautiful Coffees

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Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8, Chrome Counting to 30 is easy, but with the Jura WE8, this activity is enjoyable as well. If you’re wondering why, you’re doing the right thing because this is a coffee machine that definitely deserves your interest. The answer lies in the 30 drinks it can make on a daily basis, all of which are specialties.

Prepare a cup or two if you’re planning to put this one-touch Jura in your kitchen and enjoy the 12 deeply-flavored specialties the coffee machine offers. Ristretto, espresso, coffee, or some specialty with finely foamed milk – choose the coffee volume and strength and enjoy your drink sip by sip.

Key features:

  • 12 specialties
  • One-Touch function
  • Fine Foam technology
  • Programmable coffee volume and strength
  • Integrated rinsing and cleaning programs
  • By-pass doser


Allows you to customize the milk foam, your drink’s strength and volume, and the brewing water temperature

Offers milk foam as a separate product

Hot water function has those teas ready as soon as you feel like having a tea

Comes with a bean hopper, but works with pre-ground coffee as well

Rinsing and cleaning programs for the coffee and milk system automatically clean the machine and keep it well-maintained


The water tank is very large and its size makes it bulky

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Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8, Chrome Something special about the specialties

Jura machines are highly ranked when it comes to coffee quality and all the specialties available on the WE8 contribute to this Jura tradition. There’s 12 of them, all delicious, all automatically-made from grinding to brewing, layered or not depending on their original recipe.

Choose to have a ristretto and re-embrace your day with more energy or prepare a creamy espresso and boost your productivity at work.

Coffee will give flavor to a moment of relaxation and cappuccino will take you through a layer-y savoring of sweetness and caffeine.

Latte macchiatos and the popular flat whites will, furthermore, keep you entertained by the texture of steamed milk that didn’t foam, but got integrated with the coffee to form an intricate blend of flavors.

Get a single specialty or double it if you need two coffees. If you want a portion of milk, hot water, or milk foam, just remember the Jura motto: all products are available at the touch of a button!

Enjoy your tea or the fine-tuned coffee you’ve been thinking about by combining the standalone milk or foam with some coffee; you can even use these products to make desserts! Whichever option you decide to go with, your coffee will have a fresh aroma and flavor because of the way the WE8 prepares it.

Coffee, beans, grounds…

Making coffees on the Jura WE8 is not easier said than done but easier done than said.

It is the Aroma G3 grinder and the by-pass doser of the WE8 that assist you in this task, and this is how: you put the beans in the hopper, the G3 grinds them at your preferred grind level, and the machine brews from 0.2 to 0.6 ounces of coffee, depending on the amount you have programmed.

If you want to make your drinks from pre-ground coffee, the by-pass doser on the machine simplifies that for you; it’s a flexible supporter of your coffee quirks, whether you want to go whole bean or pre-ground.

Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8, Chrome On the hopper, the tank, and the coffee grounds container

Before we tell you how the coffee is brewed and a few more details on that end of things, we wanted to just squeeze in some very important specifications in the text.

The Jura WE8 comes with a large bean hopper able to ‘accommodate’ up to 17.6 ounces of coffee beans. The water tank of the machine is also on the large side with a capacity of 101 fl.oz. and so is the grounds container that holds up to 25 coffee grounds. This Jura is, in fact, the epitome for a large-capacity and technologically-advanced home-use or entertainment machine.


Being one of Jura’s best coffee machines, the WE8 does use the most advanced Jura technologies.

In terms of brewing, the machine uses Jura’s Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.) and the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.). With both pre-infusion and hot water forced through the grounds in intervals, espresso and ristretto are barista-grade.

But what about the ‘a bit of coffee, a bit of milk’ beverages?

Well, with the Fine Foam technology of the Jura WE8, they cannot come out bad. Just adjust the texture of your foam and the machine will automatically create your recipe drink!

The maintenance of the water system of the machine is left to the Intelligent Water System technology, which detects the presence of the CLARIS Smart or Pro Smart filter inside the machine’s water tank.

The machine, furthermore, features smart design technologies, helping you get your coffee more easily: its drip tray is monitored for the water level, the coffee spouts are height-adjustable, and there are also the benefits of the sound design.

With properties like these, the WE8 needs one more thing to be practically flawless— programmable settings.

Every little thing on the Jura WE8 is programmable

The WE8 lets you program every single thing there is to program on this coffee machine. Coffee strength and volume – programmable! Brewing temperature – programmable! Milk amount – programmable! Amount of milk foam – programmable! Hot water temperature – programmable! All these coffee ‘variables’ are programmable at different levels, so you can definitely take coffee customization to the level that you like!

Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8, Chrome Cleaning

Jura has done everything to turn the WE8 into a coffee machine that is incredibly easy to clean.

Programs for rinsing, cleaning, and descaling that are integrated into the machine make sure that occasional cleanings are done for preventative reasons only. Cleaning programs are also integrated into the milk system to keep it clean and give you an even more automatic maintenance experience. You can, furthermore, track the maintenance status of your Jura WE8 as well to plan its cleaning ahead of time or follow up with what the machine prompts you to do.

FAQ about the Jura WE8

How is the Jura WE8 different from the Jura E8?

There is a difference in volume, size, design, beverages, and capacities. Please, read our Jura E8 review to find out more about this Jura machine.

Is this coffee machine plumbable?

Unfortunately, it is not, but it does come with a large water reservoir. If you need a plumbable coffee machine, you can check out the Jura Giga and X series.

Can I use the Jura WE8 in my small coffee shop?

If you receive no more than 30 customers a day, then yes, you can use the Jura WE8 in your shop.


Why the Jura WE8? We suggest you to first answer that question and maybe buy it then. So, why would you choose to buy the Jura WE8 instead of other Jura coffee machines, instead of every other coffee machine? If you can see the quality of this machine and the coffee capacity that comes with it, it could be that this is the coffee machine you’ve been looking for.

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