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Jura IMPRESSA Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black Many professional baristas and coffee lovers consider the Z9 by Jura to be a great coffee machine. This is understandable when you think about all the great features that the machine has. Being a Z-line Jura machine (like the Jura Z6), the Z9 has many programmability settings, a great grinder, milk and coffee spouts, and a great design.

The Z9 was designed with a big water tank and bean hopper. This makes the machine perfect for big families who like drinking coffee and for workplaces. The machine works very fast, is highly reliable, and will not wake up anyone in your house when working because it works quietly.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • Dual thermoblock boilers
  • Aroma+ grinder
  • 96-ounce water reservoir
  • 10-ounce bean hopper
  • Adjustable milk and coffee spouts
  • Hot water spout
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling programs
  • LCD screen
  • Rotary switch


Has many programmable settings

Very big tank

Big bean hopper

Comes with a milk carafe

Makes the coffee drinks quietly


Very expensive

It’s a big machine

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The Tank on the Jura Z9 Is Enormous

The Jura Z9 is quite a big machine and it has a very large water reservoir. The tank on this machine can hold up to 96 ounces of water, so you can drink as much coffee as you want and not worry about having to refill the tank so often. However, once it’s time to refill the tank, the machine will prompt you to do that.

The tank on the Z9 is also easy to remove from the machine, and you don’t need a lot of clearance to remove it. That being the case, you can put the machine everywhere you want in your kitchen or office.

Jura IMPRESSA Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black Where Does the Z9 Keep Your Coffee Beans?

The Z9 has a 10-ounce bean hopper for the coffee beans of your preference. The hopper is well-closed to preserve the freshness of the coffee until the coffee reaches your cup. Something nice about the Z9 is that it electronically monitors the hopper and will let you know when you need to refill it.

Right next to the bean hopper on the Jura Z9 is the Aroma+ grinder and the bypass doser. In case you want to switch from whole-bean coffee to pre-ground coffee, you can put up to two scoops of coffee in the bypass doser on the Jura Z9.

The grinder on this machine has 7 grind settings, which means that you can pick the coarseness of the grind with precision.

Program Your Drinks the Way You Want Them

The Jura Z9 is an espresso machine that’s always ready to make your coffee-related wishes come true. On this machine, you can program the volume and strength of your coffee and experiment with the temperature of the brewing water. Furthermore, you can also program the amount of milk that goes into your drink and add just that amount of milk that is perfect for you.

Other than that, the Z9 allows you to change the names of the coffee drinks in the menu and give them the names that you want. You can also remove products from the menu and personalize the display of the machine by setting the background you like or changing the contrast.

This machine makes many coffee specialties such as single and double espresso, coffee and two coffees, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and ristretto. You can also get hot water and hot milk from the machine, which is perfect for making tea, oatmeal, or hot chocolate.

On the Milk Carafe That Comes With the Machine

You probably love drinking milk-based coffee drinks if you’re interested in the Jura Z9. But not only does this espresso machine make drinks with milk – it also comes with a special milk carafe for you to froth your milk in and store it in the fridge afterward.

This milk carafe is made of stainless steel and will keep your milk cool for hours. To steam the milk, connect the carafe with the steaming hose and connect the hose to the upper part of the milk spout.

The milk spout on the Jura Z9 is great for making cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. With this spout, you won’t have to move your cup to make your milk-based drink since the spout lets both milk and coffee run through it. There’s also a dial on the spout that lets you adjust the froth to your preferences.

Jura IMPRESSA Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black Adjustable Butterfly Spouts

Once you’ve decided on how you want you drink to be made, the machine will dispense the coffee either through the coffee spout system or the milk spout system. We believe that all coffee machines by Jura have adjustable spouts, but certain models like the Z9, the Z6, and the Giga 5 have butterfly spouts. This means that you can adjust them to the height but also to the width of your cups. Pretty nice, right?

Cleaning the Jura Z9

Jura really helps their customers keep the machines clean all the time. Because of this, Jura’s machines are always relying on technologies and features that take care of the hygiene of the coffee makers.

The Jura Z9 will remind you when it’s time to clean it and descale it. The machine also performs automatic cleaning and rinsing, but if you think that it should be cleaned, you can program it to start the cleaning process anytime you want.

There’s also a water hardness indicator that you’ll get with the machine to test the hardness of the water you’ll be using for your tank. Furthermore, the Jura Z9 comes with a filter that eliminates the minerals and the chlorine from your water to keep the machine clean and to make sure that your coffee doesn’t taste bad.
The machine will also remind you to clean the milk system every time you’ll use it to make a milk-based drink.

FAQ About the Jura Z9

1. Can the Jura Z9 be programmed to make coffee at a particular time?

No, this espresso machine can’t do that. However, the technologies that the Z9 relies on make sure that the drink that you prefer is made in less than 60 seconds.

2. How many bean hoppers does this espresso machine have?

The Jura Z9 has one bean hopper. If you’re looking for a Jura machine with two bean hoppers, you can check out the Jura Giga 5.

3. How good is the milk frother on the Z9?

The Z9 has a great milk frother which you can adjust to customize the froth to your preferences.


Big and expensive espresso machines are certainly not on everyone’s list, but if they happen to be on your list the Jura Z9 is definitely a good choice. The programmability options on this machine make it stand out from a lot of the espresso machines in its class. Furthermore, the machine working fast and quietly is definitely something many people look for in espresso machines.

So, is the Jura Z9 a good espresso machine for you? We can’t answer that question for you, but we do hope that our review will help you figure it out.

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    • Hey, hey, Anonymous!! How did you like the Jura Z9? :)) ☕

      We would say that the Jura Z9 is better than the Jura Z6 because of its double thermoblock system, the bigger water tank and the bigger bean hopper, and the stainless steel milk container it comes with. On the other hand, we prefer the look of the Z6 before the one of the Z9, so there goes that. :))

      Here’s the link to our review of the Jura Z6 so that you can get to know this machine a little bit more.


      Take care of yourself and enjoy your coffee(s) today!! :)) ☕

  1. please, mccs, if you could link me to a seller of a refurbished Jura Z9 on Amazon, someone trustworthy, please.

    • Hi, Sasha!! Thanks for visiting our site!! :)) ☕

      Where do you want Amazon to ship you your Jura Z9?

      If you are currently residing in the USA, we’re sorry to inform you that the Jura Z9 is currently unavailable as a renewed product on Amazon.

      We did find some sellers that were selling the Z9 as refurbished online, but we will need to see how reliable they are before we can recommend you any of them. We promise to contact Amazon and see what they have to say about your request.

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We regret that we cannot give you more information about this right now, but we’ll do our best to help you get to a refurbished Jura Z9 as soon as possible. Take care!! <3 ☕

  2. @morningcallcoffeestand do you maybe know how long after I start using this machine will I need replacement parts for it? It looks like a great machine, don’t get me wrong.

    • Hello, secret agent!! :)) ☕

      Unfortunately, we cannot give you a definitive answer to your question because the lifetime of your Jura Z9 will depend on two important factors — the initial quality of the machine and how well you maintain it. If you rinse, clean, and descale it on time and if you use the descaling products manufactured by Jura to do that it is very likely that your machine will last for years and so will its parts.

      The only thing you’ll need to change after a few months of usage is the water filter, so that is an additional cost that you’ll have to plan ahead. Other than that, take good care of the J9 and it will be fine for years to come. :))

      Thanks so much for your comment!! Take care and relax will some tasty coffee!! :)) ☕

  3. I’m thinkinf either this Jura or the Jura Giga 5. When are the guys from The Morning Call Coffee Stand write a Jura Z9 vs Jura Giga 5 article?

    • Hey, Carmen!! Thank you for wanting to read one more article by the Morning Call Coffee Stand team!! :)) ☕

      The Jura Giga 5 is an AWESOME machine!! We’ll consider your suggestion and try to do a review on the two machines asap!!

      Thanks for your comment!! We’ll be expecting more comments like this one from you!! Take care and enjoy your coffee!! :)) ☕


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