K-cup Gift Baskets – The perfect gift for every happy occasion

K-cups are the everyday favorite coffee ‘shortcuts’ for millions of people out there. Being practical and portable, these pods have been making a revolution in the coffee consumption industry for years now. No matter what your or your friends’ favorite coffee flavor is, with the K-cups, there are flavor options for everyone.

When special occasions are about to happen, every coffee lover would enjoy a gift that has to do with coffee. K-cups can really add to the feeling of happiness during all kinds of meaningful events such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and different celebrations. In this article, we’re reviewing the best K-cup gift baskets for different happy moments and every coffee lover.


1.  Alder Creek K-Cup Lovers Gift Basket – Best Choice

Editor’s rating: 5 stars

The Alder Creek K-Cup Lovers gift basket is a great gift for people who like sweets and different coffee flavors. This basket comes in two variations You can surprise your mother on Mother’s Day with dark, light, and medium roasted coffee in K-Cups in different flavors including House Blend, Holiday Blend, French Vanilla, and Viennese Blend. This variation of the basket also contains chocolate chip brownies, biscotties, dark chocolate cookie thins, a vanilla flavored syrup, and cream filled waffles.

The second type of this basket contains K-Cups from Starbucks’ Mocha, Tully’s Hawaiian Blend, and an Original Blend by Dunkin Donuts. There’s also biscotties and chocolates, cream filled waffles, buttercrunch toffee, and cookie thins. With this and the previous variation of the basket, coffee lovers will enjoy having different tasty sweets alongside a cup of good coffee.

Key features:

  • Different K-Cup flavors
  • A lot of different sweets
  • An interesting arrangement of the products


Great value for the money

Suitable for people who like many different K-Cup flavors

A nice combination of distinct coffees and sweets

A great gift for many happy events and everyone who loves coffee



Nothing at this price range

2. Greetings K-Cup Coffee Gift Basket – Premium pick

Editor’s rating: 5 stars

If the person you want to give a gift to is a foodie, you will hit the jackpot by ordering the Greetings K-Cup coffee gift basket for him or her. This gift is ideal for one person or for couples since there are a lot of different products in the basket. The basket is also decorated with a ribbon and definitely doesn’t look empty.

From dairy products and meats like the Cheese Spread, the Focaccia Crips, and the Heart of Wisconsin Beef Summer Sausage, to sweets like the Viva Sonoma Chocolate Biscotti, the Nunes Farms Almond Crunchie, and the Avenue Sweets Pecan Caramels, this basket will sooth the tummies of many foodies out there. The two boxes of K-Cups and the coffee mug included will let your friends or family feel refreshed throughout the day, and the salty snacks will, furthermore, fulfill their need for something salty.

Key features:

  • Two boxes of K-Cups
  • Meat and dairy products
  • Sweet and salty snacks


Many K-Cups included

A huge number of different snacks

Unlike most of the K-Cup baskets, this basket includes meat and dairy products

A great bang for the buck



Nothing for this product

3. K-Cup Crave – Best value

Editor’s rating: 4 stars

The K-Cup Crave coffee gift basket is a nice present for people who enjoy elegance and simplicity. The basket is decorated with a brown decorative ribbon that perfectly accents all the products your friend will get. The basket is very rich in K-Cups, with 10 single pods packed in two boxes of K-Cups, which makes it the ideal gift for people who like to drink coffee a lot.

The basket contains both salty and sweet products, such as pretzels, Dillon’s Praline Pecans, Austinuts nuts, and other snacks that go well with coffee. The products in this basket will be great companions for your friend or family member throughout the entire day.

Key features:

  • 20 single servings of K-Cups
  • Salty snacks
  • Sweet snacks


A large variety of products

Great design

A lot of K-Cups included

Great value for money



Some people might not like the brown-themed look of the basket

4. Galore K-Cup Coffee Gift Basket – A basket for people who like sweets

Editor’s rating: 5 stars

Your friend’s or girlfriend’s sweet tooth and coffee craving can easily be satisfied with the Galore K-Cup coffee gift basket. This basket probably has all the cookies in the world packed in one place. All jokes aside, the basket contains White Chocolate Amarettos, Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread, Holly Baking Cookies, and Dolcetto Wafer Squares.

However, the cookies are not the only products that come backed in this basket. The basket also contains as many as three different boxes with different K-Cup flavors. Therefore, your friend will have the option to pick between Green Mountain’s, Morning Jo’s, and Coffee Masters’ coffee flavors.

Key features:

  • Three boxes of K-Cups
  • Sweets of all kinds
  • Coffee mug


Many K-Cup single servings

Ideal for people who like eating a lot of sweets

A great decoration which is very appealing to girls

Great value for money



Nothing for this product

5. Super Dad’s K-Cup Coffee Break – Best K-Cup basket for dads

Editor’s rating: 4.5 stars

Make your dad or a friend who is a dad happy with the Super Dad’s K-Cup Coffee Break gift basket. This basket is great for birthdays of dads, as a Father’s day gift, or for a special occasion for someone who’s a dad. The package contains different K-Cup flavors, such as Green Mountains’ Breakfast Blend and Hazelnut, Tully’s French Roast, Newman’s Special Blend, and more.

If the person you want to surprise likes sweets, this basket is a great gift for them. Peanut butter cookies, biscottis, chocolates chips, and other tasty sweets are packed in the basket to make a dad’s coffee break more enjoyable. With this basket, you’ll have your friend eat a peanut butter cookie while drinking the Caribou Blend Coffee from the ‘I’m a Dad. What’s your superpower?’ mug that comes in the basket and remember what a great dad he is.

Key features:

  • Six different K-Cup flavors
  • Sweets of all kinds
  • ‘I’m a Dad. What’s your superpower?’ mug included



Themed for men who are fathers

A large number of sweets

The mug included is a nice touch



There could’ve been more K-Cups included

6. Day Break – The perfect K-Cup gift basket for women

Editor’s rating: 4 stars

Many people love pancakes. If your friend, girlfriend, or family member is into pancakes as well, you’ll make her happier with the Day Break K-Cup coffee basket. The basket includes blueberry syrup, White Chocolate Amoretto, and a big coffee mug for people who love coffee big time. The basket is very well decorated, and with its décor, it will bring joy to a special woman in your life.

There are 10 single K-Cup servings in this basket. The brands of the K-Cups are Kerbey Lane, Coffee Masters, and Morning Jo. If you think that this one dear person in your life is into the coffee of these three coffee brands, you should consider getting her this basket.

Key features:

  • 10 K-Cup single servings
  • Blueberry syrup and sweets
  • Coffee mug


Great for people who like pancakes

The included coffee mug is big and looks interesting

The decoration makes the basket attractive to women

The K-Cups contain coffee from great coffee brands



There are not a lot of snacks that come in this basket

7. K-Cup Coffee Surprise Gift Basket – For coffee, hot cocoa, and sweets lovers

Editor’s rating: 4 stars

The K-Cup Coffee Surprise gift basket looks very sweet and simple colored in brown, and it kind of reminds you on chocolate. Of course, this is exactly what this K-Cup basket is about. It contains not only 4 K-Cups, but also the Lindt Hot Cocoa Mix and some very tasty sweets.

Among the sweets in this basket you’ll find the Jack Allen Chocolate Dipped Truffle Cookies, one Brother’s Almond Biscotti, and Brown and Haley chocolate covered grahams. Furthermore, you’ll also find a brown coffee mug included in the basket and a refrigerator magnet. Therefore, if you know someone who loves chocolate products as much as they love coffee, you could try surprising them with this gift basket.

Key features:

  • Four K-Cup single servings
  • Chocolate products
  • Coffee mug


Great for people who like chocolate products and coffee

The coffee mug is a great and useful present which will last for a long time

All the products in the basket are very tasty

You friend can decorate the fridge with the refrigerator magnet and always remember your gift



Not a many K-Cup pods included



Can I return the K-Cup basket that I bought if I don’t like it?

You can return most of the K-Cup baskets on this list and be refunded. You can also get your basket exchanged for another one which you like better. However, always ask the creators of the baskets about this issue before purchase so that you can avoid any unpleasant situations.

Will I get all the products that are said to be included in the basket?

Yes, this is the case for all of the K-Cup gift baskets that are included on this list. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we picked these seven baskets as the best gift baskets. However, if you do happen to experience this kind of inconvenience, you should always contact the creator of the K-Cup basket.


Things to consider when buying a K-Cup gift basket

Number of K-Cups included in the basket – Coffee lovers are called ‘coffee lovers’ for a reason and that reason is them loving coffee. This is why when picking the best K-Cup gift basket you should pick one that has a decent number of pods. However, what a decent number of K-Cup is in your case might depend on your friend’s coffee drinking habits.

Different types of K-Cup flavors – Unless your friend prefers only one specific kind of coffee, you should always strive to get a gift basket with pods with different coffee blends. This will give your friend the option to enjoy a lot of different flavors and maybe even find a new favorite one.

How many snacks are in the basket – Let’s face it – a basket full of K-Cups only might be perceived as boring. Plus, most of the people like snacking on something while they’re having their morning coffee or while on their coffee break at work. Therefore, look for the gift basket that has enough snacks for all those times your friend likes to drink coffee.

What kind of snacks your friend prefers – You wouldn’t like to buy a basket filled with salty snacks for a friend who has a preference for sweets. On the other hand, if your friend likes to feast on salty snacks, it is pointless to get a basked with a lot of sweets. This is why you should pick a basket that meats your friend’s food preferences.

Decoration – A bad looking or an unsuitable gift basket is not something you’d want to get for your friend. Always mind the special occasion and your friend’s aesthetic tastes when buying the K-Cup gift basket. Don’t go for something that looks too big and decorated if your friend enjoys simpler designs and vice versa.


The K-Cup gift baskets on this list satisfy a lot of the things that should be considered when buying a K-Cup gift basket. All of these baskets look great, have great and tasty products, and what’s most important, have the K-Cups that your friends and family will love. If you think that one of these baskets could cheer someone up, you should consider buying it. After all, for many people, there’s nothing like a cup of good coffee to start and end the day with.

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