Keurig K200 Review: Is It Worthy to Buy It in 2021?

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Keurig K200 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Strength Control, Black (Renewed)

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Some Keurig coffee makers are limitless when it comes to brew sizes, but the Keurig K200 sure does stand out. This Keurig can do wonders, like giving a number as small as 9 a new, bigger meaning.

With 9 brew sizes and a simple black and white display, you can count on the K200 to give you plenty of options when it comes to regular coffee. This, and a few other things, convinced us that the K200 is a coffee maker definitely worth reviewing, so, voilà, here comes our Keurig K200 review.

Key Features:

  • Strength control of the coffee
  • 9 brew sizes
  • 40-ounce water tank
  • Black-and-white displayl
  • Dimensions: 15’’ x 9’’ x 13.7’’


Compact and made to be slim for a crowded kitchen counter

Nine brew settings for full control over the size of your coffee

Strong brew setting for no limits on caffeine

Available in so many colors, one of which can bring a special charm to your kitchen


No delay brew option

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A King-Like Design

Keurig coffee makers have always reminded us of something that has to do with kings and kingdoms, but we didn’t know what it was until we saw the Keurig K200. This coffee maker has the shape of a royal mantle and is one of those Keurig coffee makers that make this really visible for you!

The shape, of course, is just one piece of the puzzle; the K200 is obviously more than a well-shaped coffee maker. Made of plastic materials, it has its little design quirks, and it features edges that are mostly curved, with a few edgy spots here and there.

The size of the K200 translates into three small numbers measured in inches that define the coffee maker as compact: it measures 15″ x 9″ x 13.7”. Saying that the coffee maker is small and nice-looking is quite an accurate description of Keurig K200’s design.

Keurig K200 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Strength Control, Black (Renewed) One Color, Two Colors, and a Few More Colors

What is the first color that comes to your mind when you close your eyes? Is it orange, maybe? Or is it a nuance of pink, perhaps?

With the K200, the color guessing game is fun! You can get this coffee maker in sandy, orange zest, strawberry, turquoise, violet, pearl, and in the classic black or white. So, what is your favorite color, again?

The Brew Sizes Majesty

If there’s anything for which the K200 deserves to be called ‘Your Majesty’ it is the coffee maker’s many brew sizes. This is where things get incredible: the K200 lets you brew as much as 9 brew sizes!

Small, medium, and large coffee drinks are possible through the coffee maker’s feature for brewing cup, mug, and carafe sizes. As you can see, a full range of brew sizes is available to you for quality coffee brewing.

Pick a 4-ounce cup to start your day quickly, or choose a 12-ounce mug full of coffee! Getting your coffee is simple and easy, be it a cup, a mug, or a 4-cup carafe.

It is also very easy to get hot cocoa, tea, or mocha with the Keurig K200. These drinks are available to you as well with this coffee maker through its hot water function. Therefore, pick your favorite caffeinated, low-in-caffeine, or decaf beverage and enjoy your drink choices throughout the day.

Setting You Free

The Keurig K200 is a compact coffee maker with a simplistic set of features suitable for turning all your coffees into little beverage inventions. There is strength control if you need a little bit of boldness in the morning routine and there is also a high altitude setting that helps the K200 brew the coffee at the right temperature if you live at a higher altitude. Other than that, you’ll be able to choose the language on your K200 by setting it to English, Spanish, or French and you’ll be able to activate the water filter reminder so that the coffee maker prompts you when it’s time to change the filter in the tank. Quick settings and quick coffee— what a quick path to a lot of coffee joy!

Keurig K200 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Strength Control, Black (Renewed) Compact 40-Ounce Tank

The K200 brews all coffee sizes imaginable and it happens to have a very compact tank at the same time! The balance between these two things is there because, number one, you’ll probably have only one cup or mug of coffee during a coffee break, and number two, once you need to brew a carafe, one carafe of coffee will probably meet your needs.

This balance between the brew choices and the capacity of the tank make the need for refills highly unlikely. Because of the compact tank, the water in it is, furthermore, always fresh, and not stale. Therefore, one big point goes to Keurig for its smart balance between features.

There is one thing you should consider when it comes to the reservoir of the K200, however. The reservoir is at the back of the coffee maker, so make sure that you’ll place the Keurig somewhere where the tank will be easy to access and refill.

A Black and White Display for Bigger Eye Comfort

The display of the Keurig K200 is in black and white, perfect for those sleepy eyes in the early mornings. More than that, it is a display that is easy to navigate and this is important for satisfactory coffee routines and less rush when making coffee.

The Meaning of the Carafe and the Mug

The Keurig K200 makes so many things in life easier.

If you live in a large family of coffee drinkers who start their days with a coffee hang-out time, it is so much easier to brew a full carafe than brew cup after cup of coffee for everybody. While you’re all waiting for everybody to get their coffee ready, the coffee loses on temperature and quality. The carafe option is, therefore, very convenient and much needed; you can even choose how much coffee you want to brew in the carafe!

The Keurig K200 is also great for coffee-to-go. You can brew a travel mug of 12, 14, or 16 ounces and exit your home with some nicely-brewed hot coffee.

Single-serving in all sizes is, like we said, also an option, with sizes that can help you to better define your coffee moments. A 10-ounce cup of coffee is great for relaxation, for example, and socializing is awesome with 8 ounces of coffee. If you’re, furthermore, looking for a quick hit of caffeine before work, a 4-ounce cup is a nice choice. Whatever the case, with the K200 it is possible to live life in the company of great coffee of your choice.

FAQ About the Keurig K200

1. Is the Keurig K200 compatible with the My K-Cup universal and reusable coffee filter?

Yes, it is.

2. Does the Keurig K200 fit travel mugs??

Yes, the Keurig K200 can fit even a 7.2-inch travel mug.

3. What kind of filter does the Keurig K200 use in its water tank?

This Keurig model uses the Keurig Rear Reservoir water filter.


It is not hard to like the Keurig K200. Compact, simple, and, very importantly, a brewer that offers 9 brew sizes, the K200 is, honestly, not hard to like, but to dislike. If you are especially interested in the 9 brew sizes and you like the looks and the specific dimensions of this Keurig, its adjustable settings will be one more reason for you to pick the coffee maker.

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