Nespresso Expert Review: a Detailed Review of this Fancy Nespresso Machine

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Breville-Nespresso USA BEC750BLK Nespresso Expert by Breville with Aeroccino3, Black Espresso & Coffee Maker, Nespresso and other manufacturers that make Nespresso machines have long been pushing for top-quality espresso made from the coffee in Nespresso capsules. The Expert is the result of this idea.

Although the Nespresso Expert by Breville makes flavorful espressos, the machine offers customers a coffee experience different from that of other Nespresso machines. With four programmable coffee options, a programmable brew time, and a design that brings an efficient and sleek machine at your home, the Nespresso Expert marks the re-invention of the classical Nespresso coffee maker. You can read the rest of our Nespresso Expert review to learn more about this interesting espresso machine.

Key features:

  • Four coffee sizes
  • A dial for choosing the coffee length
  • Programmable coffee volume and temperature
  • Two drip trays for the accommodation of different cups
  • Programmable brew time
  • Auto-off after 9 minutes of inactivity
  • Works with the Nespresso App
  • 16 Nespresso Grand Crus as a gift


Programmable brew time for a cup of nice espresso made with almost no effort on your side

Adjustable temperature and coffee volume encourage you to never conform to a coffee taste you simply dislike

Design perks that help you have an easy time with the Expert and make the machine very beautiful

The great accessory drip tray functions as a throne for your smaller cups and glasses

Extremely easy to operate with the option for double control, either through the control panel of the machine or with the Nespresso App


Potential problems when connecting your phone with the machine

The Nespresso App sometimes gives false data

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A design that thrives through round shapes

We find the Nespresso Expert to be a very attractive espresso machine. Black housings are always fascinating to us, even when they’re made of plastic like the one of the Expert. We, however, are even more fond of the machine’s nicely layered out outer components.

The design of the Expert is minimalistic per se, with round shapes prevailing; this is noticeable if you take a look at the two dials of the machine. Even the 37-ounce reservoir doesn’t go far from the overall design of the Expert and is cylindrical. Then, the auxiliary drip tray for shorter cups is round as well and so is the coffee dispenser. Tenderly curved lines are, furthermore, spotted on each edge of the machine and interesting accents give character to each component.

Like we already mentioned, the machine is predominantly made of plastic, but it also has some metal components (like the main drip tray) to make certain parts of the machine more durable.

Breville-Nespresso USA BEC750BLK Nespresso Expert by Breville with Aeroccino3, Black Espresso & Coffee Maker, Types of drinks

When paired with the immense quality of Nespresso capsules the Nespresso Expert gives you either a ristretto, an espresso, a lungo, or a true Americano. Even though these specialties are made from encapsulated coffee, they truly are specialties that come from a capsule. Naturally, this has to do with the coffee as much as it has to do with the quality of the capsules.

The capsules are correctly sealed and made of aluminum, keeping the good coffee flavors from vanishing into thin air and the coffee from going stale. The aluminum casing also makes them recyclable, helping you score a point for yourself and for nature as well.

Whichever drink on the machine you pick, you need a brilliant espresso to give it a good basis. Luckily, our fellow Expert has a 19-bar pump that makes great espressos, even if your plan is to make a drink over ice.

Hot or cold, once espresso is done well, there’s very little that can ruin the perfection of your coffee.

Easy controls

The controls of the Expert are pretty simple, with an intuitive dial that lets you switch between different drinks. It’s interesting that there is also a hot water option; we love it when a machine offers a little bit more than it should.

Nespresso App for the modern espresso lovers

Apps are the new black when it comes to new generation espresso machines and the designed-to-be-fancy Expert has its own app. This app lets you do everything that you’d normally do on the machine through your smart device for the sake of convenience, or maybe even because some people find it easier to operate the machine from an app.

You’ll be able to program your coffee’s volume and temperature, set a timer for your next coffee shot, and even order Nespresso capsules for your Expert. The app will also tell you when it’s time to descale your machine and when to refill the water reservoir. A little bit of self-monitoring is not a bad feature to see on an espresso machine, after all.

Programmability for more personalization

Adjusting the settings on the Expert is very easy to do. The machine lets you adjust the volume of your coffee and its temperature, which is beautiful to see on a machine in this class. You can adjust these two settings directly on the machine, or you can choose to use the Nespresso App for the Expert.

As you can see, the Expert supports you in your effort to operate the machine manually and gives you the comfort of ‘ordering’ your drink from the phone when you feel like doing that.

What we also like about the coffee settings is how truthful they are. If you switch from milder to hot coffee, you will get hot coffee indeed. This machine will not let you wonder whether the coffee is hot or warm and it will also make the drinks in 4 sizes different enough for you to never confuse espresso with lungo.

Breville-Nespresso USA BEC750BLK Nespresso Expert by Breville with Aeroccino3, Black Espresso & Coffee Maker, No waste of energy with the energy-efficient Nespresso Expert

The Nespresso Expert won’t keep running when you’re not making coffee on it. With its energy-efficient design, the machine will turn off after nine minutes of inactivity, which can and will be extremely beneficial if you accidentally forget to turn it off, which is something that can happen to the best of us.

Where to get the capsules?

After using the 16 Nespresso capsules that come to you as a generous gift with the machine, you’ll want to buy more of these convenient and quality pods. The Nespresso App that is compatible with the Expert is a good place to start if you’re ordering your pods for the first time and it’s also a very convenient tool to keep ordering the capsules with.

If you, however, want to see what people have to say about your capsules and see how they compare to other capsules in detail, we suggest you order them from Amazon.

For more online options and stores near your place of residence, we recommend you read our article on where to get the best Nespresso pods.

FAQ about the Nespresso Expert

Is the machine available in colors other than black?

No, the Nespresso Expert by Breville is available in black only.

What are some alternatives to the Nespresso Expert?

Nespresso CitiZ Original Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Black Nespresso CitiZ

CitiZ can fill in the gaps that the Expert might not be able to fill. This espresso machine is smaller and its cup tray is foldable, which means fewer extra parts put all over the kitchen counter. The CitiZ is even simpler than the Expert and comes with two buttons— one for espresso and the other one for lungo.


We really like the Nespresso Expert by Breville and we honestly couldn’t find any downsides to the machine. The fact that the App might not perform so well at times doesn’t discourage us because, in the end, it’s the machine that matters the most. That said, we like a lot of the things we see on the Expert, from its beautiful design to its gorgeous features, and we especially like the programmable brew time.

If you disagree with us, however, you can take a look at the CitiZ and enjoy its calming simplicity or check out the rest of the Nespresso machines that we’ve reviewed. In any case, thank you for reading us and may you have a great day!

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