Nespresso Inissia vs VertuoLine

Picking a Nespresso machine can sometimes put you through a lot of confusion. We bet this is exactly what you’re going through every time you think about the Nespresso Inissia and VertuoLine. You can conclude that they are two very easy-to-use machines at first glance. However, picking the better of the two machines will require a more thorough review. Therefore, let’s explore their differences and similarities in this Nespresso Inissia vs VertuoLine article.


Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker, Black (Discontinued Model)

Editor’s rating: 4 Star Editor's Rating

Key features:

  • Programmable espresso and lungo buttons
  • 19-bar pressure pump
  • Capsule container for 9-11 used capsul
  • Aeroccino Plus milk frother
  • Removable 24-ounce water tank
  • Removable and foldable cup tray
  • Comes in different colors
  • Auto off feature
  • 25 second heat up time
  • Handle for transportation


A simple Nespresso machine

Programmable espresso and lungo

Very compact


Compatible only with Nespresso capsules

A lot of plastic parts

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Nespresso VertuoLine

Nespresso GCA1-US-CH-NE VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker, Chrome (Discontinued Model)

Editor’s rating: 4.5 Star Editor's Rating

Key features:

  • Compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine capsules
  • Capsule compartment for 13-20 capsules
  • Aeroccino Plus milk frother
  • 40 oz water tank
  • Removable drip trays
  • Centrifusion extraction technology
  • Barcode technology
  • 15 second heat up time
  • Auto off feature


Delicious coffee drinks

Programmable espresso and coffee that come in two cup sizes

Every capsule is brewed in a way specific only for that capsule

Simple to operate


Is not compatible with third-party capsules

Made of plastic for the most part

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Our pick: VertuoLine (VertuoPlus)

The Inissia is a great machine, and choosing the VertuoLine as the winner in this battle was a tough thing to do. However, we could not close our eyes before the advantages of the VertuoLine. This machine has a larger tank, larger capsule container and heats up faster than the Inissia. Furthermore, its use of the barcode and centrifusion extraction technology makes sure that the coffee in each capsule is brewed according to specific parameters, which is something the Inissia doesn’t do.

About Nespresso Inissia

The small and adorable Inissia belongs to the Nespresso OriginalLine and is often compared to the Pixie. It is a machine that will bring tasty coffee drinks to your home with its 19-bar pressure pump and the Aeroccino Plus milk frother, if you decide to buy it in a bundle with one.

The Inissia has two programmable buttons for espresso and lungo and lets you customize the volume of the coffee. Being under the wind of Nespresso and a model from the OriginalLine, the machine works with Nespresso casules only. This is practically ‘sealed’ with the design of the capsule chamber on the Inissia, but it is not a reason for concern because Nespresso capsules are easy to find.

Every part of the Inissia speaks about its compactness and user-friendliness. The machine comes with a removable 24 ounce water tank and a capsule container that can hold from 9 to 11 capsules. The ergonomic handle on the Inissia will, furthermore, help you easily carry the espresso machine from one place to another. This machine also has a removable and foldable drip tray and lets you use taller cups for your coffee drinks.

Besides from being compact, this machine comes in different colors, and you can choose the one you prefer the most. Furthermore, the Inissia is energy efficient. The machine heats up fast and turns of automatically if it’s inactive for more than nine minutes.

The two flaws of the machine are that you can’t use capsules other than Nespresso’s on it and that it’s a machine mostly made of plastic. However, when it comes to the capsules, you’ll still have a lot of capsules to choose from. Also, most of the espresso machines in this price category are mostly made of plastic and this doesn’t mean they’re fragile, even though stainless steel is surely a better housing material.

About the VertuoLine

After it’s initial OriginalLine, Nespresso launched their VertuoLine series of coffee and espresso makers. The second series resembled the first one, but things were very different between the two series when it came to coffee making. One espresso machine that had the earlies VertuoLine technologies was the VertuoLine.

Even more affordable espresso machines can make delicious coffee drinks, and the VertuoLine is here to prove it. This espresso machine works with the Nespresso VertuoLine capsules and it has a smart way of brewing the coffee in them.

After you insert a capsule into the machine, it will rapidly spin it and read the capsule’s barcode that’s located on its rim. The rapid spinning of the capsules is also known as a centrifusion extraction technology, and the barcode reading has to do with VertuoLine’s barcode technology. These technologies improve the espresso extraction and let the machine brew the coffee by specific parameters.

The VertuoLine machine also has a way around the milk-based coffee drinks with the Aeroccino Plus milk frother coming in a bundle with the espresso machine. This milk frother is known to make grat milk foam for the espresso that the VertuoLine dispenses. Therefore, cappuccino and latte are no longer just a dream, but a sweet coffee treat in the morning.

Nespresso obviously took energy efficiency seriously when designing the VertuoLine and made the machine with an auto off feature and a 15 second heat up time. Furthermore, Nespresso made the VertuoLine with a 40 oz water container so that the machine can make multiple cups of espresso or lungo in a row without you having to refill the reservoir. Like the drip tray, the water tank is also removable, and this is great for maintaining the espresso machine clean in an easy way.

If the programmability of the espresso and lungo buttons on the machine is enough for you to ‘forgive’ the plastic construction and the third-party capsule incompatibility of the VertuoLine, you will not get disappointed by the machine. The machine is simple to operate and is compact, so you will not experience any trouble when making coffee on it.

Similarities between the Inissia and the VertuoLine

The design of the Inissia and the VertuoLine is followed by a lot of similarities between these two espresso machines. Nespresso is famous for making compact and easy to use machines, and the Inissia and VertuoLine are not exceptions to this rule. Therefore, being a coffee lover will be easier with either one of these two espresso machines.

Both the Inissia and the VertuoLine work with Nespresso capsules only, which is something that is typical for all the newer models by Nespresso. Therefore, if you are a Nespresso fan, you’ll certainly have a lot of fun with both the Inissia and the VertuoLine. And if you are not familiar with the Nespresso machines, we can tell you that the espresso they make tastes very good. You can also try to add a bit of milk foam to it since you can buy both the Inissia and the VertuoLine in a bundle with the Aeroccino milk frother.

The two drinks available on these two espresso machines are espresso and lungo, and they can both be programmed for the coffee volume on both the Inissia and the VertuoLine. Also, don’t worry about going a bit big with the volume of the coffee because the trays on both of the machines are removable. Furthermore, if you don’t use the machines for more than nine minutes, they will automatically turn off.

Differences between the Inissia and the VertuoLine

It was the differences between the two machines that convinced us that the VertuoLine is the better machine out of the two.

Out of the two, the Inissia is the more compact machine and is the machine that’s more portable. However, the bigger size of the VertuoLine translates into a machine that can brew more cups of espresso and lungo in a row.

The VertuoLine has a 40-ounce water tank, which is larger than the tank of the Inissia which has the capacity of 24 ounces. The VertuoLine also has a larger capsule compartment with the capacity of 13-20 used capsules, while Inissia’s capsule compartment can hold from nine to 11 capsules. Furthermore, the VertuoLine also heats up faster than the Inissia.

If you cannot choose between the Inissia and the VertuoLine, give VertuoPlus a chance

Nespresso VertuoPlus

Nespresso by De'Longhi ENV150GYAE VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother by De'Longhi, 5.6 x 16.2 x 12.8 inches, Graphite Metal

Editor’s rating: 4.5 Star Editor's Rating

Key features:

  • A single-serve espresso machine
  • Works with Nespresso capsules
  • Makes espresso and coffee
  • Brews five cup sizes
  • Uses the barcode technology
  • Uses the centrifusion extraction technology
  • Movable 60 ounce water tank
  • Comes in a bundle with the Aeroccino milk frother
  • Auto off feature


Makes great espresso and coffee



Great design


Plastic parts

Nice-looking and compact, the VertuoPlus is a great alternative to the VertuoLine and, of course, to the Inissia. The VertuoPlus is a single-serve machine that works with Nespresso capsules and makes both coffee and espresso. If you decide to buy it in a bundle with the Aeroccino milk frother, you’ll be surprised by the quality of the milk-based drinks this machine can make.

The VertuoPlus brews five coffee cup seizes with the help of the barcode and the centrifusion extraction technology. During the brewing process, the machine uses the water from its 60-ounce water reservoir to make the coffee drinks. The VertuoPlus, furthermore, has an auto-off feature that helps the machine turn off after nine minutes of not being used.

You can read more about this espresso machine in our VertuoPlus vs Evoluo article.

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Which one should you go with?

We think that you should go either for the VertuoLine or the VertuoPlus. We would, furthermore, advise you to check out the VertuoPlus. This machine is especially nice to have at home if you want an espresso machine with a larger water tank. And not only that—the VertuoPlus also brews five coffee cup sizes, makes great coffee and milk-based drinks, and is energy efficient. Therefore, out of the three machines, we’d personally go for the VertuoPlus.

Deciding which Nespresso machine to buy can be confusing, so we hope this article helped.

If you feel like some other Nespresso machine might be the ideal one for you, we encourage you to visit the Nespresso machines section on our site and be part of the bread Nespresso horizon.

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