Nuova Simonelli Appia Review: All about the Appia 2

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Nuova Simonelli Appia Semi-Auto 2 Group Espresso Machine Mappia5Sem02Nd002 If you’re starting to get more and more customers at your café or restaurant, it is time to upgrade to a more powerful espresso machine like the volumetric Appia 2 reviewed in this Nuova Simonelli Appia review.

Why should you pick this machine out of all? Because of convenience.

The machine comes with just one or multiple raised group heads and two steam wands ready to froth up every coffee drink! It is, furthermore, a joy to use and not a scare to clean—something much appreciated after a busy day at the café. If you have more questions about the machine and its café-fitted features, continue reading our informative review about the Appia 2.

Key features:

  • For medium to high-volume settings
  • Volumetric and manual volume control
  • Heat exchange boiler
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 1, 2, or 3 raised group heads
  • Two steam wands
  • Soft infusion system
  • Hot water wand
  • Adjustable and automatic cleaning function
  • Water pressure gauge
  • Reverse mirror
  • Cup warmer


A budget-friendly solution for your café or coffee shop where coffee is the beloved choice of customers

Performance boosted by Nuova Simonelli’s espresso machine quality standards

A simplistic and intuitive control panel that easily guides the barista(s) through the commercial features of the Appia 2

A heat exchange and volumetric espresso machine for the fastest and most-accurate-in-volume coffees

Two great steam wands for fast and well-textured milk-based drinks and a lever that varies the steam pressure for different recipes


No T3 system

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Nuova Simonelli Appia Semi-Auto 2 Group Espresso Machine Mappia5Sem02Nd002 Designed to be beautiful and commercial

The Appia 2 by Nuova Simonelli is highly-convenient for a medium to high-volume café. This is a commercial machine that reflects Nuova Simonelli’s quality in machine production as it encourages your visitors to stop by and enjoy different coffee specialties.

The Appia 2 keeps its complexity and abilities for the inside of the machine; on the outside things are plain and simple. A stainless steel body, fancy, like the body of each Nuova Simonelli machine, explains the machine’s durability and beauty. The two steam wands and the group heads protruding from Appia’s body scream ‘delicious coffee.’ Like the portafilters and the ragged razors, they’re barista-friendly, making things less hectic for your barista.

Apart from these handy-dandy features, baristas also love Appia’s reverse mirror, pump gauge, and the water level indicator. How can they not love them when these expand one’s control over coffee-making?

The benefits of a heat exchange boiler

As a good commercial machine, the Appia 2 offers you flawless operation with a heat exchange boiler. Thanks to its boiler, this fast machine can steam and brew at the same time for a continuous and uninterrupted coffee-making process that uncovers the full brilliance of each specialty.

The accurate steaming and brewing temperatures, furthermore, accent the best of the drinks: their crema and rich body and the fine milk texture, if applicable. Because of the Appia 2, all customers get their coffees quickly, well-prepared, and fitted to their tastes, with specialty drinks crafted by your skilled barista.

Flavorful lattes with two standard steam wands

In a hectic café atmosphere, you can best impress your guests with quick service. People dislike waiting for coffee, especially if they know that the coffee tastes amazing.

With the Nuova Simonelli Appia 2, your baristas won’t be stressing over their customers waiting for too long.

Like we said, the machine has two standard steam wands. Together with the heat exchange boiler and the steam pressure levers, the wands will create the milk base for lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and many other specialties present on the long menu of the Appia 2. Also, because the levers let the barista gradually vary the steam power, personalized drinks are always possible!

For the sake of the barista, furthermore, the wands are made as cool-touch, protecting their fingers from getting burned! This is what steaming is like with the Appia 2: professional and carefree.

Nuova Simonelli Appia Semi-Auto 2 Group Espresso Machine Mappia5Sem02Nd002 A volumetric machine for the most precise of coffee volumes

With the Appia 2, your barista has the opportunity to choose between manual and volumetric shot control.

Going volumetric is convenient and makes for great consistency. Manual volume control, on the other hand, is awesome for drink customization and barista coffee recipes. Since soft pre-infusion is an option as well, however, the coffee in your café will be delicious regardless of whether your barista tamps the grounds a bit loose, prefers manual over volumetric control, or decides to go volumetric.

Hot water function: an extra you don’t want to miss on

You want to always be ready for that gentleman that likes to order tea, and there’s no better and faster way to do that but with a hot water wand on your espresso machine. With the Appia 2 and its hot water wand, you’ll have a beverage option for every customer!

Easy and automated cleaning

At the end of the workday, your barista will just press a button to choose the cleaning mode of the machine, maybe empty the drip tray, and clean the group heads with a brush; this is easy and takes very little time!

FAQ about the Nuova Simonelli Appia 2

Does the Nuova Simonelli Appia 2 use a rotary pump?

Yes, this commercial espresso machine uses a rotary pump. These pumps keep the water pressure consistent, making sure the espresso is always beautifully extracted.

Is this machine plumbable?

Yes, the Nuova Simonelli Appia 2 is plumbable and it can be hooked to a drain system! Your barista will enjoy the refill-free coffee-making sessions with this commercial diamond!

Can the Appia 2 make more coffees at once?

Of course it can! The volumetric version of the machine can have one, two, or three group heads and it has two steam wands, so there will be no ‘bumps’ in your barista’s workflow!


The Nuova Simonelli Appia 2 is a great choice for a bar, a restaurant, a café, or a coffee shop. It is the best espresso machine for these venues and a budget-friendly choice as well. With its features, your customers will always enjoy the best coffee, even if your barista has many orders per day. How does all of this sound to you?

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