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Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine Commercial—a word that seems to magically add to the quality of every lucky espresso machine characterized as a commercial one. The Oscar 2 by Nuova Simonelli, however, needs no such luck, but a right owner, an owner with whom it can prove that it is not only a great commercial machine, but a machine that can revolutionize the espresso world of at-home baristas-to-be.’

A marine-grade brass casting for the fascinating brew group and the Nuova Simonelli 4-hole steam wand tip used at barista championships—this is how the Oscar 2 continually makes itself a place in the history of coffee makers year after year. If we could rename this beauty, we would call it the Prestigious Steamer. Let’s find out why.

Key features:

  • Heat-exchange boiler
  • Articulated, long steam wand that moves in 360˚
  • 4 holes on the tip of the steam wand
  • Ergonomic lever for steam pressure control
  • One-touch single and double espresso shots
  • Marine-grade brass casting for the brew group
  • Programmable coffee volume
  • Pre-infusion
  • 3-way solenoid valve
  • 12-cup cup warmer
  • Stainless steel housing


A well-insulated heat-exchange boiler made of copper for brewing and steaming at the same time

An incredibly powerful steam wand for the most detailed milk textures for every milk-based coffee

The steaming system is overall beautifully thought out, with even an ergonomic lever for the control of the steam pressure

An impeccably-designed stainless steel housing with a large plastic surface for warming cups and a drip tray that flips to accommodate taller cups

All this and more at a price that is surprisingly affordable


With this beautiful and great-performing espresso machine comes a not so great plastic tamper

Empty the drip tray on time because, if completely full, you might spill some water from its back when taking it out

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A design to sigh for

The Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 has everything it needs to be on the side of aesthetics. A pompous, polished stainless steel housing gives life to all the external components of the machine, and the components accent both the durability and the style of the machine with their shiny accents. The steam wand articulates its power with its long, metal body, and the brew group seems to be purposely impressive with its almost mirror-like finish. Plastic is also well-incorporated into the design, helping the lever, the drip tray, and the large cup warmer be highly-ergonomic and durable.

Interesting specs, large capacities

On the Oscar 2, the capacity of every component goes along perfectly with the capacity of the other components. We’re reviewing a powerful, large-capacity espresso machine overall. The water tank of the Oscar 2 can hold as much as 77 ounces of water, which is perfect for the constant water levels in the 84-fluid ounce heat exchange boiler. The machine powers these two and the rest of its elements with 1200W, working at 110V. Of course, large components have to be housed in a machine with a large body, and the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 is exactly that– a large-enough machine. The machine measures 16 x 12 x 16 and weighs 30.8 pounds. It has a cup clearance of 4″, but, with a flippable drip tray, the clearance can be enlarged to fit taller cups for a longer enjoyment in the espresso drinks.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine Why a heat exchange boiler?

Commercial machines that are in the prossumer range will most often have a heat exchange boiler. The Oscar 2 does, in fact, have a heat exchange boiler and this makes it possible for you to brew and steam at the same time. Going into the technical aspect of heat exchange boilers, they are large boilers that have a tube that goes through them. This tube is actually where the brew water heats up. In some machines, like the Oscar 2, there’s a thermosyphon that lets hot water circulate from the tube to the brew group and back. This provides for the temperature stability of the brew group and for the quality of your espresso. Since steaming can be simultaneously done with brewing, the part of the boiler outside the tube heats up the steam water, making for on-time precise steam water temperatures.

The true power of the Oscar 2 lies in its fabulous steam wand

Gorgeous and highly-functional, the steam wand on this Oscar 2 can steam milk with an incredible power. With 4 holes on its tip, a nice and well-thought-out length, and an rotational axis of 360, the steam wand on this espresso machine steams milk quickly and successfully. The beautiful performance of the steam wand is improved by the ergonomic steam control lever located right above the wand. With a wand of this caliber and a lever with a user-friendly design, detailed and precise milk textures are this machine’s trademark.

A group head that does no bad

Fast and accurate volume control

The option to program the volume of your coffee leads is only one of the ways in which the Oscar 2 makes you a satisfied customer. By pressing on one of the two espresso buttons for about five seconds, you can have the machine brew until there’s enough coffee in your cup and you can then stop this process by pressing one of the two buttons again. Once you’ve pressed one of the buttons, the machine will remember the coffee volume that it has just extracted and will be programmed to extract the same volume the next time it brews.

How necessary is a 3-way solenoid valve?

If you’re checking out espresso machines in the class of the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2, you’ve probably heard about the importance of 3-way solenoid valves. Soupy pucks and longer puck drainage are no longer a thing when your espresso machine has a valve of this kind. Instead of letting the water stay in the puck after brewing, the 3-way solenoid valve will carefully redirect it into the drip tray, living you with less mess to clean and a flavorful espresso to enjoy. The drip tray, being ergonomic, is easy to take out and empty, once the time for emptying it comes, after a long time.

Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine Auto refill function for a healthy heat exchange boiler

The well-insulated copper boiler is not only generous when it comes to its size, but it is generous when it comes to its features as well. One of the more important features of the powerful heat exchange boiler is the auto refill. The auto refill makes it possible for the boiler to automatically refill every time the water level inside of it drops. This prevents the overheating and further damage of the boiler and hence of the entire machine, making the Auto Refill a feature that represents the intelligence of the machine itself.


Before brewing the coffee, the Oscar 2 pre-infuses it to help the grounds bloom for a more successful espresso extraction. Pre-infusing or pre-wetting the grounds is not just a lucky coincidence, but a well-integrated process that helps the grounds give you the best of flavor that they can possibly offer.

Pods or nots?

User-friendly and a supporter of quick espresso solutions, the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 lets you have the comfort of using E.S.E. and pointy espresso pods. The machine doesn’t come with the adapter for these pods because it puts quality espresso as its priority, but quick shots are possible with the affordable pod adapters that can be bought separately.

An espresso machine certified to NSF/ANSI standards

Taking into account the many safety standards for products that are nowadays a proof for quality, Nuova Simonelli implemented safe technologies into the making of the Oscar 2. The parts and the materials on this commercial espresso machine are, therefore, harmless for people’s health and safe to use, as proves the NSF/ANSI certificate of the Oscar 2.

FAQ about the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2

Can the Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 be backfulshed?

Yes, it can.

Will this espresso machine work with 220V?

The Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 works with 110V only.

Can I use the Oscar 2 in my small coffee shop?

Yes, you can. There are additional options for commercial use.

Is this machine plumbable?

Yes, there is a direct connect version of this machine.


A steam wand with a pompous power at this price range speaks about the courageous sassiness of the Oscar 2, a sassiness in favor of the many espresso lovers who deserve to have well-designed milk-based drinks at an affordable price. The Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 is revolutionary in this and in many other ways, and it brings confidence to the espresso lover with its durable heat exchange boiler and the large boiler and tank capacities. With its multi-purpose design, you can comfortably put this machine at your home or in a smaller shop and trust that its presence will become a symbol of quality coffee drinks.

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