The Role of Coffee in a Student’s Life

Have you ever wondered how many coffee drinkers there are in the world? The numbers are impressive. Over one billion people are drinking coffee daily, making it one of the most consumed products worldwide. People drink coffee to give them energy and kick off the day. You surely know someone who can’t function properly until they drink their morning coffee.

And students might fall into this category too. When you study for your degree, it might happen to have all-nighters. Writing those essays and assignments takes time, so you try to maximize the time left. How? By drinking a coffee or more that helps you focus better.

But you surely know some people that advise you to not drink coffee at all. So, the information you get about coffee consumption might be contradictory. Let’s shed more light on the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee as a student.


Focus and Alertness

One of the advantages of drinking coffee as a student is that it helps you focus better. In your life as a student, you might experience crowded periods. For example, the exam period, when you need to study, make a presentation, write a speech or an essay, and so on.

When the deadline is approaching and you have so many academic tasks, you need to use your time wisely. And you maximize its value by focusing and staying alert. This way, you can finish your tasks. However, sometimes you might have so many tasks that even coffee can’t help you finish them all. You can get the help of a writing service and qualified speech writing services by EduBirdie. Professional writers can help you overcome your academic challenges.

Reducing the Risk of Diseases

Coffee is incredible because besides helping you stay focused and alert, it comes with other advantages too. Coffee consumption has been associated with a lower risk of developing certain diseases. Type II diabetes, cancer, or stroke are just a few of them. Because students usually have unhealthy eating habits, coffee can help you prevent their development.

Drinking coffeeBrain Health and More Energy

Have you ever wondered how those people we mentioned early seem to wake up and have a lot of energy after a coffee? This is because caffeine is the natural stimulant present in coffee. Many studies have shown that it has a positive effect on people’s energy levels. It helps you fight fatigue, which is so present in a student’s life. You can perform better and thus increase the power you have over your attention.

At the same time, even though there are some contradictory findings, coffee contributes to brain health too. It is still needed to do some research on this topic, but the early findings show that coffee could prevent cognitive decline. Only if you drink it in moderation. Which draws us to the next part.


Poor Sleep Quality

As a student, you are already getting less sleep than you need. But if you drink high amounts of coffee daily, you will even have less sleep. This is because coffee is an energizer. It has been shown that it affects your ability to fall asleep. This means that you may experience regular episodes of insomnia. Having poor sleep quality during college can seriously affect your academic performance and productivity. So, make sure you drink coffee in moderation.


It might sound odd, but some people are suffering from coffee-induced anxiety. If you’re wondering where the connection is, here’s the explanation. Coffee makes you more alert and focused, and less tired. But when you are too alert, you might pay attention to all kinds of stimuli in your environment. Every human’s body is different and there are people more sensitive to caffeine. Drinking high amounts of coffee daily can lead to increased feelings of anxiety.

Addiction and Tolerance

Even though not many people are seeing drinking coffee as an addiction, it is. People who consume coffee in high dosages experience a feeling of craving when they do not drink their coffee. It might be a physical or psychological addiction, but it still is one. At the same time, the more coffee you drink, the more you will need. Your body will develop a tolerance over time.


College life can sometimes be complicated and overwhelming. For those mornings when you feel tired, coffee might be what you are looking for. Coffee has an important role in the life of students. However, you need to consume it in moderation. It comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Bio lines: Connie Elser is a blogger and content writer. Her passion is the human mind. She has recently started an article series about coffee and its effects on people’s minds.

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