Which Nespresso to Buy: Choose Your Nespresso With Ease

Often times, capsule compatible Nespresso machines are the right and even necessary choice. After all, if you’re going to make coffee in a non-barista way, you can just let the machine do it for you. It will taste good, it will be hot, and the espresso will be very, very nice as well. Plus, it’s much easier and faster and there’s very little mess and fuss involved in the process. Another advantage of the Nespressos is that they are not that expensive, so you will not be going bankrupt because of your love for coffee. Alright, we’re ready to talk about Nespresso machines, and if you want to know which Nespresso to buy, this is a good chance to get informed on the topic.

#1 Nespresso Vertuo by Breville (Machine and Aeroccino milk frother)

It is impossible not to spot the Vertuo by Breville among the other Nespresso machines. After taking a single look at the machine, you feel confident that this is a simple and intuitive Nespresso coming in an attractive housing that makes you think of classy coffee experiences. We chose to recommend you the bundle of the Vertuo and the Aeroccino frother since the two products are pretty much seen as a desirable pair.

Like all Vertuos, this Vertuo also relies on the Nespresso centrifusion technology. The technology spins the capsule fast as the machine reads the barcode that’s on the capsule’s rim. All capsules have different barcodes and every barcode gives the machine different information on how to brew the coffee inside the capsule. That said, the machine self-programs itself to brew the coffee in a way that makes its extraction great. Add to this the five brew sizes as an option and you can have every coffee style at a good price.

Key features:

  • Coffee at the touch of a single button
  • Centrifusion TM technology
  • 40-ounce water tank
  • Aeroccino milk frother
  • Heat up time of 15 seconds
  • Comes with a gift: a set of 12 Vertuo capsules


Brews 5 coffee sizes to make coffee an option for even the pickiest of us

Frother makes milk-based drinks an option as well

Brews each capsule with different adjustments to the parameters

Very easy to use


Nothing for this Nespresso

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#2 Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo by De’Longhi (Machine and Aeroccino milk frother)

Nespresso machine and Aeroccino milk frothers make great bundles. The bundle we want to talk about now is the Evoluo-Aeroccino by De’Longhi. As you can already imagine, this bundle will make your house smell like fresh coffee combined with milk, but it can also give you the simple coffee ride with a regular cup of coffee or a good, strong espresso.

The two coffee options on the Evoluo are made possible thanks to the many Vertuo capsules that VertuoLine machines are compatible with. Put a capsule inside the capsule chamber on the machine, and the capsule will start spinning. To brew a particular blend of coffee, the Evoluo will have to read the barcode on the rim of the Vertuo capsule. Once it’s done that, your coffee will be ready in no time. This is the perfect machine for people who like simple coffees and a little bit of milk foam for a sweeter start of the day.

Key features:

  • Two cup sizes for two coffee drinks, coffee and espresso
  • Barcode and centrifusion technology
  • 54-ounce water tank
  • Aeroccino milk frothere
  • A set of 12 Vertuo capsules


Automatically adjusts its brewing parameters to the blend inside the coffee capsule

Gives you the option to try out 12 coffee capsules that come to you for free with the machine

You don’t need a separate frother for your milk since you’re getting the Aeroccino

Perfect for people who like simple coffees


Lacks a few more coffee options

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#3 Nespresso VertuoPlus by De’Longhi

We fell in love with the red VertuoPlus by De’Longhi! This espresso machine is making our eyes be fixated on the beautiful red and black accents on its housing, and that 60-ounce water tank that can go sideways or behind the machine is as beautiful as it is practical. Really, is it really 60 ounces? It is just so well-blended in the design of the machine that it doesn’t even look as big. But, oh, will it spare you from constant refills!

As a VertuoLiner, the VertuoPlus will use the centrifusion and barcode technology to prepare you great coffee. You can choose between all sorts of coffee drinks, including espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, coffee, and alto. A special perk that this machine has to offer: pour over ice coffees. Other than that, you can count on this Nespresso to heat up fast and even shut off after nine minutes of being idle. This is the perfect thingy for chic and young at heart people who enjoy all coffee varieties.

Key features:

  • Five coffee drinks: espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, coffee, and alto
  • A pour over ice option
  • Centrifusion TM technology
  • Barcode technology
  • 60-ounces water reservoire
  • A set of 12 capsules as a welcome gift


For people who like experimenting with different coffee drinks

A large 60-ounce water reservoir which can be put in different positions to fit on your counter

Let’s you pour your coffee over ice which is great during the summer, for example

Barcode technology makes it possible for each blend to be brewed at specific parameters


When in a bundle with the Aeroccino milk frother, it is a bit expensive

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#4 Nespresso EN80B Original Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

As an OriginalLiner on our list, the EN80B by De’Longhi is sort of like a genie in a bottle that can grant you two beverage wishes: espresso and lungo. Obviously, the machine works with OriginalLine coffee pods, but OriginalLiners are also known to be compatible with more third-party pods than VertuoLiners, so that’s one way this machine can win your heart.

Other than that, the EN80B heats up fast, but it also shuts off fast if it’s idle for nine minutes. That said, it saves on energy in two ways. However, this doesn’t mean that this Nespresso can’t make tasty coffee. OriginalLiners are very famous for the rich crema in the espresso, and the EN80B is one of the best models of this line. Therefore, if you buy it, you can expect rich crema. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to buy a separate frother if you want milk-based drinks since the machine doesn’t come with a frother.

Key features:

  • Two coffee beverages available: espresso and lungo
  • Works with a 19-bar pressure pump
  • 24-ounce water reservoirn
  • Heat up time of 25 seconds
  • Automatic switch off function after 9 minutes


As an OriginalLiner, it is compatible with both Nespresso capsules and third-party pods

A simple machine that makes coffee fast

The espresso has rich crema

Comes with 16 OriginalLine capsules as a gift


No milk frother

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#5 Nespresso Lattissima Plus by De’Longhi

If you are a serious milk-based coffee fan, there’s not a better Nespresso machine for you than the Lattissima. This Nespresso has an automatic milk carafe to bring the perfect foam for your cappuccino, macchiato or latte into your coffee cup with the two options for foam preparation. But, of course, before you get to the foam, you need to have the coffee ready. Fortunately, this is no problem at all with the 19-bar pressure pump of the Lattissima, ready to make you coffee or espresso.

The 30-ounce water tank on this Nespresso is a bit small, we’re not going to lie. However, we were ready to give it a pass because of the automatic carafe and other cool features like the thermoblock heating system. Speaking of the heating system, this is the thing that is responsible for the fast heat up time of the Latissima and for your coffee always being hot when extracted into your cup. The Latissima does sound like a good deal to us. What do you think?

  • 19-bar pressure pump
  • 5 coffee options: coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, and Italian macchiato
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Automatic milk carafe
  • 30-ounce water tank
  • Auto off feature

The Nespresso Lattissima also made it to our best espresso machines under $500 list.


The Nespresso ‘Number 1’ for milk-based coffee drinks

Great for making espresso because of the 19-bar pressure pump

Has a fast heat up time

Saves on energy with the auto off feature

Comes with Nespresso capsules as a gift


A small water reservoir

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Can Nespresso coffee capsules be recycled?

Yes, they can. The capsules are made of aluminum, and aluminum is recyclable. To recycle your capsules, bring them at a CollectPlus collection point, at a Nespresso Boutique, or ask for a door step collection of your used capsules.

Can I use my Nespresso recycling bag for third-party capsules as well?

Yes, you can, but only if the third-party capsules are made of aluminum.

Are the capsules BPA free?

Yes, they are.

Things to consider when buying a Nespresso

The Nespresso range and the features of the machine – Nespresso has a lot of espresso machines, all of which are great for different things. Some are simpler, others are more versatile, some of them are more high-end, and others have features for people who like to move many steps ahead from the preparation of regular coffee. Check out the Nespresso range of machines before you buy your favorite espresso to pinpoint the combination of features ideal for you.

How easy to use is the Nespresso machine – Even though Nespresso machines are easy to use in general, some are easier to use than others. Do some research on the control panel of your machine of preference, understand how easy it is to clean it, and make up your mind after you know these things. You don’t want a machine that will make you struggle while making coffee, especially not in the early morning.

The size and design of the Nespresso –Keep in mind that Nespresso machines have the reputation of being very compact, but every machine is compact in its own way. The differences have to do with the overall size of the machines, whether their tanks can switch positions, whether their drip tray is removable etc. Think what a compact machine is for you and see which Nespresso gives you what you want.

OriginalLine or VertuoLine – Nespresso machines belong in two product lines, the OriginalLine and the VertuoLine. The machines from the two lines differ when it comes to the density of the crema, third-party capsules compatibility, and the way they make the coffee. Out of the two lines, it is the VertuoLine that is more versatile when it comes to the types of coffee drinks VertuoLine machines offer. So, which line do you think is more convenient for you?


You asked which Nespresso to buy and we gave you five possible answers. Now, if you were to ask which Nespresso machine we’d go for, we’d have to say that we pick the Nespresso Vertuo by Breville. This is a beautiful and simple machine that is part of the VertuoLine series, which means that it has all the advantages of the VertuoLine machines. If you wish so, it can also come to you with an Aeroccino, so there is also an option to bring the lightness of the foam into the darkness of one of the five coffees you can make with this Nespresso. However, there is a Nespresso machine for everyone out there, and if the Vertuo is not what you want, feel free to check out the other Nespressos on our list.

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