Gaggia Classic vs Rancilio Silvia

If it weren’t for their distinct looks, people would’ve thought that the Gaggia Classic and the Rancilio Silvia are the same espresso machine. However, even though they are very similar when it comes to how they brew the coffee, they do have some differences that make one of the machines better than the other. Even … Read more

Gaggia Classic Pro Review

Review summary Looking for the best entry-level coffee machine? Well, we’re happy to tell you that you’ve found it. It is the Gaggia Classic Pro coffee maker, and this Gaggia machine can be compared with some higher-end machines. The Gaggia Classic Pro coffee machine makes the best-quality espresso on the market. The espresso that this … Read more

Gaggia Brera Review

Review summary The Gaggia Brera super-automatic espresso machine by Gaggia is an affordable coffee maker that makes good coffee and functions great. The machine has sparked the interest of many ever since it first appeared on the market. It makes espresso and many other coffee drinks, and it’s compact and easy to use. This is … Read more

Gaggia Accademia Review

Review summary Many people want their coffee makers to be automatic, but to also leave them some space for experimenting with the creation of the coffee drinks. This is exactly what the Gaggia Accademia coffee machine is about. This machine can automatically make multiple coffee drinks which you can also program if that’s what you … Read more