Does the Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso?

You might not know, but we and Sofía Vergara have one very neat thing in common: the love for the Ninja. Well, at least we believed her when she showed her love for the coffee maker in her Ninja commercial. Nevertheless, we do think that the Ninja is an excellent drip coffee maker, and, trust … Read more

Best espresso machine under $200

Finding a great espresso machine that would barely even cost you can feel like you’ve won a small lottery, right? Because of this, we wanted to give you some information on the best espresso machines under $200. Considering many factors such as coffee quality, durability and compactness, we made a list of the best espresso … Read more

Jura E6 vs Z6

Sky is the limit when it comes to espresso machines, and the more ‘high-end’ we go, the better they become. Put the Jura E6 and the Z6 one next to the other and you’ll know what it feels like to be among two stars from the realm of espresso machines. These two Juras are the … Read more

Which Keurig Should I Buy?

If there’s a single-serve coffee maker that sits at the throne of the convenience, it certainly comes from Keurig. Everything about these coffee makers screams convenience, and this mostly applies to the K-Cups used on them. You take a K-Cup, you put it inside the K-Cup chamber, press one button on the Keurig and that’s … Read more