Spinn Coffee Maker Review 2021 (& Working Coupon): An Outstanding Coffee Maker, Straight From the Future

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Spinn centrifugal coffee maker options

Editor’s note: Before we get started, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know that I’ve become biased when it comes to this coffee maker, and managed to secure Morning Call readers a $10 coupon (you can use the Spinn coffee maker coupon code MCCS at checkout).

So, if you’d like to read a rather biased review of the Spinn coffee maker, please continue. But, if you wouldn’t like to be convinced why this is the best coffee maker ever made, you better leave now or browse through our other articles.

With that being said, here’s the rest of the article:

This bean-to-cup Spinn coffee maker is one of the newest innovations on the coffee market. The machine was manufactured not too long ago, after a delayed production of a few years.

One thing is for sure, though: the outstanding wirelessly controlled Spinn is well worth the wait, and our Spinn coffee maker review shows precisely why. Spinn’s unique and intriguing features make this coffee maker both trend-setting and monotony-breaking and pretty much brilliant all around.

When compared to popular bean-to-cup machines like the De’Longhi ECAM22110SB, Spinn proves to be an excellent winner. Plus, cheaper coffee makers, like Keurig and the feature-packed Ninja, have Spinn as their serious competitor. But with similar features and functionality, the competition is tough.

Apart from the coffee maker’s beverage versatility, the company behind it collaborates with local and national roasters. Undoubtedly, Spinn is one of the most thought-out coffee maker manufacturers currently available. Moreover, as part of its manufacturers’ well-planned coffee strategy (from online coffee subscriptions to automatic coffee orders), it significantly transforms the lifestyle of dedicated coffee lovers.

Key features:

  • Available in three versions
  • Advanced centrifugal technology
  • Works at the touch of a button or remotely through an app
  • Conical burr grinder with adjustable coarseness levels ranging from 35 to 220 microns
  • Centrifugal brewer that operates at speeds from 500RPM to 6000RPM
  • Air-tight bean hopper
  • A water filter that uses nanotechnology to filter out fluoride and chloride
  • Six-month warranty and a 45-day return policy


  • FDA-approved heater, pump, water filter, grinder, and brewer
  • A variety of coffee drinks are available
  • Drinks are brewed following special recipes by experienced roasters who create coffee blends
  • An option for placing an automatic coffee order when you don’t have enough beans in the hopper
  • The compact build makes it easily portable


  • It does not support a lot of readily available coffee beans
  • Not enough water capacity
  • Automatic cleaning consumes plenty of water

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Again, if you’d like to use a coupon for the Spinn coffee maker, you can get a $10 discount at checkout with code “MCCS

About the Company

A coffee maker manufactured by a company with a sketchy background could be unreliable. Fortunately enough, this is not the case with the Spinn coffee maker since it comes from a good company. Plus, if you like to research a company’s ethical practices before buying from them, Spinn will not disappoint you.

Starting in 2014, the company has always believed that good contemporary coffee takes planning and innovative preparation methods. This strategy has contributed to the company’s spotless reputation in the industry. Furthermore, Spinn accepts that coffee deserves to be produced the best way and supports local and national coffee roasters to prove its point.

Therefore, you can rest assured that this product and company do not raise any ethical issues.

The Spinn Way to Coffee

Spinn does not just manufacture coffee makers. It is a coffee subscription business that connects roasters with potential customers. The company has an official website where you can order your favorite coffee from more than 462 roasters in the US and choose from about 500 coffee blends.

The website helps you figure out the coffee that’s best suited for your preference and also guides your purchase. To make it even better, you can take a coffee quiz to understand which blends you might enjoy the most. On the website, you can see the coffee roasters partnering with Spinn and apply for a coffee subscription. As a result, Spinn monitors its hopper and automatically orders the coffee for you via an app if you allow it.

Does app compatibility ring a bell for you? It surely does for us because it’s one of the most loved features of the Jura coffee machines. After all, the ability to control your coffee maker via your smartphone offers unmatched convenience.

What Makes the Spinn Coffee Maker Special?

Spinn comes in three relatively similar versions, including the Original Pro, Original Plus, and Original. The differences between them have to do with the brew sizes, the characteristics of the coffee credits you get with each model, and the size of their bean hoppers. One key difference is that the Spinn Original Pro is the only model that comes with a milk frother and the only one that can be directly plumbed to a waterline.

All the three above-mentioned Spinn models have similar designs and dimensions that qualify them as compact. The model you end up purchasing depends on how portable you want your coffee maker to be and the extent of advanced features you like for automation. It is the portability and their excellent features that make these coffee makers worth your money.

A Patented Centrifugal Force Spinner

One thing that makes these coffee makers stand out is their centrifugal force spinner, which has been patented by the manufacturer Spinn. Other than that, Nespresso is the only other company with a line of espresso machines that use centrifugal force. These machines are ideal for drinks with generous layers of crema, which is exactly what Spinn offers you.

The centrifugal technology improves coffee extraction, brewing drinks similar to espresso in no time. Spinning the coffee grounds at up to 6000RPM creates intense pressure, and if there’s pressure, you’ll get a fantastic cup of espresso. In short, you don’t need to rush to a coffee shop to get that caffeine fix anymore.

If you want regular coffee or, say, an Americano, you can simply adjust the centrifugal speed to a lower setting. The Spinn coffee maker lets you enjoy even the most sophisticated blends of coffee right in your kitchen.

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Design Rewards

Spinn recently announced that they won two Red Dot design awards: Product Design in the “Kitchen Appliances” category and the “Smart Products” category. Not much needs to be said about this brilliant coffee maker’s design. It is compact but still elegantly designed. The build quality is sturdy and durable, and the coffee machine adds to your home’s beauty.

Spinn coffee design awards

Many Coffee Recipes, With or Without Milk

The number of coffee drinks you can make with a Spinn machine is practically infinite. There are fancy options like the Espresso Con Panna to simpler ones like regular coffee or espresso, so your coffee experience will never be boring again.

Spinn coffee makers can make specialties like doppio and cortado. You can use these as a base for your Cafe Romano or Barraquito with their recipes available on the company’s website.

These coffee makers can even brew you a full carafe if you wish. However, the carafe comes only with the Original Plus and the Original Pro model, so remember that you will need to buy a carafe separately from the basic model. Speaking of accessories, the milk frother for all those delicious milk-based coffees comes only with the Pro.

Automatic Recipes

Coffee blends are specialty drinks, and only experienced coffee roasters know how each blend should be brewed. For these people, coffee is a lifestyle; they know every single detail about the lifecycle of coffee, from the moment the beans are harvested to the brewing specifications once it’s time to transform the blend into a drink. Not to mention, they have plenty of experience making and consuming coffee over the years.

Spinn considered this when planning the design of their coffee maker. There are a variety of coffee recipes for every blend of coffee produced by the roasters that collaborate with the company.

Once you get your bag of coffee, you can scan it with the Spinn app, which tells you which recipes are best to follow when making coffee from a specific blend. This means the coffee maker automatically adjusts the brew temperature, the coffee volume, and the grind setting before the coffee-making process starts. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy your coffee. If you feel like you could use your personalized recipe, Spinn also lets you modify the brewing parameters manually.

All this ‘brewing under specific parameters’ thing once again reminds us of the brewing mechanisms of Nespresso. To be more precise, it is a reminder of the way Nespresso VertuoLine machines prepare the coffee.

However, the critical difference between the Spinn and VertuoLine machines is that the former offers you fresh coffee since it’s a bean-to-cup coffee maker. So if that is your preferred taste, then Spinn is the perfect product for you.

Works With an App and Can Be Paired With Alexa

Not only do Spinn coffee makers have a touch control panel, but they also work with an app that is well-integrated with home automation systems like Alexa. If you choose to use the coffee maker’s interface, that’s something you can easily do, but is there anything better than waking up and telling your Spinn to make you some coffee before you even get out of bed?

Or how about pairing your Spinn with Alexa and ordering your coffee with this gadget while you’re finishing off your chores in the kitchen? We believe these are win-win situations for coffee lovers!

Auto-Order Feature Lets You Prepare Coffee for the Next Brew

With the Spinn coffee maker, you’ll never have to remind yourself to order more coffee. Like we mentioned, the company lets you choose from different coffee subscriptions with the machine being ‘aware’ of your needs thanks to the plans. In addition, its optional auto-order feature detects when the quantity of coffee beans in the bean hopper is low.

The coffee maker can order your coffee automatically if you’ve previously enabled it to do that. This way, shopping for coffee is a lot more convenient, and you can live your life without worrying about your coffee running out.

There’s Also a Brew Timer

Spinn makes coffee-making even more accessible with its extended brew time—a feature also known as Delayed Brew. When enabled, this feature can automatically turn on your coffee maker and start the brewing process, meaning you’ll get your coffee at the exact time you’ve programmed the machine to brew it for you. How convenient is that!

Here’s Spinn on Unboxing Therapy just recently. This video will give you an incredible insight into how well the coffee machine integrates with your lifestyle.

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FAQ About the Spinn Coffee Maker

1. Are the parts of the Spinn coffee maker FDA approved?

The Spinn coffee maker has several FDA-approved parts. There’s not a lot to say about this fact as it speaks for itself. You don’t want to ingest harmful substances that come from your coffee maker. Luckily, the heater, pump, and grinder of the Spinn coffee maker won’t expose you to such chemicals.

2. Is this coffee maker environmentally friendly?

The materials used to make the Spinn coffee maker are environmentally friendly, but this is not all we could say. Since the coffee maker only works with whole bean coffee, you will not create coffee pod waste that could cause environmental pollution. Of course, zero pod waste means almost no waste, and the residuals from the coffee grounds are biodegradable and no threat to the environment.\

3. Does the Spinn coffee maker use coffee pods?

No, the Spinn coffee maker is only built to use ground coffee, so you can not use coffee pods with it.

4. Can I hook my Spinn up to the water system?

Out of the three models, this option is available only with the Original Pro. It can be directly plumbed to a water supply if you need it. The other two models do not have this feature.

5. How can I get more coffee for my Spinn Coffee Maker?

Your coffee maker will alert you when the coffee levels are low, and you can order more coffee directly from their app. However, if you enable the auto-order feature, the coffee will be automatically ordered whenever coffee levels in the hoppers are low.

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The Spinn coffee maker is currently one of the most innovative and convenient machines available on the market. It is compact, elegant, programmable, and comes with just the right amount of advanced features. The functionality is not overwhelming and provides you with the perfect experience as a coffee lover.

Everything about this coffee maker is easy and accessible, so it saves the user a lot of unnecessary effort while making their perfect brew.

10 thoughts on “Spinn Coffee Maker Review 2021 (& Working Coupon): An Outstanding Coffee Maker, Straight From the Future”

  1. Just received my spin coffee maker a few days ago after a seven year wait. I must say the wait was worth it. I have had several espresso machines in my life but this one is the easiest and best design one I have ever used. I love using the app to have my coffee ready when I get out of bed. 10 stars on this one

  2. Greetings,
    I have one question. What is the amperage rating of this machine? There are almost no machines on the market that produce the capacity necessary to heat water to the optimum temperature required for proper brewing. This is the unfortunate downside of most electric coffee machines.

  3. I would like to order the pro with the carafe and milk frother. Does it come in white? What is the wait time? Some people are saying they waited years. That’s a deal breaker for me

    • Preordered mine in 2018 and just received notice a week or two ago that I needed to confirm address. I did so and they said they would send tracking information once shipped. No tracking yet. I would say check with them about timing. They are finally producing, but I would think 2018 orders till 2021 will be filled in order?

  4. I hope I don’t have to wait seven years for mine. I ordered mine on September 1, 2021. I am hoping it will be here before Christmas of this year.

    • The Spinn started as a kickstarter campaign, and that is likely where you’re seeing the long delays. I was a kickstarter backer in the 4th shipping batch and only waited about 5! 🙂 I’d expect you to get it a lot sooner now that their shipping logistics are figured out.

  5. Received mine, was very exited. Love the coffee! Don’t love the fact that there is always water under the machine and the residue is always wet. Tried everything ti fix it with no luck.


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