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These days, espresso is probably the most popular choice of coffee for home-brew enthusiasts. As a result, the market is filled with all kinds of automatic espresso machines, fit for any budget.

However, some coffee lovers still prefer the classic, American-style drip coffee, and the choice of those is not as extensive. The Capresso 464.05 is part of a small minority of fully automatic drip coffee makers.

Don’t let that discourage you, though: we are talking about a competent coffee maker that can have your cup ready right before you wake up. Wondering how? Find out in our Capresso 464.05 review below:

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At first glance, the Capresso 464.05 gives off an air of distinction. It’s thoroughly modern in design, making extensive use of stainless steel for the front panel. The result is a look that wouldn’t look out of place on a hi-fi rack, let alone in a contemporary kitchen environment.

The Front Panel

The front is what makes the first impression on any coffee maker. As we already mentioned, the front of the Capresso 464.05 is a solid piece of stainless steel. Aside from looking great, the steel gives the front panel a nice tactile feel.

Of course, the showpiece of the front panel is the LCD screen. While most drip coffee makers don’t come with a display, the Capresso has a compelling reason to include one since the display is essential to the automatic brewing process. But more on that later. For now, we will only say that it looks fantastic.

The rest of the front panel includes a few buttons, most notably an ON and OFF switch, a program button, and a few “Grind and Strength” controls. The front panel as a whole is uncluttered and intuitive, so you can learn to use it in no time.

The Build

The Capresso 464.05 features a black plastic body. Aesthetically, it works quite well with the stainless front panel. The coffee pot, or carafe, is somewhat hidden from view by the casing. Unlike more traditional coffee machines, you can only see the carafe from the front, making for a sleeker appearance.

On top of the body, you have a clear bean container reminiscent of a chimney. You’ll be able to see your exact bean supply at a glance. At the same time, this setup will show off your perfectly roasted beans, completing the machine’s attractive look.


  • Fully automatic operation 
  • Burr grinder
  • Temperature stability during extraction
  • Grind and strength settings
  • Reusable filter


  • The bean container lid doesn’t lock into place
  • Some users may find the grinder loud

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As we already noted, the Capresso 464.05 is a fully automatic drip coffee maker. Let’s examine what this means step by step.

  • Built-in Grinder

A built-in grinder is necessary for an automatic coffee maker. You cannot have a fully automated brewing process without the grinding process.

The Capresso 464.05 includes a grinder with a conical burr design. If you’re not familiar with coffee grinders, let’s say a conical burr grinder is a type you’d want to go with. Other kinds of grinders don’t come anywhere close in terms of the consistency and temperature of the grind.

With the Capresso’s grinder, you’ll get precise results every time, coupled with very little heat. This way, the taste, and aroma are perfectly preserved. The bean container can hold six ounces of beans, which will give you at least 20 cups of coffee at the strongest setting.

  • Filters

Drip coffee makers typically use paper filters, forcing you to buy packs upon packs of them. This is not the case with the Capresso 464.05, as it uses a proprietary Gold Tone filter. In essence, a gold-tone filter accomplishes the same task as a paper filter. However, you can wash and reuse it an infinite number of times.

The reusable filter brings several benefits. First, waking up and realizing you’ve run out of filters can be annoying. With the Capresso, you can forget about filters altogether. In addition, you’ll save money too. Lastly, disposable paper filters aren’t exactly great for the environment. With the Gold Tone, you can stop wasting paper and do a small service to the planet.

While on the subject, the coffee filter isn’t the only filter inside the Capresso 464.05. It also contains a charcoal water filter to ensure that the water in your coffee is pure. To get the best taste and aroma, the water you use to brew coffee must be free of contaminants. Fortunately, this is not a problem with the Capresso 464.05.

  • Automatic Operation

The Capresso’s automatic operation mode is, without doubt, its most prominent feature. All you need to do to brew coffee is fill the machine with beans and water. That’s it. When it’s full, you can program it to your taste and get coffee at the press of a single button.

Even more importantly, it can brew based on a timer. The Capresso 464.05 has a built-in clock, as shown on the LCD front panel. Apart from telling the time of day, the clock serves an additional purpose: you can set up a regular daily coffee brew!

When programmed accordingly, the Capresso will have your cup of coffee (or a few) ready the moment you wake up.

If you haven’t used a programmable automatic coffee maker before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how convenient and time-saving it can be. On top of everything, if you’re a light sleeper, you can even use the grinding noise as an alarm!

Just kidding, don’t rely on it too much. It makes some noise, but it’s nowhere near that loud.

The Brew

Now we get to a crucial aspect of any coffee maker – the quality of the brew it produces. We won’t keep you waiting – the Capresso 464.05 makes excellent coffee. 

As you might know, brewing starts with the grinding of the beans, followed by extraction. Thanks to its high-tech grinder and stable temperature control, the Capresso works flawlessly in both aspects.

Let’s see how the Capresso handles each one of these procedures.

  • Grinding

Unlike cheaper coffee makers that use blade grinders, the Capresso starts the brew with its burr grinder. A burr grinder crushes the coffee beans, whereas a blade grinder cuts them up. This results in a consistent grind and keeps the temperature at a minimum, preserving the taste of your beans.

You can also choose the grind’s coarseness – the Capresso includes recommendations for grind size based on the color of your coffee beans. These are simply guidelines, though, so you don’t have to follow them to the letter. Instead, play around with the settings, and you’ll get to try various tastes and textures with each grind setting.

  • Extraction

Let’s examine the final stage of brewing: extraction. Unsurprisingly, the Capresso 464.05 excels here as well. The inner workings of the coffee maker keep the brew temperature at a consistent 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature for extraction.

Getting the temperature right 100% of the time is vital, and the science behind this is simple. A low temperature means the taste and aroma of your coffee grinds won’t make their way into your brew, resulting in a watery drink. On the opposite end, if the water is too hot, it will burn the grinds, leaving you with bitter-tasting coffee.

If we’re talking about brew settings, aside from the grind size mentioned above, the Capresso will also let you choose the strength of your brew. The coffee maker calls this the “Aroma” setting, and you can adjust it in three steps, depending on whether you’d like a mild, regular, or strong cup of coffee.

Disadvantages of the Capresso 464.05

As you’ve probably guessed from reading our Capresso 464.05 review, there aren’t many drawbacks to this machine. It’s a solid, well-performing piece of equipment that does its job with style.

However, nothing is perfect. After a long, hard look, we managed to find a few design flaws.

For starters, the bean container has a non-locking lid. So once you’ve filled it up with coffee beans, you just put the lid on top, and that’s it. As a result, the cap will sometimes rattle when the grinder does its job. But since the build itself is durable and holds some weight of its own, the rattle is hardly noticeable.

Other than that, some users also report that the coffee maker is too loud. This aspect can be annoying if you share a place with other individuals. Overall, however, you may find the Capresso 464.05 ideal for most settings.

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Final Thoughts

Finding an excellent automatic drip coffee maker can be a difficult task, and when you add programmable to that list, it becomes nearly impossible. However, this Capresso 464.05 review shows that such machines do exist.

If you’re in the market for a drip coffee maker, we can guarantee you will be pleased with what the Capresso has to offer. Its main selling point is, of course, the fantastic possibility of having your coffee ready the moment you wake up. However, the Capresso 464.05 is not a one-trick pony: the coffee it brews is incredibly delicious and aromatic.

You can trust our Capresso 464.05 review to help you in your search for an excellent automatic drip coffee maker. It’s so good, in fact, that you may as well end your search here and now.

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