Capresso 560 vs 565: how Important Is a Tiny Difference in the Name?

Grinders — manual or electric, we need them to enjoy the fresh coffee flavor from those freshly-ground beans. But, do we need Capresso Infinity coffee grinders, or can we maybe use a Baratza grinder instead to get those consistent grinds?

If your decision to buy a Capresso grinder is set in stone, you could start hunting for your favorite Capresso by learning more about two of the Infinity models — the Infinity 560.01 and the 565.05. It is not a secret that these grinders are very popular and that they keep their consistency at a level. Sixteen grind settings and steel conical burrs are what keep the two Infinity grinders grinding impeccably, and technologies that make the grinders user-friendly are integrated into their entire construction. But what makes them different? Scroll down in our Capresso 560 vs 565 review to find out.

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Capresso 560.01

Editor’s rating: 4.8 Star Editor's Rating

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Black Key features:

  • 4-ounce coffee collector
  • 8.8-ounce bean hopper
  • Safety lock on hopper
  • Solid steel conical burr
  • Removable upper burr
  • Motor that rotates slowly
  • Designed for little static build-up


Compact construction for an easy time grinding, even if you have to move the grinder around or fit it somewhere where there’s not much space

16 grind settings for a creative slide from coarser to finer grinds as you’re figuring out what the best grind for your beverage might be



A bit hard to clean due to the design of the flat grinding chamber

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Capresso 565.05

Editor’s rating: 4.8 Star Editor's Rating

Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder Bundle with East Coast Blend and Coffee Measure (3 Items) Key features:

  • Solid steel conical burr
  • 4-ounce grounds bin
  • 8.8-ounce hopper
  • Safety lock on hopper
  • Upper burr is removable
  • Motor that rotates slowly
  • Static-free design


Made of stainless steel for more durability and aesthetics

16 settings for coffees of any kind and flavor



Static electricity is a bit of an issue with grinds getting glued to the parts of the grinder

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Our pick: The Capresso Infinity 560.01

We’ll go with the Capresso Infinity 560.01. The two grinders are exactly the same, with the only difference being the materials from which their housings are made. In the case of the Infinity 560.01, you have a housing made of stainless steel and ABS plastic, while the housing of the Infinity 565.05 is made of stainless steel and zinc. Because of this, the Infinity 565.05 costs way more than the Infinity 560.01, and we wouldn’t want to pay more only because of a steel and zinc housing; we would be especially conscious about our money if our next step was to buy a good drip brewer like the Technivorm. That said, the plastic and steel housing that the 560.01 has is enough to help the performance of the grinder, plus it comes in two colors (black and stainless steel) as a shout out to personalized aesthetics.

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder, Black About the Capresso Infinity 560.01

The Capresso Infinity 560.01 is an electric coffee grinder that has 16 grind settings ranging from Turkish-coffee-fine to coffee-percolator-coarse. On each level of fineness, you can choose between 4 settings to adjust your grounds. These settings bring the type of versatility to grinding that corresponds to the fine efficiency of a good entry-level grinder, which the Infinity 560.01 certainly is.

As they travel from the 8.8-ounce bean hopper to the 4-ounce coffee collector, the coffee beans cause little to no retention. Thanks to the static-free properties of the hopper and the coffee collector, almost all of your coffee ends exactly where it should end — in your cup, mug, or carafe. The grinding process is quiet and sustainable due to the slow rotation of the conical steel burrs, which grind the coffee beans at less than 450 rpm, preserving their freshness and bringing out the aroma locked inside of them.

Is the Infinity 560.01 easy to clean? Well, it is advertised as so, but the reality might be a bit different. The upper burr of the grinder is removable, but, the grinds sometimes just find their way in the cavities of the grinder. A brush is included in the box, however, to help you cleaning the grinder the best you can, and often, a few sweeps will do the trick.

Two housing colors join the efficiency of the Capresso Infinity 560.01— black and stainless steel, and choosing between the two is not a choice way too difficult to make. By getting the Capresso Infinity 560.01, though, you’re prioritizing the safety of your hands since the grinder doesn’t grind with the upper burr removed. Choose the Capresso Infinity 560.01 if you like safety and consistency, and if you enjoy brewing coffee with different brewing methods.

Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder Bundle with East Coast Blend and Coffee Measure (3 Items) About the Capresso Infinity 565.05

The Capresso Infinity 565.05 is a grinder that wants to introduce more durability to your everyday coffee grinding practices. Made of zinc and stainless steel, this sturdy coffee maker offers quieter grinding times and a protective stance toward the aroma of your chosen coffee beans.

The included timer is a bit of a guess game, but once you learn what the numbers on it mean in terms of grinds quantity, you’ll be able to grind the exact amount of coffee that you want. The secondary function of the timer is that it acts as an auto off dial, with the grinder turning off once the timer’s dial points to 0.

Consistency is not an issue on either one of 16 grind settings of the Capresso Infinity 565.05, but it is a solid entry-level consistency. As far as how this grinder grinds, this task belongs to its steel conical burrs. The grinder’s motor also gets the burrs in action with an RMP lower than less than 450, which is why the grinder is quieter than other grinders in the market. Another interesting thing about the burrs is that the upper burr is removable for easier cleaning, but, once removed, your Infinity 565.05 will not grind for safety reasons.

The compact Infinity 565.05 is a little limiting when it comes to housing color options, but, it is a sturdy silverish idyll. On the other hand, static electricity could have some grounds sticking to the plastic parts of the grinder, even though the Infinity 565.05 was designed to maintain the influence of static electricity under control. The grinder is still a good option because of its durability and consistency.

Similarities between the Capresso Infinity 560.01 and the Capresso Infinity 565.05

The Capresso Infinity 560.01 and 565.05 are two extremely similar grinders. In fact, they would’ve been exactly the same if it wasn’t for the two colors in which the 560.01 is available in comparison to the one and only ‘attire’ of the 565.05. Both grinders have 16 grind settings, are fit for coarse, medium, fine, and extra fine grinds, and they have the same hopper and coffee collector.

There’s no difference in the design of their solid steel burrs as well, no difference in the way they grind, and no difference in the cleaning methods that you’ll need to use when removing coffee dust from inside the grinding chamber.

The timer is also present on both models, and that brings more accuracy to the quantity of ground coffee. The dial for the timer is the same, with the same markings and the same design.

When looking for differences in their dimensions, we found that the Capresso Infinity 560.01 is as compact as the 565.05 model. Their compact bodies, furthermore, have the same built-in motor that rotates slowly for the sake of aroma and in-cup flavor preservation.

The safety mechanism of the hopper is present on both grinders, protecting you from an accidental injury by disabling the grinding when the upper burr is removed. Overall, the Capresso Infinity 560.01 and the 565.05 bring you the convenience of grinding at home in a safe way and with a nice consistency over time. The great choice of 16 grind settings, furthermore, helps you match your coffee with any brew method of your preference.

Differences between the Capresso Infinity 560.01 and the Capresso Infinity 565.05

Again, except for the housing materials, there are no other differences between the Capresso Infinity 560.01 and the Capresso Infinity 565.05. Well, there are no differences when it comes to quality, consistency, and the overall design, but there is a difference in price, with the 565.05 being far pricier. Other than that, all is good and all is the same.

Which one should you go with?

This is not a hard question and its answer is the Capresso Infinity 560.01. There are literally no features that the two Capresso grinders have that we could point out as better for certain people and less favorable for others. Unless you really like the housing of the 565.05 and unless you really like that it’s a bit more durable than the 560.01, we suggest you to go with the Capresso Infinity 560.01.

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