Best Coffee Makers Under $50

A coffee maker is an essential part of most households. As a result, people either purchase high-end, top-of-the-line espresso machines or opt for significantly less expensive alternatives that meet their budgetary requirements.

The problem is that when you settle for less, the quality of the goods you receive is rarely guaranteed. You may be able to get a good deal, but you’ll probably have to replace it in a few weeks or months.

That is why choosing a coffee maker requires extensive research.

In this article, we’ve cut down the work for you. Our list covers the 5 best coffee makers under $50 so that you can get your daily cup of coffee on a budget. You can rest assured that these coffee makers are a bang for your buck.

We’ve included the most high-quality and durable machines you can get on the market. Their performance and customer satisfaction make them a consumer favorite across the board for this price range.

The Best 5 Coffee Makers Under $50

In this article, we’ll walk you through the 5 best coffee makers under $50 so that you can make an informed decision regarding your purchase. In addition, we have ranked these budget-friendly coffee makers in terms of value for money.

1. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Editor’s rating: 4.5 Star Editor's Rating

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Black The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker stands out as one of the best budget coffee makers across the board. For a machine that costs less than $50 and lasts approximately two years, it accomplishes everything you want it to do at the nominal price of some noise and the odd plastic odor due to the build of the machine itself.

Aside from that, you can expect and enjoy its 12 cup capacity glass carafe, compact and simple design, and programmable feature, which makes it even easier to use. What you get is something worth more than $50 when you consider the value of the 12 cups of coffee you’ll be getting on top of the convenience the machine provides. In addition, it allows you to save time and prepare for several people, making this an ideal option if you are a fan of family breakfasts.


Comes with a 12-cup glass carafe

Compact and simple design


Easy to program

User-friendly interface


It makes a considerable amount of noise

Has a plastic Smell

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2. Black+Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker DCM600B

Editor’s rating: 4.8 Star Editor's Rating

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker, Black, DCM600B The Black+Decker 5-Cup Coffee Maker is the middle ground of the Hamilton Beach and the Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker. With its plastic construction, this one looks a lot like the Mr. Coffee model, but it’s also a good option if you’re searching for a machine to make coffee at a lower capacity. This coffee maker includes a 5-cup Duralife glass carafe and a keep-warm carafe plate, so it won’t have the same issues as the Hamilton Beach model. Furthermore, the coffee machine comes with a removable filter for convenient usage.

With that said, the tradeoff of the removable filter is that it causes problems with the brew. Because of how the filter interacts with the mechanism, water flows through the beans too quickly and dilutes the coffee. It’s also worthy to note that this coffee maker doesn’t have an automatic turn-off feature, so you’ll have to remember to turn it off manually.


The coffee machine is simple and convenient to use

Provides easy cleaning because of the removable filter

It comes with a 5-cup glass carafe

Equipped with a keep-warm carafe plate


It has a plastic build

Brews watered-down coffee

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3. Bella 14755 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Editor’s rating: 4.8 Star Editor's Rating

BELLA (14755) 12 Cup Coffee Maker with Brew Strength Selector & Single Cup Feature, Stainless Steel Our resident sleeper pick is the Bella 12-Cup Coffee Maker. Although this machine may not be as popular as some of the other options on our list, we have good reason to include it here. The Bella 12-Cup Coffee Maker offers just as many features as other models in the market. In addition, it is made of a combination of stainless steel and plastic for further durability.

The machine doesn’t skimp on volume, with a 12-cup capacity per brew and an intuitive user interface. For day and night brews, Bella incorporated a backlit LCD. This display allows for a programmable brewing option to set up to 24 hours ahead of time. In addition, it has a self-cleaning cycle, which helps to maintain the machine’s integrity and the quality of subsequent brews.

However, the machine’s sole drawback is that you’ll have to replace the permanent filter quite often due to its poor quality. Furthermore, some users report water condensation issues as not all of the water passes through the filter. Apart from that, this coffee maker is a bargain. If you’re interested in seeing other similar premium quality products, take a look at our review of the best Bella coffee makers.


Beginner-friendly and intuitive user interface

Offers excellent durability

It has a 12-cup capacity per news

Equipped with a self-cleaning cycle


The permanent filter is of poor quality

You may face some issues with condensation

Check Price

4. Hamilton Beach 46310 Programmable Coffee Maker

Editor’s rating: 4.8 Star Editor's Rating

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker, 12 Cups, Front Access Easy Fill, Pause & Serve, 3 Brewing Options, Black (46310) The Hamilton Beach 46310 is one of the best programmable coffee makers out there. It boasts a 12-cup capacity, a built-in clock to set the brew time and strength, and a 2-hour automatic shutdown option. In addition, it features an LCD that also serves as a reminder for when it’s time to clean the machine.

The coffee machine has removable components that allow easy water refills. On top of that, the filter simply swings open so that you can reload coffee beans.

When it comes to the drawbacks of this machine, the number one concern is keeping the coffee warm. Its automatic shutdown feature prevents the coffee from staying hot for long periods, which may prove to be an inconvenience. Unfortunately, every time the machine shuts down, you must manually restart it. Furthermore, due to the lack of markings on the carafe, it can be challenging to measure the brew.


It has a 12-cup capacity

Comes with a built-in clock

It offers a 2-hour automatic shutoff

The self-cleaning cycle allows for extended durability


The carafe does not have any markings for brew size

Can’t keep the coffee hot for long

Check Price

5. Hamilton Beach 49981A Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Editor’s rating: 4.5 Star Editor's Rating

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker, Fast Brewing, Stainless Steel (49981A) The Hamilton Beach 49981A is one of the sleeker-looking models that makes you feel that it’s worth every dollar you spent. Thanks to its stainless steel body, it looks and feels more expensive than the Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker. Although this coffee maker is more durable, it is designed with smaller families in mind. If you don’t need a 12-cup glass carafe, this Hamilton Beach single-serve could be just what you’re looking for.

The coffee machine comes with an easy-to-use filter that eliminates the need for pods and allows you to customize your brew by using various coffee beans.

With that being said, this coffee maker’s most popular criticism is that it underperforms despite its beautiful design. The coffee takes a while to brew and is often not strong enough. In addition, since the design caters to a short wide mug, it cannot accommodate a tall and slender travel mug if you want to enjoy your coffee on the road. However, if a mug that fits this machine is the only thing holding you back, check out the best coffee mug gift baskets.


It has a sleek and elegant design

It offers a stainless steel build

Easy-to-use filter



The brew is often watered-down

It cannot fit a travel mug

Check Price

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Coffee Maker Under $50

If you’re looking to get a coffee maker to fulfill your caffeine needs, there are a few factors you must keep in mind. This will allow you to make a smart buying decision that you won’t regret later on.

Of course, there are several aspects to consider when choosing a coffee maker, but for the sake of pricing and quality, we’ve narrowed it down to the following:

  • Convenience

Since we’re talking about budget coffee makers, it seems fair to pick one that offers the most convenience. As a result, we didn’t include a manual coffee maker in the list, mainly because most programmed coffee makers can get the job done with ease.

  • Brew Size

When it comes to the size of the brew, more doesn’t always mean better. We looked at both single-serve and large-volume coffee machines to add diversity to our list. After all, cost-effective brewing is also about making the right amount for your household. Certain tradeoffs between coffee makers offer large quantities over smaller ones, although this typically affects the quality of the coffee.

  • Extra Features

Added features in budget-friendly coffee machines make them an instant steal. This is because these products stand out from the regular ones and allow you to get style without breaking the bank. These extra features include notification alerts, pre-programmed brewing, cleaning alarms, and the Keep Warm function.

  • Taste

In essence, the flavor of the beans is not the same as the quality of the beans. What counts when it comes to coffee makers is how effectively they brew the coffee. Unfortunately, some coffee machines don’t do a good job, resulting in bland coffee. That is why, in addition to all of the other characteristics of the coffee maker you are considering, it is critical to check if it can brew coffee well and to your taste.

  • Durability

When it comes to choosing coffee makers, another factor we consider is durability. So, naturally, we take into account the machine’s construction and materials. Is it made of plastic? Is it a stainless steel product? Is a glass carafe included in the package? Is it possible to have a carafe made of thermal glass? A coffee maker is made up of several components that contribute to its durability. The bottom line is, will it last long enough for the price you’re looking for and all of the features you want it to have?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best coffee maker for me?

It depends on your taste. Aside from these factors to consider when looking for a coffee maker, you may also want to familiarize yourself with various coffee makers out there. You can go from non-electric coffee brewers to electric coffee brewers then to the espresso machines. Each of these serves a different function and purpose and caters to a particular style. If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at coffee machines, check out this guide.

2. What kind of beans should I get?

When choosing coffee beans, there are several things to look out for. It’s difficult to prescribe, but you should be aware that there are two sorts of coffee beans: arabica and robusta. Arabica beans are richer and less bitter than Robusta beans, which are used in blends. You should also be familiar with the location from which you obtain the bean, as the conditions under which a coffee bean was raised affect its flavor. Finally, you must become acquainted with roasts responsible for the beans’ “ultimate” flavor.

3. Are manual espresso makers good? 

Manual espresso machines are advantageous in that they are less expensive than their electric counterparts. They also have an aesthetic feel and provide a different level of enjoyment than their electric cousin. Of course, there is a learning curve, but you might be in for a treat if you are prepared to put in the work. So if you want to give manual espresso makers a shot, check out this review for the best results.


The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is an easy favorite for a consistent coffee maker across the board. Thankfully, it has no flaws other than the plastic odor it emits due to its build. On the other hand, the Hamilton Beach 49981A offers a sleek look for a single-serve coffee maker but falls a bit short when it comes to the brew flavor.

Despite its issue with coffee taste, the Black+Decker DCM600B provides plenty of functionality for its price range due to ease of use.  Similarly, the Bella 12-Cup Coffee Maker offers an excellent and sturdy hybrid design of stainless steel plastic that brews good coffee but falls short due to certain issues with the filter. Furthermore, the Hamilton Beach 43610 gives out a good dose of coffee and safety with its automatic shutoff feature, although that also turns out to be its downfall since it can’t keep the coffee hot for prolonged periods.

That wraps up our list of our best coffee makers under $50. We hope that helped narrow down your choices and let you learn more about buying a budget-friendly coffee maker.

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