Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder Review: the ‘Brasilia’, ‘Santiago’, ‘Montevideo’, and ‘La Paz’ Models

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Zassenhaus M040234 Coffee Mill, Brown There’s nothing about the Zassenhaus coffee grinders we dislike! All four of its versions go above and beyond to bring you style, durability, and ease of use! Their compact footprint brings memories of the 50s. This is the era of wooden kitchen utensils crafted in a recognizable retro style. Made of beech wood, the Zassenhaus coffee grinder brings the best of the past to your kitchen counter.

Key features:

  • Manual
  • Made of beech wood (‘Brasilia,’ ‘Santiago,’ and ‘La Paz’)
  • ‘Montevideo’’ is made of walnut and pearwood
  • ‘Santiago’’ was made in Germany
  • ‘Brasilia’, ‘Montevideo,’ and ‘La Paz’ were made in the Czech Republic
  • Carbon steel conical burrs
  • Adjustable grind settings, from coarse to fine
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Feature a drawer in which the coffee grinds fall during grinding


Each of these compact grinders looks amazing and is made of quality wood

This wood is durable, and durable as well is the mills’ grinding mechanism

Whichever grinder you pick, it’s guaranteed to last for 25 years at least

The grinders preserve coffee’s natural aroma and oils because they produce very little heat when used

Guaranteed grind consistency, no matter which setting you decide to grind at

Their ergonomic handles and mess-free drawers make them a joy to use and clean

They’re perfect to use both indoors and outdoors


The adjustment nod might get displaced as you grind and accidentally switch through the grind settings

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What Can You Expect from a Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder?

An inexpensive and manual grinding experience! You can even find the ‘Santiago’ versions at a discount on Amazon currently!

All Zassenhaus grinders, with the exception of ‘Montevideo,’ are made of beechwood. This type of timber is widely-recognized for its durability and resistance to abrasion. It also influences the grinders’ retro appearance, making stylish design one of the biggest reasons why people choose Zassenhaus. After all, 50s folks knew what classy coffee-making looks like!

The ‘Montevideo’ grinder is the unique one in the series. It’s made of rich walnut and pear wood. This choice of materials complements the stupendous design of the coffee mill.

All Zassenhaus grinders have sturdy, metal grinding mechanisms with carbon steel conical burrs. That’s why they last for 25 years and more! Their longevity is also due to the carefully-crafted gear that keeps the grinding mechanism in place. This outer gear comes in different colors to match the unique finishes and styles of each mill. One thing is for sure, however: this gear and the long, ergonomic handle make grinding easy.

The well-thought-out features of the grinders of the Zassenhaus brand guarantee a fantastic coffee aroma and consistency. There’s very little to no heat is released during grinding regardless of the grind setting! Forget about blunt flavor and welcome a bunch of refreshing coffee moments!

Zassenhaus "Brasilia" Dark Beech Wood Manual Coffee Mill About the Clean-Lined ‘Brasilia’

The ‘Brasilia’ is the simplest Zassenhaus mill. It features clean lines and a clean finish, overall. You can get it in dark-colored, mahogany, and natural, with beech wood styling its splendid surface.

Out of the three versions, it’s the dark and mahogany ones that are the most retro. The natural one has a more modern twist to it. However, the tint of the grinding mechanism puts more color options into play. The mechanism of the mahogany mill is available in gold and it comes in chrome on the other two grinders.

Since it’s simplistic, the ‘Brasilia’ is the most affordable in the Zassenhaus grinder series. Its price doesn’t affect the grinder’s aroma preservation properties and consistency, however.

Zassenhaus Santiago Coffee Mill Grinder Beech Wood, 5.5 x 3.5 x 7.8, Natural varnish ‘Santiago’ and Its Slender Body

‘Santiago’ is the most slender one of these grinders. Its slenderness gives it its unique wavy shape and compactness. This is also the only Zassenhaus coffee grinder available in black alongside its mahogany and varnished beech wood versions.

The grinder has a cleaner and narrower top— perfect if you enjoy understated grinding mechanisms. Like the other grinders in the Zassenhaus family, the ‘Santiago’ guarantees a remarkable grind consistency.

Zassenhaus Montevideo Coffee Grinder, us:one Size, Blend Complexity in Style and Texture With the ‘Montevideo’

If you prefer playful grinder designs, you’ll like the woodwork of the Zassenhaus ‘Montevideo’. This grinder is available in both natural and blend finish.

The wood used for the natural coffee mill creates its fantasy-like finish with an exposed wood grain. The blend version is stylized with a mosaic-like surface. If fun and out-of-the-box finishes tickle your grinder bone, the ‘Montevideo’ will stand out for you!

Zassenhaus M040128 Coffee Mill, Brown The Science-Apparatus-Like ‘La Paz’

‘La Paz’ looks like it got out straight from a 1700s scientific lab! It’s dark and has a ball-shaped grinding mechanism that cohesively combines black and cold. Its design complements the low-roof drawer the ‘La Paz’. Since the compartment can’t fit the grinding mechanism, an external piece acts as a grinding chamber. Beautiful and mess-free concept like all Zassenhaus grinders! Unfortunately, this mill is currently available on non-US Amazon sites only.

FAQ About the Zassenhaus Coffee Grinder

Can I use a Zassenhaus coffee grinder to grind corn?

We don’t recommend that. These grinders are made to grind coffee beans only.

Is it possible to grind coffee for espresso which I’d later use on my espresso machine?

Zassenhaus coffee grinders are low-end grinders. Although very consistent, they can grind coffee for espresso used on an entry-level espresso machine only. Advanced espresso machines will work best when paired with higher-end grinders like the Baratza Sette or the Rancilio Rocky.

Are these grinders good for Keurig coffee makers and French press?

Yes, they are!


We love Zassenhaus grinders! With them, coffee joy is guaranteed for everyone. Simple or complex, mahogany or natural, slimmer or wider— follow your heart and pick your favorite! Their consistency won’t let you down. Happy coffee time!

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