Bella Dual Brew Coffee Maker Review

Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the world and is also the most popular. Minerals, vitamins, and some dietary proteins may all be found in coffee. Also, let’s not forget how for most of us, it is like a dose of energized heavenly bliss which just gets you started for the day. Although the taste of the coffee that is made in the traditional style matches no other but let us agree, no one has that amount of time nowadays. And that’s why people prefer using coffee makers.

Coffee makers are ideal for making high-quality coffee on a daily basis with minimal effort. Bella Dual Brew single-serve coffee maker is one of the top single-serve coffee makers that provide full-bodied brewed coffee every morning.

Product Overview

Editor’s rating: 4.5 Star Editor's Rating

BELLA Single Serve Coffee Maker, Dual Brew K-Cup Pod or Ground Coffee Brewer, Adjustable Drip Tray for Personal Travel Mugs, Large Removable Water Tank, Black

Key Features of Bella Dual Brew Coffee Maker:

  • Brand: Bella
  • Length: 8.2 inches
  • Height: 11.9 inches
  • Width: 6.9 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Reusable filter basket: Present
  • Adjustable drip tray: Present
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Brew sizes: Three; 6oz, 10oz, 15oz
  • Colors: Black and silver
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Warranty: Two years

When the summer arrives, we’re confident you’ll agree that nothing beats a cup of iced coffee to cool off in the sweltering heat.

With the Bella dual brew coffee maker, you can quickly pour your favorite hot coffee or tea or any other types of coffee drinks over ice cubes for a delicious drink. You may have your beverage instantly poured into your home coffee mug or the travel mug to save time and enjoy your drink at the same time, thanks to its versatility to suit all regular cup sizes and 10-ounce travel mugs.

Almost every coffee brewer, of course, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Bella dual brewer.


  • Auto-off function (shuts off after each brew – older versions did not have this option) 
  • Compact Design makes it easy and attractive for the kitchen space.
  • It brews both K-cups and ground coffee.
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Affordably brewed coffee
  • Advanced pressurized pump technology makes it easy to brew strong coffee without paying to expensive restaurants.


  • It’s possible that not all recyclable K-cups will work.
  • Average brew quality (although because this is a low-cost coffee machine, I can’t complain about this)
  • Electric outlet problem – according to the product handbook, no other electrical appliance should be connected to where your Bella coffee brewer is plugged in, even if the other equipment is turned off. Furthermore, you must unplug the brewer after each use.
  • Consumers of this coffee maker have experienced leakage issues on occasion.

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Features Overview

  1. In only a few seconds, you can enjoy both hot and cold coffee with Bella’s dual brew coffee maker.
  2. In the reusable filter basket of the Bella coffee maker, you may use both k-cups and ground coffee.
  3. This coffee maker comes with a reusable filter that can be washed in the dishwasher. The reusable filter can reduce consumer waste making it environmentally friendly as well as save a handful of money.

BELLA Single Serve Coffee Maker, Dual Brew K-Cup Pod or Ground Coffee Brewer, Adjustable Drip Tray for Personal Travel Mugs, Large Removable Water Tank, BlackThese features of Bella Dual Coffee Maker make a killer combination. Let us check out the details of some of the impressive features of this amazing product:

Pressurized Pump Technology

You can create your favorite coffee with the Bella dual brew coffee maker machine, which has a very rich flavor and taste. This coffee maker has pressured pump technology for a rich, strong brew that ensures that you get the full taste of the coffee beans.

Adjustable Drip Tray and Drips

Not a fan of just using a single cup? The Bella coffee maker is ideal if you prefer to drink coffee in various cup types. This coffee maker has an adjustable drip tray to modify the cup size for different cup sizes. 

This coffee maker has three brew sizes: 6 ounces, 10 ounces, and 15 ounces. You may also use your travel mug to prepare your favorite coffee. The coffee maker controls the whole brewing process for you and has a fast drip. But sometimes the drip itself can become slow. This is because of the buildup of residue in the machine. Cleaning it thoroughly with water will do the trick.

Auto On/Off

The auto On/Off feature on this coffee maker is programmed. If you have an emergency and forget to switch off your coffee machine, don’t worry; this coffee maker will automatically turn off your coffee machine after two hours.

Reusable Brew Cup Adapter

A reusable brew cup adaptor is with the Bella double brew coffee maker. You may brew your coffee whereever you want, whenever you want. You can also use it to boil hot water for teas, hot chocolate, and other beverages.

Bold Taste and Space Saver

The coffee maker includes three pressured bar pumps for optimal k-cup brewing. Every time you use the 3 bar pump, you’ll get a nice warm mug of coffee. This device helps you conserve space. This beautifully designed single-serve coffee maker saves counter space and is ideal for businesses, solitary coffee drinkers, and compact flats.

3 Bar Pressure Pumps

K-cups are properly brewed with their 3-bar pressured pump to offer you the delicious, fragrant cup of coffee that you might be looking forward to.

Being a genuine coffee connoisseur, the flavor strength may not be as strong as you’d get at your favorite coffee shop, but it gets the job done.

BELLA Single Serve Coffee Maker, Dual Brew K-Cup Pod or Ground Coffee Brewer, Adjustable Drip Tray for Personal Travel Mugs, Large Removable Water Tank, Black Compact Design Fits Tight Kitchen Spaces

The Bella dual brewer’s sleek, elegant appearance is one of its most notable characteristics. Apart from looking good, this design skill comes in handy when you don’t have the luxury of having large kitchen appliances owing to a lack of room.

It is time to shift to a minimalist approach in a broader viewpoint, taking into account modern-day kitchen decor. Due to rising worldwide land costs, it is increasingly difficult to purchase large residences or business buildings.

Easy to Operate 

Electronics that do not save you time and effort have no place in the fast-paced and competitive environment in which we all live. In terms of the Bella dual brewer, it provides both time savings and minimum work.

The Bella coffee maker makes brewing a cup of Joe a breeze thanks to its essential operation and operating mechanism. So, if you’re a workaholic who has to keep busy during the week, this coffee maker will suffice.

K-Cup or Ground Coffee 

So, why do you call it a “dual brewer” in the first place? – because it allows you to utilize your favorite K-cup packets, which you’ve been using for years.

Or, if you prefer ground coffee and have made it yourself with your coffee grinder, Bella allows you to do so as well! It has a reusable brew cup adaptor that you can use to brew ground coffee and other types of tea.

For your favorite K-cup 2.0 coffee brewing, the Bella Dual Brew coffee machine comes with a K-cup adaptor. K-cups can give you the benefit of getting your day started quickly but they are not considered environmentally friendly.

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This coffee machine supports just one coffee drinker in the house at a time. For example, some people have a job that is a long way from home, and they rarely have time to have breakfast, so they mostly prefer to bring their coffee with them.

So, the feature that we appreciate about this coffee maker the most is that it allows you to brew your coffee directly into a travel cup, which prevents your coffee from being cold and saves you time.

With a pressured pump, the Bella dual brew single-serve coffee machine is ideal for single coffee drinkers who want a full, robust brewed cup of coffee whenever they want it.

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