Blade or Burr Grinders – What makes the best coffee?

Sure, a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all; but an excellent tasting coffee can set your mood right. It all pens down to how you make it. And that’s what we are here to discuss today. Blade or Burr Grinders: What makes the best coffee?

 To some, this may seem frivolous, but if you are a coffee obsessive, this piece of information is all you need. Although many factors contribute to excellent tasting coffee, your mechanism plays a significant role. So, here’s a detailed comparison of Burr vs Blades Grinders tried and tested by our team. Good beans deserve a good grind. Take charge of the coffee beans, and leave the latter to us.

There is nothing more important than a coffee grinder for getting good-tasting coffee. There are two types of grinders available in the market and one is the blade grinder and the other is the burr grinder. However, the question arises as to which one makes the best coffee?

Burr Grinder

Everything about Burr Grinders

They have the ability to grind coffee beans to the same size, and it is one of the essential things that individuals look for in a grinder. If the size is not uniform, you will get an under-extracted or over-extracted coffee cup. If the coffee is under-extracted, you will get a sour taste, and it gives a bitter taste when it is over-extracted.

One can even adjust the grind size from coarse to fine. Hence it helps in getting a good cup of coffee.

Burr grinders are entirely different from their older cousin, and they can be conical or flat with two revolving abrasive surfaces that can be set at a distance. The good news here is that you can adjust the distance between the burrs. When the coffee beans pass through, the two burr pieces funnel the beans and crush them consistently. The drill is that the lesser the distance, the finer the coffee ground. So, sit back and relish your coffee just like you like it.

A Burr grinder leaves no stone unturned to satisfy a coffee enthusiast. With this appliance, get geared to satiate your temptations of sipping on incredibly flavoured and balanced coffee.

There are two types of burr grinders-flat burr and conical burr. 


  • Grinds coffee beans uniformly

  • Can adjust the grounded coffee to different sizes

  • It is equipped with a burr that remains sharp for years

  • Generates larger grind volume.

  • Convenient to clean


  • High electricity cost

  • Cannot find this kind of grinder in the kitchen or grocery store

Everything about Blade grinders

It is also known as a propeller grinder. Blade grinders are a 20th-century innovation inspired by how propellers were used in small motorboats. 

They have rotating blades that will remind many of a blender. These blades help slice up the coffee beans and ground them, and it helps break down the beans into small fragments.

Blade grinders are helpful when you want to brew coffee for making French press. They are the ideal coffee grinders for French press brew. In both these processes, you do not need finely grounded coffee. When using a drip coffee maker with paper filters, the minor inconsistency in the grind will not cause changes in the resulting brew. 

You could call them one of the most straightforward coffee grinding machines. A blade grinder has walked into most kitchens because of its versatility and simple mechanism. The appliance consists of a double-pronged blade placed at the bottom centre of the chamber. Once you turn on the grinder, the blade spins speedily to chop the coffee beans into differently-sized particles. The coffee grounds are of different shapes and sizes. The more you churn it, the more refined it gets.


  • Inexpensive

  • Convenient to use

  • It can be found easily in kitchen stores

  • Works at high speed

  • Great for primary use


  • No option for selecting the grind size

  • Reduces a bit of the flavour of coffee by heating the beans

  • Produces inconsistent coffee grounds

  • Less durable

Final Verdict

Here comes the final takeaway of burr vs blade grinder. Let me put it in the most uncomplicated and straightforward manner. If you love to control your coffee, the burr grinder is your go-to appliance, and it’s about time you up to your coffee game. The only drawback is the opportunity cost, but it’s worth it.

Blade grinders are more affordable than burr grinders. If you love to have a good cup of coffee with a uniform size of the beans, then opt for the burr grinders. The manual burr grinders need less space. So, it is ideal for people who have less space in their homes. They are also budget-friendly. However, one can opt for the electric burr grinders if they have more budget and space in their homes. With sheer confidence, say goodbye to coffee shops. Nothing can beat the burrs.

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