How Does Coffee Affect Your Metabolism?

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Besides being one of the most popular mood-enhancing beverages around the world, coffee has also other positive effects on your body. One of which is its positive impact on enhancing your metabolic rate and fatty acid levels besides its antioxidative properties. Here in this article, we will discuss this thorough and in-depth analysis. So let’s … Read more

Blade or Burr Grinders – What makes the best coffee?

Burr Grinder

Sure, a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all; but an excellent tasting coffee can set your mood right. It all pens down to how you make it. And that’s what we are here to discuss today. Blade or Burr Grinders: What makes the best coffee?  To some, this may seem frivolous, … Read more

Coffee Basics: 4 Things To Know About Single Origin Coffee

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Coffee is always a favorite beverage for various age groups nowadays. If you happen to drop by a coffee shop, you might find menu items with a single-origin label. If you’re wondering what it means, it has something to do with the origin of coffee.  If you enjoy a cup of black coffee now and … Read more

How to Descale an Espresso Machine

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When I first purchased my Breville Barista Express coffeemaker, I was thrilled. It made better than average coffee. In time, however, I knew I needed a great descaling of my machine. I put it off the deep cleaning because I thought it would be a difficult task. In my mind, all I could think of … Read more

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Enjoy Coffee

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Whether you buy your coffee on the go or enjoy it at home, hopefully, you end up with the same result – a lovely hot beverage that wakes you up, starts your day off right, or just picks your spirits up. But have you ever considered whether your coffee consumption is good for the environment? … Read more

All You Need to Know About Bulletproof Coffee

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Marco from Caffeinated Face is a coffee lover and today’s guest post by him is all about Bulletproof Coffee, also known as Keto Coffee! Let’s kick it off! There are so many diets that can allow you to lose weight, but the most effective one I’ve ever undertaken myself has to be the Ketogenic diet. … Read more