Keurig K425 Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Alternatives

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Keurig K425 2.0 Brewing System, Vintage Red

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If you are looking for a Keurig with large capacities, there’s one model that might be interesting to you. It’s the Keurig K425, a coffee maker that has a 70-ounce water reservoir and brews cups, mugs, and a carafe.

With the very recognizable Keurig design, the K425 brings you the beloved Keurig looks. The good looks are part of Keurig’s tradition, while the programmable temperature and strength settings are the way to your personal idea of great coffee. Let’s see what other interesting things the Keurig K425 has to offer in this Keurig K425 review.

Key features:

  • A Keurig 2.0 model
  • 11 brew sizes, from 4 ounces to 30 ounces
  • 70-ounce water reservoir
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Strength control
  • Auto on and off
  • 2.4’’ color touch display
  • Hot water option


11 different cup, mug, and carafe brew sizes suitable for everyone and for every situation

Very large water reservoir for the ones who love to brew and brew all the time

Nice programmability, with strength and temperature control for you to take the lead when it comes to your coffee

Auto on and off functions for turning on and off exactly when you want it


Many complaints about the coffee maker not working after a year or so from the purchase

The display might start to malfunction after a while

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Starting with the brew sizes, the most impressive feature of the K425

With the K425 2.0 Keurig coffee maker, you can start thinking in 11 new and useful dimensions called brew sizes. These different brew sizes will pave you a quick path to cups from 4 to 12 ounces, large mugs, and even a huge 30-ounce carafe! All these brew sizes are proof that the K425 can brew more than you ever thought and so much more than you could’ve hoped.

Coffee only or something more?

The K425 can brew you your favorite beverage from more than 500 pods for a cup, a mug, or a carafe of coffee, but it can definitely do more than coffee! With this coffee maker, you can get a cup of hot chocolate, different varieties of tea, and mocha, and you can even put your own beverage creativity at test with the hot water on demand function any time.

Since the K425 is compatible with the My K-Cup universal and reusable coffee filter, you can also take a break from the coffee maker popping the K-Cups and use your favorite pre-ground coffee instead. With this many beverage options, you’ll never again go in a search for your favorite hot coffee drinks outside the comfort of your home, and neither will you search for the cold ones. Did we forget to mention that? Yes, the Keurig K425 comes prepared to brew over ice, so go ahead and enjoy brewing over ice!

Keurig K425 2.0 Brewing System, Vintage Red A 70-ounce tank that should be described in depth

The reason why we say that the tank of the K425 deserves to be described in depth is because it is a seriously deep tank. With a capacity of 70 ounces, this water reservoir perfectly explains why the coffee maker is capable of brewing different volumes of coffee. If a 30-ounce carafe can hold a large quantity of coffee, a 70-ounce water tank can hold more than twice as large quantity of water.

The tank on the K425 is not only large, but removable as well, and it has a nice blue light that shows you the level of the water anytime you want to check it. Since Keurig cares about the quality of the water that you use for your coffee, the tank is also compatible with a water filter that removes any unnecessary and unwanted substances from the water. As you can see, Keurig supports your nice brewing experience with the K425 through the capacity and user-friendliness of this coffee maker’s water tank.

Coffee settings, other settings…

So far we’ve talked about what the Keurig K425 coffee maker can offer you. Now, we’re going to say something about what you can offer to yourself with the help of this Keurig. Let’s face it– the same kind of regular coffee is not for everyone, especially not on a daily basis.

Coffee can be more than a simple drink, and, with the K425, you can witness that every day. Instead of a nice pre-defined cup of drip coffee, you can choose between warm, warmer, or very hot coffee. As you’re thinking about using your favorite Starbucks K-Cup for your coffee, you can also give yourself the pleasure of adjusting the strength of your coffee as well. In the meanwhile, you can also set the coffee maker to automatically turn off after you’re done brewing and head to work. When you get back home, however, you will find the K425 turned on and ready to brew right as you’re stepping inside your house. Why? Because you’ve also used the auto on feature of this Keurig and now you can have your coffee after the thirsty trip back home.

Other settings that are accessible from the color touch display of the K425 are the high altitude setting, language settings, and the setting for the filter reminder. With the color touch display, these and all the settings that we talked about are no further away from the tip of your finger and ready to be adjusted only when you want to take a little adjustment adventure.

FAQ about the Keurig K425

Does the Keurig K425 come with a carafe?

No, it doesn’t. You can purchase the carafe separately.

What are the dimensions of the Keurig K425?

It’s dimensions are 13.45’’ H x 10.43’’ W x 13.63’’ D.

What are some alternatives to the Keurig K425?


If you disliked the Keurig K425, you could try the K-Duo coffee maker. This coffee maker has a large reservoir of 60 ounces and it is a combination of a single-serve brewer with multiple cup sizes and a drip coffee maker, meaning it can also brew a carafe, and a 12-cup one for that sake.


If you’d like a Keurig with a smaller reservoir, but with 9 of the brew sizes available on the K425, you can check out the Keurig K200. This is a coffee maker that’s slim, so count on its compactness as well.


If versatility in brew sizes is your priority, the Keurig K425 is the Keurig you should buy. The versatility of this coffee maker is supported by its 70-ounce water tank and the many adjustable settings. All of this takes customization to such a high level that your satisfaction with the K425 is simply inevitable. Do you want your coffee maker to bring you satisfaction?

Still not sure which Keurig coffee maker to purchase? We kindly invite you to check out our list of best Keurig coffee makers for a quick and informed choice.

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