Nespresso Prodigio Review: an Espresso Prodigy or Not?

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Nespresso C75-US-TI-NE Prodigio With Milk Espresso Maker, Titan DYK: The Nespresso Prodigio was the first Nespresso machine that was made Bluetooth compatible.

How much is too much to expect from a minuscule espresso machine with only three buttons? Well, set your imagination free and let the Prodigio by Nespresso guide you through its abundance of features!

Programmable brew time and flow control, rotating water reservoir, and coffee adjustments through your smartphone— this is what you as a coffee lover could gain with the Prodigio. If you feel like you deserve this pleasure of a coffee maker, feel free to read our in-depth Nespresso Prodigio review.

Key features:

  • Compatible with Nespresso Original capsules
  • Heats up in 25 seconds
  • 19-bar pump
  • Programmable espresso, lungo, and ristretto buttons
  • Scheduled brew option
  • Rotating water tank
  • Foldable drip tray
  • Compatible with the Nespresso App
  • Auto off after 9 minutes of inactivity


A remarkable and, dare we say, futuristic Nespresso machine

Operate it manually or connect it to the Nespresso App and operate it straight from your bed before you get up

Guaranteed to serve you well even if you make changes on your kitchen counter because of the rotating water tank and the compact size

Customize your drinks and schedule the next brew for a fast start of the day


You cannot program milk-based drinks for scheduled brew

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An adorable, minuscule design

At 10.1 x 4.7 x 14.7 inches, the Nespresso Prodigio is literally a baby machine that will make you wonder if it isn’t a Nespresso capsule itself. Being this compact, the Prodigio is hard to resist.

In spite of its size, however, the Prodigio’s grandiosity comes from the design of the machine. The texture on the side panels is quite interesting, with tiny lines across them. On the front, black meets silver in an exquisite combination of outlines that lead to the top of the machine. What’s most noticeable for the top is the classy capsule slider that looks like a tiny lever on a prosumer espresso machine and the three buttons for espresso, lungo, and ristretto that are easy to push thanks to their convex surfaces.

The Prodigio is available in two looks, with a difference in the shape of the coffee spout between them.

Nespresso C75-US-TI-NE Prodigio With Milk Espresso Maker, Titan An Original Nespresso machine with a 19-Bar pump

OriginalLine Nespresso machines are known for their coffee advantages, like the creamy and flavorful crema, the versatility of both Nespresso and third-party pods, and the 19-Bar pressure pumps. As an OriginalLine espresso machine, the benefits of this line of machines fully extends to the baby Prodigio. Crema, flavor, and exquisite coffee undertones are a powerful creation of the 19-Bar pump in the espresso baby, making space for luxury in your cup at a single touch of a button.

Don’t just drink, but create your coffee

Cozy coffees are fine, and the Prodigio will grant that pleasure for you because it’s a tiny espresso machine designed to accept your personality, needs, and wants to the fullest. That said, the baby Prodigio cuts you a good slack of programmable settings when you feel like creating your coffee drink. How is that possible when there are only three baby buttons on the machine?

The answer to this question is simpler than you think and it has to do with the espresso, lungo, and ristretto buttons only partially. These ergonomic buttons will help you control the coffee flow on the fly and hence control the volume of the coffee. Your arguments about the length of these coffee drinks are absolutely valid with this machine, and you don’t have to prove yourself right. With the baby Prodigio and its foldable drip tray, you are on the right way to a perfect espresso, ristretto, or lungo. Period.

The Nespresso App — another important part of the answer to the programmability question

Programmability is also possible because of the Nespresso App with which the Prodigio is compatible. Nespresso took a big step into wireless machine operation with the Prodigio which is their first Bluetooth compatible Nespresso machine. Why did Nespresso decide to take this path? Another simple answer— user convenience.

The one-touch function gets a different meaning when used from the cozy side of your bed or from the relaxing chair on your balcony— a fact too important for Nespresso to ignore. From the App on, the Prodigio experience is more and more convenient. Once you download it, you can pick your favorite coffee drink, schedule a brew time, and even get reminded that your coffee is about to be made.

Out of the realm of programmability, the App for the baby Prodigio can help you order capsules and get machine assistant alerts. This phenomenal app is literally your virtual coffee assistant, coffee shop, and your valuable coffee-creating tool.

Auto off for the love of energy efficiency

Something very important that many other espresso machines lack is the auto off feature. This simple feature can save a lot of electricity that would’ve otherwise been spent for no reason if you’re not going to be drinking more coffee. The Prodigio is energy efficient, doesn’t inflate your electricity bills, and gives your family enough time to brew their coffee until it turns off.

Nespresso D70-US-SI-NE Prodigio Espresso Maker, Silver A water tank that rotates

The 27-ounce rotating tank is another perk of the design of the Prodigio. This perk will save you from the stress of not being able to find a way of fitting the machine on your crowded kitchen counter. Even if your counter is not crowded, it is special and different than other counters and might not be adequate for every espresso machine. This is a reality that the Nespresso Prodigio perfectly escapes, with a compact tank that turns in the direction that you need it to. The compact baby Prodigio fits into your kitchen, not the other way around.

Milk or no milk?

Nespresso is really understanding when it comes to coffee preferences and it understands that certain espresso machines are as great as coffee-only options as they are great as machines that can make milk-based drinks. That said, you have the generous choice to get the Prodigio with or without the Aeroccino milk frother. The choice is completely yours and it will have to do with, like we said, your coffee preferences. If you are interested in the frother, we’d like to tell you that it is a frother that can make both hot and cold froth and give you more control over both hot and cold coffees.

Maintenance alerts

As we go further with this review, we are continually surprised by the Nespresso Prodigio. This tiny machine doesn’t stop with the perks, even though it already gives so many of them! It turns out that it doesn’t only let you adjust your coffee to your taste, but it also gives you maintenance alerts! The baby Prodigio will tell you when it’s time to descale it, fill the water tank, or when its capsule container is full. What a machine— self-monitored, compact, and convenient! What a machine!

16 interesting capsules to try

The baby Prodigio really is surprise after surprise— it also comes with 16 different capsules for you to try and discover your coffee identity. Made of aluminum, the capsules are recyclable. With the Nespresso Prodigio, not only are you enjoying coffee specialties, but you’re also minimizing the negative effects that capsules that are not recyclable have on nature. Give your used capsules to the postman or bring them to a near Nespresso boutique, partner store, or waste collection center and they will be recycled. You can also bring the capsules to a Nespresso collection point and have them recycled there.

FAQ about the Nespresso Prodigio

Does the Nespresso Prodigio make regular coffee?

No, it doesn’t. If you’re interested in regular coffee, you can check out the Keurig coffee makers we’ve reviewed on our webpage.

If I get the Nespresso Prodigio in a bundle with the Aeroccino3 milk frother, will I be able to control the frother via Bluetooth?

No, the Aeroccino3 milk frother is not Bluetooth compatible.

How are the Nespresso Prodigio C75 and D75 different?

These two Nespresso machines have slightly different colors and differently designed coffee spigots and drip trays.


Choose the Nespresso Prodigio if you need a prodigy of a coffee maker to pamper you as a coffee lover. The Prodigio is the simplest way to a personalized espresso, ristretto, or lungo, and the easiest way to start the day with an already scheduled brew. Feel free in your coffee lover skin with this espresso machine because there is nothing stressful when it comes to coffee with the Prodigio!

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