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Nuova Simonelli MYTHOS Espresso Grinder 75mm Titanium Burrs Consistent coffee grounds are the heart of fantastic coffee shots and, therefore, the supportive pillar of your café. A successful café should offer a professional coffee service with a reliable coffee-making equipment for the best customer experience.

In our Nuova Simonelli Mythos review, we will tell you how the three commercial coffee grinders from the Nuova Simonelli Mythos line can help your barista in the first step of pulling premium espressos and coffees— grinding.

Superb consistency, great grinding speed, and a clump crusher technology is what best describes the Mythos Basic, Plus, and Clima Pro grinders. Each of them is carefully designed for different café settings. We invite you to continue reading and get impressed by the ultra-advanced technologies that these top-notch grinders use.

Key features:

  • Dosing based on time
  • Micrometric grinders
  • Integrated clump crush technology
  • The Clima Pro has temperature-controlled burrs
  • A tamper is integrated into the Plus
  • 75mm TITANIUM burrs on the Plus and the Clima Pro; 75mm STEEL burrs on the Basic
  • The Plus and the Clima Pro will grind 3500 pounds of coffee before you need to change their burrs; the Basic needs to have its burrs changed after it grinds 1500 pound of coffee
  • Portafilter holder
  • LCD display


High-end commercial grinders

Amazing consistency is guaranteed

The natural aroma of the coffee is preserved throughout grinding

Fit for different commercial settings

Improve the workflow of the barista



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Nuova Simonelli MYTHOS Espresso Grinder 75mm Titanium Burrs The three grinder models have a lot in common

From the options, which we’ll cover later, to the grinding mechanisms, the Basic, Plus, and Clima Pro Mythos models have many similarities. They are all top-notch grinders with outstanding grinding quality. With 75mm flat burrs, micrometric grind settings, and a clump crusher technology, the three grinders offer spectacular consistency and best in-café use.

The micrometric grind settings on the three grinder models by Nuova Simonelli have the coffees in your café come to life with the finest progression between the many grinding levels. With precision like that, your customers will get the finest gradation between different tastes. Your barista, on the other hand, will nail coffee recipes to perfection.

The 75mm flat burrs crush the coffee beans instead of cutting them; this guarantees the aroma preservation and the amazing flavor of the coffee. Once crushed, the grounds are instantly brought into your portafilter through a short funnel. This funnel is intelligently positioned next to the burrs, which makes for an unnoticeable holdback. Only one or two grams of coffee stays between the burrs during each grind session, which is amazing! This means that no stale or inadequately ground coffee ends up a customer’s coffee cup!

Before the grounds get out through the funnel, though, the clump crusher membrane sitting underneath the burrs has the coffee pass through it and declump. Why is that important? Because the coffee in your portafilter should be fluffy and mealy for the best of extraction.

Being fantastic espresso grinders, the Basic, Plus, and the Clima Pro also have portafilter holders and an easy-to-use control panel. The control panel features three programmable dose settings for dosing based on time. The design of these grinders, furthermore, features straight edges, large bean hoppers, and a durable construction. Stylish and durable, the Mythos grinders are perfect for commercial settings.

A lot of options for brilliant coffees

All Mythos grinders come with the following settings:

Delay — an adjustable grind delay setting which is useful in case the barista accidentally pushes the grind button, but doesn’t actually want to grind.

Pulse setting — a handy way for the barista to add a bit more coffee in the portafilter if they want to go over the preset grinding dose.

Dose count and total count — the grinder counts how many times a specific preset dose has been used and how many times all the preset doses have been used.

Stop and go — the grinding stops when the barista quits pushing the grind button with the portafilter and starts if the button is pushed again.

Continuous time — shows for how long the barista has used a particular grind setting continuously.

General time — shows the total time that the grinder has been operating.

Default settings — lets the barista switch back to factory settings.

Operation — lets the barista choose between three operation modes: manual, automatic, and barista mode.

Change password and change language — settings for the password of the grinder that secure the adjustments made and language options for easier use.

Nuova Simonelli Mythos Basic Coffee Grinder Ami7131 The non-basic Mythos Basic

Mythos opens the stage of the grinders with the Mythos Basic model. This sturdy commercial grinder is most suitable for prominent cafés where people go to relax and enjoy your coffee menus with specialties like latte, cappuccino, macchiato, espresso doppio, and more. That said, the Basic model grinds quickly and consistently and it lets your barista program the grinding time with three dose settings— perfect to make your coffee shop or café famous for its delicious coffee.

What do you get from the Mythos Plus?

Transitioning from the Mythos Basic to the Mythos Plus means that you get a grinder with a built-in tamper. The tamper is controlled by a lever and it’s designed to not over-tamp the coffee in the portafilter. Baristas that are a bit hesitant about incorrectly tamping the coffee in a dynamic café atmosphere will find this feature very useful. Plus, the integrated tamper will speed up their workflow which will ultimately lead to a better service for your customers.

In case your barista trusts manual tamping more than automatic and doesn’t want to use the tamper, they don’t have to. Still, the tamper will be there to guarantee consistency in tamping once a lot of customers start demanding the delicious coffees in your café.

The Mythos Plus, furthermore, has one other advantage over the Basic; this advantage has to do with the purpose of this grinder. Since it’s made for larger cafés, the Plus has 75mm burrs that are made of titanium. These burrs will grind up to 3500 pounds of coffee before they need to be replaced. In comparison, the burrs of the Basic will need to be replaced after the grinder grinds 1500 pounds of coffee.

Going completely high-end with the Clima Pro

For high-end specialty coffee shops and venues that are centralized around coffee, the LED-lit and super-consistent Mythos Clima Pro is an excellent and necessary choice. This grinder is designed following the same coffee principles like the previous two grinders, but it fully boosts the quality of the grind.

There is a heating element next to the burrs of the grinder and fans on the grinder’s sides, all for the sake of temperature regulation. If the burrs get too hot, the fans cool them down. The burrs cannot, furthermore, burn the coffee or grind inconsistently because their titanium nature makes them spread when exposed to too much heat. On the other hand, when the burrs are too cold, the heating element heats them, guaranteeing the good aroma of the coffee.

In fact, the heating element and the fans always keep the temperature of the burrs from 95 to 113°F. This is a great temperature for the burrs of a commercial coffee grinder that grinds in a café.

In commercial settings, too much grinding can cause the temperature of the burrs to rise. Also, you cannot tolerate the cooling of the burrs that happens when the grinder isn’t grinding, like, for example, when there aren’t many customers.

While many baristas do somewhat stabilize the temperature by grinding the coffee at a different setting, they end up wasting coffee and time. A high-end specialty coffee shop or café will not tolerate simple ’roundabouts’ around grind quality. In a high-end setting, everything is the best, from the blend of the coffee beans to the grinder and its grinding technologies. This is why the Clima Pro is the way to go if you’re the owner of a venue of this caliber.

FAQ about the Nuova Simonelli Mythos grinders

Are the portafilter holders hands-free?

Yes, they are. Your barista can leave the portafilter on the portafilter holder and continue doing other barista tasks.

Do all these grinders have titanium burrs?

No, they don’t. The Mythos Plus and the Mythos Clima Pro do have titanium burrs, but the Mythos Basic has burrs made of steel.

How can I get into programming mode?

To get into programming mode, press and hold the last two buttons on your grinder’s control panel at the same time.


Mythos grinders are a beautiful choice for every commercial setting. If you want the best performance from your barista and you want your customers to be satisfied, you need to have the best commercial grinder fit for your café. That said, we kindly recommend you get one of these three grinders to upscale your café’s game.

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